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The Wallace has an average overall rating of 2.8 stars out of 5 with 2 vote(s) cast.

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The Wallace
Keresley Road
CV62JF  (see map)
+44(0)2476 331251

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On 15-8-2014 dunklebeer-alte said : "New manager, Toilets repaired, no more leakages. Good Beer still. Waiting for the air con to be fixed, probably just in time for Still a good crowd, manager trying to create a good atmosphere. Restarted quiz Thursday Nights, play your cards right, higher or lower. New Darts team. All in all looking good."

On 10-4-2014 dunklebeer-alte said : "Toilets fixed, another New Manager after Easter. All in all a good pleasant place to visit."

On 21-3-2012 dunklebeer-alte said : "Phew! after the last review a few things have changed,New Manager,louder? but all in all not to bad. Toilets still very POOR, leak all over floors, warning notice a permanent sight now in Gents Toilets."

On 18-5-2008 dunklebeer-alte said : "a) Excellent b) Good c) very good d) Location; B4098 (A51) Tamworth. Keresley Road Keresley. e) Real Ale is available. Banks I think? f) Very good trade in food.Restaurant & Bar snacks & Curry Nights. g) Mixture of clientele h) Trendy? Bar/Traditional i) A Smoking area has been made available for those who wish to smoke.Also a Beer Garden is onsite. j) Historic features? probably some of the customers haha. A new manager has taken over. A lot of changes have been made to improve the Wallace and have worked well. "

On 10-12-2007 dunklebeer-alte said : "a) Cleanliness is very good - No complaints. b)Customer Service is improving. c)Wide range of drinks available including Hot drinks Coffee etc. d)Situated on the B4098(A51)Tamworth. Keresley Road. e)Real Ale Banks etc. f)Good range of food Bar Snacks & Restaurant type. g)A good mixture of clientele. h)Traditional Pub. I)Beer Garden but as yet no arrangements for Smokers. j)Nothing known on this question."

On 25-11-2006 dunklebeer-alte said : "Well the Wallace has been refurbished and a good job has been done.It is completely different & has improved 100%. Nice managers & I think they will go well at the Wallace. Good range of Beers, excellent food & more of it.We wish them well. Pop in & see us sometime."

On 01-9-2006 dunklebeer-alte said : "The Wallace is closing on the 30th September for a "REFURB", it will be completely different I'm told.It will re-open on 22nd November. Watch this space. (Oh yes, we're having a New Manager to go with it)!"

On 20-10-2005 dunklebeer-alte said : "After a "Lively" time the Wallace is now a good place to visit. 35% of the pub is Smoke Free & Air Con is fitted in the front bar. Customers are friendly & there is a good atmosphere."

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