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Crown & Cushion has an average overall rating of 3.3 stars out of 5 with 9 vote(s) cast.

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Crown & Cushion
Minley Road
GU179UA  (see map)
+44(0)1252 545253

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On 13-10-2010 yateley said : "In the five years that Wiliam and Julie have been 'mine host' at this lovely hostelry it has gone from strength to strength and is now reputedly one of the best places to enjoy any number of formal or informal gatherings; large or small and initimate, with or without partaking of the choice menu options - it really doesn't matter! Try it out you will not be disappointed with the quality or the service. David and Chaka, and many of their friends and family who regularly join them there. "

On 12-7-2009 darapixie said : "Setting: Lovely setting with loads of little trinkets, very homely and warm feeling when walk in. (4 / 5) Staff: Very young staff who don't have the customer in mind. When we sat down and was reading the menu the Manager came over and plonked down a "Reserved" sign on our table and annoced that the table would be needed by 6:30 that evening. He then said that the Kitchen would be closed for an hour from 4:30pm. At this stage he had not notice (or bothered to) that we were reading menus and we had to ask could we order as the Kitchen would be closed in 10 mins. He was very aburbt and was not frendly. When we had all ordered he said "Do you want to pay now or open a tab" we decided we wanted to open a tab, at which point he said he needed a credit card. He was very snappy with taking it and then walked off. I though he should of least brought the machine to use or had asked the person who had the credit card to come with him. We were glad when he left the table and were hoping that the food would win the day as all we had at the moment was a bad taste in our mouths. (0 / 5) Food: The fish was really good and the presentation was fantastic. The lamb though it tasted fantasic was let down with the amount of veg and the oversized Yorkshire Pudding. The food as a whole was really delightful. (4 / 5) Overall: Even though the food was fantastic, the overall service really was bad and I would not go back again. It was a family meal with a mixture of young adults and older members of the family and I felt that a little more respect and customer service would have made the Sunday evening meal a wonderful experience."

On 20-3-2009 yateley said : "Last year in the Pub Food category of the Shepherd Neame Pub Awards, recognising more traditional pub fare, the Crown and Cushion won the top prize and was praised for its "fabulous food with a terrific choice of quality dishes". Judges said the pub, run by tenants William Upton and Julie McNally, was "a dream local pub and a true winner". this year, following on from that success, they have now scooped the top prize and been crowned Shepherd Neame Pub of the Year. Well deserved congratulations to William and Julie; just reward for all their hard work and vision, over the last two years, in creating one of the best pubs in the area."

On 02-1-2009 evie said : "wonderful freshly cooked food varied menus served by cheerful efficient bar staff do try the sunday lunch its excelent warm welcome from the very popular landlady and landlord very cosy way to spend a evening "

On 12-10-2008 missygreen said : "Excellent pub,food and landlord,shame about the rude,ignorant,bad tempered landlady who has ruined a nice pub."

On 19-5-2007 yateley said : "As confirmed by the map above Biltong's comment should read "Located (on the Minley Road - A327) between the A30 and M3 (a stone's throw from Jct 4A)". The standard of service and quality of food has improved out of all recognition under the new management and I thoroughly recommend a visit to this congenial spot if you are in the area. There's a choice of lovely walks on the doorstep (Hawley Lake or Minley Wood) so bring the dog with you, but bear in mind 'Fido' will be more than welcome in the garden but, alas, not inside. "

On 16-5-2007 biltong said : "Located between the A30 and A3, worth making the effort to find if you're in the area. It's not really a 'locals' pub due to its location but for those looking for something different to the normal banal 'clag' in this area, you won't be disappointed. On the plus side, nice garden, a medieval banqueting hall (carvery), no foul mouthed yobs or half-wits give this place something genuinely different."

On 06-4-2007 bt said : "Really like this place, and they are starting up live music on the 28th April with some Blues/Rock from BlueTouch. They also have a jam night the first Tuesday of every month which always draws a crowd too. Free entry and a decent beer too."

On 16-3-2007 yateley said : "I gave up on this pub under the old regime but today I found it having a face lift under the new ownership of Shepherd Neame and it's latest management. The law of averages dictates that sooner or later somebody will make a success of what is potentially a gem of a country pub. Watch this space!"

On 04-5-2005 farnboroughman said : "The hall outback is spot on, used to be dusty and old which was good but a bit fresher now. The food on Sundays (carvery) has always been very good and still is. In the summer this pub cannot easily be beaten, cricket playing next door on the field, a large woods across the road and far enough away from houses to keep the chavs and unruley council kids away. The pub in front maybe smallish and quite empty at times but still okay, it is however a little out of the way for many people to get on foot as taxis are expensive late. A pleasure to visit this place and eat..."

On 10-3-2004 hally40 said : "We prefer the medieval hall drinking area - large bar with good food - to the relatively small, and usually smokey, pub. Plenty of seating outside for a good day. Answer to jonsteed - don't go in in your uniform."

On 17-1-2004 jonsteed said : "This Pub has recently been refurbished. It has a nice Bar and a Medieval Hall attached that is also open for Drinks. It is situated right next to a cricket pitch and so is very pleasant on a summers day."

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