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Cwm Ciddy
Port Road
CF623BA  (see map)
+44(0)1446 700075

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On 24-7-2011 trevorjdaniel said : "Having been a long standing patron of the Cwm Ciddy in Barry for a number of years we had watched it decline in recent months and had not visited. This week, my mother and I really felt like a Carvery dinner and decided to try it one more time. What a mistake! The first shock was the quality of the beef being served. It was riddled with fat and Very un appetising. The veg was also in a terrible state. We pointed this out to the chef serving the food who grudgingly replaced the roast potatoes. The serving of meet was measly. About 1 thin full slice and a couple of "mis cuts" We proceeded to our table with not a very good impression. At this point my mother also pointed out that the plates were cold and that they were dirty. Sure enough i checked the outer edge of my plate and could clearly see and feel the previous persons dinner on the plate. At this point I decided I must complain and called the waitress over. She was extremely embarrassed and had to concur with our complaints. Instead of taking out our frustration with the poor waitress I asked to speak to the manager. We sat there for over 10 minutes waiting for the manager to come and have a chat and nothing happened. So I decided enough was enough. We didn't want another meal so we got up to go to the bar to pay for the drinks. As we rounded the corner I found out waitress talking to a shortish bald chap who I assumed was the manager. I approached him and introduced myself explaining that we had been long time patrons of the restaurant and we extremely saddened to have seen the place lower its standards so far. The manager was completely ambivalent to our complaints. I even offered to take him to the serving area to see what his comments were but he refused. Anyway, I offered to pay for the drinks, informed him that we wouldn’t be coming back and left with a very very poor impression how the place is currently being run. A very poor show. I recommend you avoid this carvery. To add insult to injury, the waitress suggested to the manager that the drinks should be on the house (£2.70) but he refused.... "

On 02-7-2007 biltong said : "Located just 2.5 miles from the airport and 1.5 from Barry town centre, good value for money on the food side with high standards. Tourists, accommodation quite good (I've stayed there 3-4 times) as it's recently been refurbished."

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