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Maddens Bar has an average overall rating of 3.7 stars out of 5 with 5 vote(s) cast.

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Maddens Bar
Smithfield Court
BT1 1JE  (see map)
+44(0)2890 244114

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On 13-9-2011 sadtom said : "Used to be a very good bar. But spoilt by the overzelous doorman "Tom" who will throw you out for singing along (its a music bar).He has been known for fits of paranoia and throwing innocents out. The recent barstaff are just as bad. I have been going to this bar for 20 years and have never seen violence until the current staff were employed. Frequent visits by the police are now the norm. Not the bar it used to be."

On 02-6-2009 irishlass said : "Nice place, Republican, well secured. Cozy inside. Not for the flashy crowd, a relaxed atmosphere for a couple of pints. "

On 12-2-2009 thomasbrowne said : "The musicians took a long break, then played for five minutes and then they started talking again we walked out!!! rude door staff, fake irish ambiance."

On 20-1-2009 kara said : "Fantastic pub - particularly if you're interested in serious traditional music. Great atmosphere, very friendly staff. The regulars are lovely and make you feel very welcome. I would highly recommend it and it's extremely central, too!"

On 19-1-2009 cassidy00 said : "Somewhere not to go if you want a good night out in the city. The music isn't too bad but the smell of urine ruins the vibe. can honestly say nothing has changed, the barstill stinks. Drinks aren't expensive and my main concern is the Madden's Bouncer (Doorman) - He is aggressive and unprofessional, I notice him pushing a few people about, he wouldn't be so tough if he was on their own. Be very careful if you are going here. Their are plenty of good bars around Belfast so don't let this one spoil your night I'll not be back"

On 07-9-2008 millay said : "Interesting place with a locked door policy, presumably to keep out undesireables. Inside it's quite friendly with a club like atmosphere. "

On 12-10-2005 collauais said : "Best kept secret in Belfast. Folk sessions, Blues/Jazz. Does not advertise and is very secure, no headbangers allowed. Excellent staff and clientelle. No gimmicks! No extensive cocktails list/alcopos. It's a Bar!"

On 17-11-2004 thespicester said : "A cosy and well kept pub. Secure door policy - you must ring bell to be viewed and allowed entry through electronically locked door. Put this pub on your itinery if you visit Belfast."

On 05-6-2004 kid said : "Just excellent. pay a visit. Well secured bar. Cosy Comfy dank(in a good way) very friendly. Oh it tends to be Nationalist in a North of Ireland sense so a sort of "Brits Out" however all visiters are welcomed here. Just dont wear khaki."

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