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The Kitchen Bar has an average overall rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 with 4 vote(s) cast.

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The Kitchen Bar
Victoria Square
BT1 4QA  (see map)
+44(0)2890 324901

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On 16-12-2008 lucy78green said : "The current Kitchen bar is not the original Kitchen bar which was pulled down when they build the Victoria Shopping Centre. The owners were also bought out by a large chain. They transferred the name to a Victorian pub nearby which was incorporated into the shopping centre. Not nearly as much atmosphere as the original and last time I went it seemed to be catering for football fans. The original did free sausages at lunchtime, the staff knew you even if you weren't that regular, and they had a good selection of real ale. The new pub seems OK but not a patch on the old one."

On 08-9-2008 millay said : "I heard it was one of the few places in Belfast to get real ale so I gave it a go. It is primarily a kitchen bar as the name suggests with the emphasis clearly on food. Only two hand pumps and only one in use serving Clarks Breweryís Take the Bait, which I did. It pulled up cloudy with a worrying floating sediment and was about to send it back but it smelled and tasted OK. The barman told me "thatís the way itís supposed to be", or at least thatís what the guy who delivered it told him, and that all English ales were like that. I begged to differ but being a proud Englishman and wanting to support itís beer I even had another, neither cleared throughout and I suffered no ill effects. "

On 28-2-2005 colin2000 said : "The Kitchen Bar has now been relocated about 100 metres from its original spot. It is now a lot more open than the old pub but it still does great guinness and the lunches are spot on. Worth a visit if you're in Belfast."

On 25-9-2004 colin2000 said : "Alas the Kitcen Bar is now a pile of rubble. It had by far the best pint of stout in the City centre and the food was cheap and cheerful. It will be sorely missed as a stop off point during those boring shopping trips - I suppose I'll have to start dring in the John Hewitt now (nice pint in there). "

On 04-8-2004 lucy78green said : "I really love this place the staff are really nice they have their own ales, and serve food, even giving away free sausages on a saturday. Unfortunately its going to be pulled down despite being one of the oldest pubs in Belfast and its association with the theatre as someone in the planning office thought that we needed yet another shopping centre, and decided that the 1960s office block next door was worth keeping!"

On 05-6-2004 kid said : "A fantastic Bar with brill staff. Most of the staff have been working here for years(even decades) a sign of a good Landlord. Great food often very origional. Only one bad thing though...this historic building will soon be demolished. It will be temporary relocated around the corner. Will it keep it's appeal? Excellent 10/10"

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