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Paradise Farm has an average overall rating of 3.8 stars out of 5 with 2 vote(s) cast.

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Paradise Farm
Paradise Fold
BD7 2SB  (see map)
+44(0)1274 570136

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On 12-9-2011 bradfordlass said : "We recently had our daughters 18th birthday party here after it was recommended by a friend.Venu was nice,the catering was done by Rosie Swift who I must say did an excellent job the food was lovely,freshly prepared and there was plenty to go around everything we asked for was there,the price was reasonable and we had a brilliant night,nothing was too much trouble for Rosie and she did us proud I would not hestitate in recommending her for your catering needs."

On 15-8-2011 bugsbunny said : "Recently had a party here venue is really nice. Booked the party for 40 people, not enough food to cater for everyone. Got told we could have hot beef, then Rosie Swift suggested a curry for end of night sounded good however it was to be split with the beef not told that was to happen till last minute. Said she don't do tacky but it was. Said we wanted half white half brown bread it was all white. Said she was putting some crisps on was none. Removed the curry an hour and some sandwiches which were left before party had finished. Asked for tea and coffee putting on not told we had to pay for it. After party was over someone said a member of staff had took half of the cake and put it behind bar, we wondered why some guests never got some cake. We had a christening party the year before under different management the food was lovely and more than enough to feed all the guests was fruit and salad, finger foods for children. nothing like that this year. What was left over she gave us it to take home. "

On 27-5-2011 craig123 said : "I have recently booked this venue for a wedding and would not recommend this place to anyone. The venue is nice and the price of a pint is good, but whatever you do, do not get Rosie Swift to cater your event. For starters the food barely fed 30 people when I paid for 80 I got no desserts and was charged 90 extra for a beef joint. The trouble started when I complained on the Sunday and asked about the dessert and she said that we had told her not to bother with them!!!!!!! (never happened)She then told me that my family and friends were greedy!!!!!! after 15 minutes the poultry buffet had gone, the food was Tesco value/Iceland quality (so I was told as I paid for it and didn't get any) Rosie agreed to refund me and to meet up at the venue and then NEVER turned up. She then said that my wife gave her the wrongs numbers of guests and I had told her to reduce the buffet (never happened) in short a disappointment to what should have been a great night. Please do not book food at this event, the landlord will let you hire the room only, although we were told that we had to book catering as she wanted to give the venue a good reputation!!!! HA HA HA!!! Nice place, clean room, good venue. PlEASE DO NOT ORDER FOOD OR YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!"

On 04-2-2004 pub_master said : "This pub has just been taken over by new staff, after visiting the pub under both sets of management, i have to say that the current managment are much better, i thoroughly enjoyed my time at Paradise Farm and reccommend it to anyone as a first class pub. Paradise farm also sells food, which is very good value for how much you get and it is gorgeous! - you have to try it!. "

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