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The Swan

Heath Vale Bridge Road
Ash Vale
GU125ET  (see map)Telephone:
+44(0)1252 325212

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The Swan has an average overall rating of 2.7 stars out of 5 with 5 vote(s) cast.

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On 02-11-2009 drepbeck said : "Arguably one of the best eating pubs in the area. Wide, reasonably priced menu. Well trained, friendly and helpful staff. Usually very busy so it pays to arrive early if intending to eat.Recently introduced brunch menu good value for money. The Swan is a credit to the Chef & Brewer chain. drepbeck"

On 31-12-2008 sidknee said : "Christmas Eve Disappointment This year my friends and I decided to chose The Swan for our Christmas Eve destination as it had previously been a very pleasant venue and weíve had a good time. Unfortunately when we got there they were charging a high entry fee on the door for no other reason other than it being Christmas Eve. We were understandable disappointed by this and asked why this charge wasnít advertised but we didnít get anywhere. After a bit of discussion between ourselves we decided we would bite the bullet and pay to go in after being assured by the person on the door that spaces were limited to the number of tickets available. £70 worse off the group then sat down and had a good time between us, during the next two hours large numbers of people rejected the entry fee in favour of another pub. Knowing that a half empty pub this was going to hit the bar takings the idea was scrapped and people were let in free. Obviously I asked for a refund but I was told that everyone had paid for a ticket. Even as I stood and pointed at the people walking in without paying I got the same blanket response. I think The Swan is a lovely place but I would never go there again on principle and if anyone is planning to go there on a special calendar date I suggest you be prepared to line to pubís pockets. "

On 09-10-2008 mutley said : "Very good pub and as mentioned before on this site, gets very busy. Best bet if you want to eat (and park your car) is to arrive early 6.45pm-7.15pm to grab a table.Otherwise it tends to thin out a bit around 9.30pm and they serve food till quite late.Very good gastro pub food and also a reasonable choice of fish dishes. You would be hard pushed not to be able to please everyone for selection on menu.Several ales on tap and a good range of wine available.Large garden but only gets the sunshine during the morning and mid afternoon which is a shame for those of us who like to have a drink early after work. That said. There is plenty of outside seating and a new covered decking area has recently been errected. For smokers there are a couple of covered tables with parasols / heaters. Mainly young staff who are kept very busy but usually very helpful and most importantly, cheerful.Personally I would prefer it to be kept as an adult pub, as they've recently allowed families in and this has also made it very difficult to dine there during the day on weekends. "

On 26-5-2007 biltong said : "Located beside the Basingstoke Canal, generally good value but does get very busy during summer months especially if there is enough water in the canal for visiting narrow-boats. Tourists, many interesting things to see in this area, best to research first as nearby Mytchett has a centre covering this canal's history. Wildlife enthusiasts, you've just found enough to keep you occupied for years but......walkers on the heathland areas....plenty of adders sunbathing on the sandy soil!!!"

On 06-1-2005 hally40 said : "This is quite a Good Chef & Brewer pub which is extremely popular, on a Sunday - especially 2nd January 2005. Prices for the fairly varied and interesting food were quite high, but perhaps not for this part of the world (Adershot). Drinks prices, for the pretty good range, were about normal. We didn't sample the food because of the demand for tables being high and turnover of customers slow, though we had intended to. There is a separate smoking area with the bulk being no smoking."

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