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The Greyhound

Rock Hill
B61 7LR  (see map)
+44(0)1527 835391

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The Greyhound has an average overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 with 4 vote(s) cast.

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On 12-12-2011 jonnybuc said : "What a cracking little pub. The beer is great and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. I must say the menu is brilliant with a really extensive list of options. The pricing was spot on and I would have easily paid twice as much for the blade of beef. It is amazing the quality of food the this pub can produce considering the size of the kitchen. I would recommend booking a table rather than just turning up. It guarantees a space and they can be well prepared for you. Considering its location this pub is trying really hard to pull its self out of the reputation this little pub used to have. I must say the team there are working very hard and deserve the support of anyone driving past or living in the area. I would recommend anyone to give it a try. They have Jazz on one a month and a regular open mic night. All well worth a visit."

On 01-11-2011 dudleyc said : "Seems only fair to update this less I recommend a place thats not all it once was. Its still a pub with lovely decor inside, don't be put off by the cheap looking chalk boards now decorating the outside of the building. Theres normally still a choice of one or two very good beers inside as well, though its not too well staffed in the day time, often bar staff off elsewhere in the pub so some waiting required. The food we had the last time a group of us went for a meal there put us off going back, two people had to send theirs back and overall it was very average and quite overpriced. I think there maybe a new 'chef' there now as the landlord has recently changed again. I hope they do get things back on track as when the place reopened back in 2009 its was probably the best pub in town, as it is now the place is empty most nights and lacking in atmosphere. "

On 30-11-2009 dudleyc said : "Recently called in to the newly reopened Greyhound. What a change! Whiles its now more 'wine bar' than traditional pub its been very nicely done. A selection of Real ales - a first for the Greyhound I think, and probably the best pub food I've had in Bromsgrove for quite some time. Friendly staff, clean and comfy furniture. There was a big mix of people in there, I guess a lot of people we're trying the food and seeing what has been done to the pub. Everyone I spoke to was very impressed. If you've not been to the Greyhound for several years, I'd recommend calling in. If you've not been to the Greyhound for several years, I'd recomend calling in. "

On 12-11-2009 dudleyc said : "As the chap below said, the best thing about this place in recent times has been the garden, the inside being a little dirty and generally full of single mums and pushcairs. Its always a busy pub though, despite its high prices and not great selection of beers. The pubs been closed for a year but is due to re open soon. It looks like the new owners have invested in some much needed refurbishment so heres hoping they get some decent beers in and keep some of the local 'characters' out. "

On 04-3-2005 robbieboy said : "Bit of a dual personality this pub. On a hot summers day there are few better beer gardens to sit and enjoy the sunshine. On the inside however its a smoky bar with big tv screens. Fine if thats what your after but nowt special"

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