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The Tollbooth Bar has an average overall rating of 3.8 stars out of 5 with 2 vote(s) cast.

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The Tollbooth Bar
G1 5NA  (see map)
+44(0)1415 524955

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On 12-12-2012 jgkgg said : "there is a barmaid that actually talks like a snake this is 100% true its quite incredible but true i did not know humans could be made that way why not go in for yourself order a drink and you will see yourself i think she should on a nature programme for richard attenburgh true honest"

On 13-11-2012 john123456789 said : "this place is terrible music is very poor barstaff are weirdos there is even a barmaid that sounds like a snake when she speaks this is true incredible ! she should be in a zoo she earn a fortune ,, bar staff have very poor social skills and frankly down right cheeky very poorly run music has undertones which glorys IRA terrorists def not a nice place it really would be in the public interest if this bar was closed down NOW ! "

On 04-6-2012 john123456789 said : "Pub has a lot of Ira sympathy not a nice place "

On 19-10-2011 ke said : "Guys you will need a pair of wellies to go to the gents It appears people in herew just use the floor"

On 03-10-2011 meonly said : "The Tolbboth bar is very one sided the music they play can be quite offensive and no relation to the people who domicile in scotland and this includes people off irish roots whom have a UK Passsport, the music can be idiotic and only, encourages hatred towards people from both sides off the divide,the bar staff are also very bigoted, I am please that hearts beat celtic on sunday the reason i say this is because off the punters attitude,whom drink in the tolbooth bar and this includes older clientel, I would like to finally make it clear and say there day will never come trust me ! and i will honestly be giving strathclyde police information regarding the tolbooth bar as the way they operate is pathetic trust me I WILL NEVER FORGET"

On 15-2-2010 meonly said : "the pub is ok most people seem ok ,but as always you do get the few uneducated twits, the music also should be played responsibly as i cant be bothered with one sided music , move ahead to the new world and think forwardly but heh who knows.."

On 23-2-2006 thespicester said : "Great pub with live music six days a week. Be warned though - it gets packed even on a lunch time."

On 15-8-2005 luxybhoy said : "Stumbled across this great little pub one recent midweek afternoon while heading back from a stroll down the Gallowgate. As the strains of a live rendition of Fields of Athenry pealed tantalisingly from under the door, and heavy clouds threatened to dump their contents on my unprotected head I couldn't resist. Inside I found a great mix of regulars and a few (like me) visitors, all of whom enjoyed a good old singalong to some Irish classics, 60's pop and C&W alike. There was a welcoming atmosphere and a good pint of Guinness. They're a bit hyper sensitive about what songs are acceptable.... but that's Glasgow 2005 and it will settle down soon enough. 7/10"

On 02-12-2003 alibi said : "A decent pub on the edge of the city centre - venture no farther east if you are not from Glasgow. It is an Irish type pub but not one these ghastly theme pubs. Gaelic football on the telly and a good pint of Guinness."

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