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The Horseshoe Bar has an average overall rating of 3.2 stars out of 5 with 12 vote(s) cast.

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The Horseshoe Bar
Drury Street
G2 5AE  (see map)
+44(0)1412 044056

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On 11-4-2010 loobyloo said : "Perhaps things have changed since the last crop of reviews but I've been going in this pub two or three times a month since last October, the latest time being last Friday night (9.4.10) and it's been consistently busy. There's a hierarchy of people they serve - regulars first, then big tall men, then pretty girls, then the rest of us stragglers who fit into none of those categories. Beautiful architecture and interior decor. Predictable but perfectly ok Caledonian beers. Friendly, chatty crowd. Much more character than Wetherspoons at only about 20p a pint more. Shame the staff have to wear those ridiculous babyish corporate badges about asking you how old you are."

On 12-11-2008 buckeee0 said : "Cheap basic food.Beers like Caledonian XPA and Harviestoun Good King Legless.Plenty to look at while you are waiting to be served.Look up to the ceiling when you get bored. "

On 03-3-2008 bevymaster said : "Used to be a great pub but is now nearly at the bottom of a very slippery slope!!! Not so long ago if you went in and it was very busy, a member of the bar-staff would spot the door opening and come and tell you that they would be with you in a moment - they usually were! About four months ago I popped in about 10pm and although the place was very quiet, the bar staff disappeared down the end of the bar and refused to even look in my direction! They were obviously having too good a time among themselves to bother with serving customers - the guy beside me at the bar told me the same thing had happened to him when he came in - I put it down to catching them on a bad night and left to go elsewhere! Owing to the Horseshoe's previous reputation I ventured in the next week only to find nothing had improved - the bar staff were congregated down at the far end of the bar where there were no customers and every time I moved to one side of the partition they moved to the other like they were playing some demented game of hide and seek. Again I left and when I recounted the tale to a friend he told me the same thing had happened to him. I have since been dragged in by a couple of friends on a busy Friday night and although we eventually got served it was not an experience we will repeat! I know there have been a lot of complaints since the change of ownership and the fact that the place is now so empty should tell the new owners that there is something far wrong with the place - if you treat your customers with disdain then they will be customers no more!!!"

On 02-9-2007 stranger said : "another great pub gone downhill. surly, ignorant, staff.the whole place is filthy and neglected looking. 10.30 on a saturday night and it's virtually empty. what a shame."

On 18-2-2007 millay said : "One of my favourite Glasgow pubs and always like to try to get there when visiting. Good beer and a friendly and vibrant atmosphere. "

On 10-6-2005 jimmac said : "Used to have the biggest contious bar in the UK (in a horseshoe shape) maybe it still does. I pop in every time I am in Glasgow - thats the way it is - it's a bar thats part of your history or it's just a pub. Good beers well served, great pies"

On 17-5-2005 scotsman said : "last time Iwas in the bar, I had no probs getting served for luch, mind you I was up staird in the restaurant, at the time"

On 02-9-2004 rpw1013 said : "Everybody from Glasgow has heard of the Horseshoe and most people have been in it, it does have a bit of charm - but I could never quite understand the attraction of it - the worst part is trying to get upstairs to their beloved Karaoke - it's easier to get in to Stringfellows !!!"

On 08-1-2004 jillz said : "if u r a singer get ur self here many a famous scottish singer has been spotted here...i cant tell u any mind u but its good 4 kareoke (or however u spell it!!!)"

On 06-1-2004 kevan said : "great bar just too busy some weekends cant even get in 3 course lunch during day 4.00 ish not bad"

On 01-1-2004 alibi said : "A dingy shadow of its former self. Used to be one of the best pubs in the city centre but it has fallen away badly in recent years. Still busy on match days."

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