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What can I do at this website?

  • View information about pubs.
  • Tell people you're going out to a particular pubs.
  • Find out who is going to any pubs or bars in the UK.
  • Find other members who like the same pubs as you.
  • Add and view comments about the pubs and bars.
  • Look at and add ratings for the pubs and bars.
  • Send messages to members of the site and chat.
  • Get maps to all the pubs and bars.

Random Comments about pubs (updated daily):

"Very traditional welsh pub, the decor inside is very dark with wooden panels on the walls keeping in with the age of the pub, only visited for a quick half. Bar staff were very friendly and helpful, ..."
Black Boy Inn in Caernarfon in Caernarfon pubs

"The Noahs Ark has been turned into flats and is no longer...."
The Noahs Ark in Borrowash in Borrowash pubs

"New manager, Toilets repaired, no more leakages. Good Beer still. Waiting for the air con to be fixed, probably just in time for Still a good crowd, manager trying to create a good atmos..."
The Wallace in Coventry in Coventry pubs

"Been closed for years...."
Coopers Arms in Luton in Luton pubs

"Visited this pub for the first time last week on holiday, and the food was outstanding! The customer service was good , I sent back a glass that was chipped on the rim and they changed it straight aw..."
Anglesey Arms in Caernarfon in Caernarfon pubs

"This pub has now re-opened as "The Chequers Smoke House". As its new name implies, it is now a food-orientated establishment. ..."
The Chequers Inn in Witney in Witney pubs

"Called in here on 2-8-14 great crowd and good atmosphere but abysmal cask ale, the doombar was warm and stale the devon coast was undrinkable,no one needs this aggro in a pub when they are charging yo..."
The Bullers Arms in Brixham in Brixham pubs

"This pub has now been renamed "The Golden Eagle". Although it appears to be a modern building, it is in fact one of the oldest buildings in Carterton, having started life as a "colonial" style general..."
The Old Aviator in Carterton in Carterton pubs

"I visited the Lord Kitchener yesterday lunch time, and would say that it has changed hands at least once since the last review was posted. Three or four real ales were on offer, including Abbot and Gr..."
The Lord Kitchener in Curbridge in Curbridge pubs

"After reading the previous review I was almost too scared to go in this pub, but having discovered that the building had started life as a "colonial" style general store known as The Emporium (and is ..."
The Old Aviator in Carterton in Carterton pubs


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Pubs need your help!

All the information provided here about pubs is entered by the members of this website in the form of reviews and additional information is provided by pub owers. Please help us to become the best community driven pubs guide in the UK.

Where it all started ...

PubUtopia was born in 2003 with a slightly quirky start - it was called!

The idea was that if you were "on the pull" then you could find other people in your local area, in pubs, that were, er, feeling the same ... yikes!

It quickly transpired, that more people were actually interested in the pubs themsleves and they wanted to rate and review them (rather than 'pull'), so the idea of a community driven pubs guide was born, with the ethos that it was entirely written by real people with no involvement from pub companies or other groups ... we wanted to be indpendent!

Who runs this pub website?

I get a few questions about who actually runs this website, so I'll do my best to answer! At lot of people think it's run by a large company, with a HR department, legal department, web designers, marketing team ... etc... etc...

It is not ... it is all run by one person, a bloke called Dale (er, me!) who, by his own admittance struggles to keep up with the site - it has got very busy over the last few years - well beyond his expectations!

All should be rest assured that I will do my very best to keep this website and the spirit in which it was made alive and kicking! ;-)

Why has it been so successful?

It is because that most of the developments on this website are suggested by users of it.

If someone doesn't like something, they let me know, and I try to change it as best that I can to make it better for them.

If one person says "hey dude, this is not so good", then it's a good bet that there are many others feeling the same but haven't spoke up yet! ;-)

So, in essence, everyone's opinion matters - you are not alone! Speak up!

Feel the warmth ... you guys and gals are just the top bananas ...

If people don't review the pubs, this site doesn't exist! This page gives thanks to those heroes who visit pubs and sacrifice their time for the good of others.

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