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Duke of Devonshire

Bridge Street
DE561BA  (see map)
+44(0)1773 822324

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On 11-3-2008 slacky said : "As the previous comment said, it has now been converted to an 'upmarket' restaurant. Having said this, it is very nice and modern inside and the manager was very helpful when I rang to book a table. We went the day after Valentine's day (the Valentine's day menu didn't look great and was 25 a head). The normal menu was also slightly expensive, but on the plus side the food was very good and served quickly. The staff were very nice, asking us where we wanted to sit and generally they were pleasant. Although I do believe you could go in just for a drink, it is more of a restaurant now. As I said, the food was good but it isn't 'Pub' food, so make sure that's what you want before going in!"

On 02-12-2007 taxi75pw said : "What a fabulous pub the DUKE OF DEVONSHIRE used to be. There wasn't a night when the pub wasn't buzzing. Being the first pub in the area to have Sky (1986) we had all the sports events, live concerts from abroad. I remember seeing Tina Turner, the Rolling Stones, Dire Straights etc etc. Add to this his Topless Nights, Tuesday and Thursday, where Page Three Girls worked behind the bar in very revealing lingerie, and when I say Page Three I'm talking about Tara Bardot, Sarah Styles, Caroline Hudson, Mikki Lee etc. The place could not be faulted, it was clean, the customer service was excellent, Ind Coope Bitter and Draught Burton Ale on hand pump. Very reasonably priced food was served at lunchtime. What went wrong? I have spoken to the landlord at the time, Patrick White, and the brewery at every availabe opportunity increased his rent, to the point where in 2005 he was paying 500 per week, and slowly losing money. The brewery refused to listen and so the parting of the ways was inevitable. Two days after Patrick had left a new landlord was given the keys and the rent was set at 100 per week which amazingly was the rent Patrick was asked to pay in 1982 when he first moved into the DUKE. Slowly it became a dosshole, dirty a horrible smell, the beer was atrocious, and in 2005 it closed. It has now reopened having had a lot of money spent on it as a restaurant."

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