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Information for Managers, owners, and staff of pubs

What extra information can I add about my pub?

Access to the pubs control panel gives you the following extra features and displays the icons shown on the town pages:



Write, in your own words, a full description of your pub.

Show your Cask Marque award.

Show your draught beers.

Show your real ales.

If your pub has a website, this allows you to display the URL on your pubs page.

You can advertise any jobs that you have in your establishment.

Show users what weekly events you have going on for each day of the week.

Display any food or drinks promotions that you currently have.


Write a short message that will appear on the pubs town page.

Show that you have SKY installed.

Show directions to your pub.

Show that you have internet access.

Show that your pub is football fan friendly.


Show that you are a smoker friendly pub.

- How do I do this?

Pub owners should register at the site, and then find their own pubs page.

On this page you will find a link that you can click to claim your pub page on this site.

At this point, if pub owners click on their 'user tools' button (on the top menu system when logged in) they will get the standard user functions, but also extra functions for pub owners.

If you need more detailed instructions, please see this file : ownerinstruct.pdf
If you would like to view our invitation document, please see this file : invitation.pdf

- Why should I want to add more information about my pub on this website?

Last month, over a quarter of a million people visited this website looking for information.

By adding more detailed information about your pub, you are more likely to receive more customers.

NB. From a recent survey of our users, over 55% of our visitors want publicans to add more detailed information about their pubs.

- What does this look like?

It makes your pub standout from the crowd on our site ...


Your pub is listed at the top of your towns page in a highlighted box:


and, your pub is also shaded a different colour to other pubs in the listings:

Please drink responsibly: