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Apple Tree Inn

Watery Lane Middleway
GL2 8JQ  (see map)
+44(0)1452 750345

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Apple Tree Inn has an average overall rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 with 6 vote(s) cast.

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On 02-5-2012 papw said : "Three of us ate at the Apple Tree lunchtime on Saturday, 28th April,2012. All of us were very pleased with the quality of food and service. The food was infact, excellent and sensibly priced as were the drinks. The Staff were courteous, efficient and attentive. We will most definately return when next in this area. "

On 17-5-2011 notanextravert said : "I had the displeasure of working at The Apple Tree over the recent bank holiday weekend. I have over 20ys experience of working within the catering trade and found The Apple Tree the most disorganised establishment I have ever worked. It comes as no surprise that some customers have an unsatisfactory experience. Staff are treated unfairly, and are forced to work in a disorganised, understaffed, ill equipped and chaotic environment. I was employed to work on the bar and to try to boost the bar sales. During my first day of employment it became quite apparent why their bar sales were low. Although the Bar Manager was efficient in his job, he did not give visitors a friendly Forest welcome. His manner was somewhat curt, and I frequently received sideways raised eyebrow glances and comments from the customers regarding his manner. I realised that I was just what this place needed; a friendly, chatty, approachable face behind the bar. I also noticed that the customers were entering the establishment, briefly reading the specials board, then scooting passed the bar, straight on into the restaurant. In order to prevent this from happening I ensured that anyone entering through the front door were welcomed with a smile and a “hello”, encouraging them to approach the bar, rather than avoid it. During the first few days of my employment I worked full day shifts, without any break, and witnessed one of the waitresses, who was quite advanced in the stages of pregnancy, work a 12hr shift. Unable to grab a bite to eat during my full days work, I would make myself a cup of coffee to see me through the day. Unfortunately, the minute I turned my back on the said cup of coffee, it would have mysteriously vanished, so I wasn’t even privy to that luxury! On the 2nd day of my employment I was informed I would be working in the restaurant. When I asked the Manager where the pads where for taking the orders, I was informed that they didn’t have any and was advised to rip up pieces of A4 paper in order to write the orders down, which in my opinion was highly unprofessional. While we’re on the subject of unprofessional, I will also add that by teatime on the Sunday, the till had no £5, £1or 50p’s in it. When I asked for a top up of change in the till, I was informed that there wasn’t any, and to ask the customers for the correct money. On my third day, during the course of a 9hr shift, the Chef approached me and asked if I would like something to eat. I gratefully replied “oh yes please, that would be lovely”. Her reply was “well I aint gonna cook it for you, get it yourself”. I explained that I hadn’t been shown where anything was in the kitchen, by which she responded by flinging her arm in the direction of a loaf of bread and saying, “well there’s the bread”. On numerous occasions I would ask this chef where items were, or kept, and her response was either “don’t you even know where that is” or “you need to know where that is”. I must add though, that the majority of the staff I worked with were friendly and helpful. Much to my relief, my employment was terminated the following week, using the reason that I was not “extravert” enough for the position. The owner had come to this conclusion by watching surveillance footage of the back of my head and my rear on a large screen in the kitchen. I sympathise with both the staff and the customers of The Apple Tree. "

On 06-1-2011 beergarden said : " After reading the reviews below I feel that I should speak out for the Apple Tree, being a regular guest I happen to have become familiar with the members of staff and management and have never had any issues over the many times we have visited. A privately owned pub, I’ve see the team in front and behind the scenes make vast improvement since they took over in what I think was April 2009, changing the restaurants decor and menu – the specials are a real treat! Yes, I agree with the comments below that the toilet may be outdated, but they are by no means unhygienic or overly messy and compared to the other changes in the pub, I feel it is a somewhat picky comment – after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I would much rather use a toilet that looks like its come from the 1980’s than have my nieces and nephews play in an unsafe garden. In short, whenever it comes to family gatherings or other occasions the Apple Tree is our first choice – the staff are friendly and hospitable as well as the prices being reasonable. Personally I think it’s fantastic to see a small business succeeding rather than a large chain company taking over. "

On 15-12-2010 nikkilovegrove said : "I'm one of those girls who doesn't get to go out for meals very often. It's not that I'm yet to discover the anti-perspirant - quite the opposite; I'm verging on religeous when it comes to the application of tooth whitener and all of it's girly friends. You see I've been single for quite a while, and in my last relationship I counted myself lucky if I was taken to Wetherspoons once in a while and even then we went Dutch! So having met, in real life, a man from PlentyOfFish, and having already been for a meal with him on our first date, I was flattered when he asked me out again to another restaurant. Dave and I live around an hour from each other so it took a little hunting to find somewhere in between us both. Neither of us know the area *that* well and GoogleMaps had suggested a little forest town which had the kind of reputation which put us off. It wouldn't be fair for me to name it, but let's just say that its finest establishment was a fish bar. Plan B was put into action and Dave made some calls. One of his friends suggested The Appletree in Minsterworth, and another backed up the good review. Now as you can probably tell, my fingers seem surgically attached to my netbook so I went to the obligatory Google and tried to hunt for it. Alas, they were rather quaintly absent themselves so I had to rely upon a microblog (that's about a sentance for those of you not on Twitter). It was "good" - and I quote! So not looking a gift horse in the mouth, I rationalised that he was taking me for a meal and that I should be happy enough that the words "McDonalds" or "take-away" weren't involved. The pub was relatively easy to find, thanks to my TomTom, and I think the area was excellently sign-posted. It's just down the road from the village hall and the ample parking out the front is extremely well-lit. I felt as if in a modern-day fairy tale, exiting my car to be greeted outside a romantic looking venue by my gorgeous prince. We entered the pub and were able to find the bar fairly easily. The restaurant looked fairly quiet with maybe two other groups of diners, and I noticed the absence of your average pub's real ale-swigging local propping up the bar. I don't remember what, if any, music was playing, but for a restaurant with an open fire and lots of candles a little baroque would have gone down a treat (or maybe that's just me). A barmaid in her 20s served us, although from her confidence I would guess assistant manager working her way through college, and was polite about it. She was friendly enough but I personally prefer a little banter; I'm just that type of girl. However, the innuendos passing between my fella and myself may have been what put her off. The drinks weren't the cheapest and they didn't seem to have a massive choice of interesting soft drinks for us drivers. I settled for tap water and my beau had a drink I can't for the life of me remember; to be honest the experience was non-descript. We had reserved and were led to a table, but I got the feeling that a reservation might not be essential on a week day such as this. The dining room wasn't quiet however as there was a large party of disabled adults there. This put a smile on my face as I could see that they were being well looked after. Thinking about this actually, all of the restaurant was on one level and I would feel confident taking a disabled friend or relative there. Once seated we had a little nose around - I went to the ladies and was slightly disappointed with what I saw. It's not that the stall was dirty, it's just that the rest of the place was so up-to-date I didn't expect the late 80's wall paper and pot-pourri. That being said, they smelt ok and someone had obviously mad the effort to "jazz it up" with a set of Bayliss & Hardy (or whatever it's called) soap/moisturiser. Unfortunately marred by the fact that someone's pinched the moisturiser. There was a baby changing table available, although I would imagine that I would feel a little cramped if I were attempting to change a little one in there, and there would have been no privavy available. I feel a little guilty to admit that I used a little tissue to dab at my foundation and not seeing a bin, I left it on the side. Unfortunatly it was still there around three hours later so I eventually disposed of it. Back at the table we decided to nip outside for a "breath of fresh air" as we call it (as a modern-day smoker I feel embarassed at my nasty little habit, and this pub did nothing to help). There was very little lighting and as a result I managed to sit on a frescoed seat which, due to the arctic conditions last week, had frozen over. Dave found it hilarious but as I was aready cold and there were no outdoor heaters that we could see, I wasn't best impressed. The ashtray looked even more neglected than the bathroom with at least 10 butts in it, which I could understand if we weren't the only patrons out there. Back at our table we were handed a menu which I can only describe with one word - boring. I think the most exciting thing on there was the curry option but I think even that was a chicken tikka or something equally safe. Come on guys, even Wetherspoons now have a Lamb Chettinadu and Dahl! I would just describe this place as somewhere I would take my mum... if she were 80. And a bit afraid of "foreign muck". As for us youngsters, and by that I mean anyone born in the last seven decades, I was horrified that restaurants offering a lamb, beef, pork and fish option were still able to function. Is it wrong that I should hope for something new or exotic from my pub grub? Should I be satisfied with a menu circa 1993? Not at those prices. In the end I went for the pork from the specials board which came in at about £13 and Dave had a steak etc which I believe was about £11. Having said all of the above I would like to highly commend the chef for making the most of the dreary menu and actually coming up with something delicious and perfectly cooked. My pork was one of the most tender, succulent morsels of pig I'd had in a long time, and Dave's steak was the perfect hot medium rare. We were handed plates of steaming, fresh food and expected to figure out the veg situation ourselves. Luckily we had spied the veg cart earlier because the bored monotone waitress certainly didn't bother to shed any light. Fortunatly they made up for it having an assortment of around ten veg options. Only the potatos let them down on that front; the Dauphanoise needed a thicker texture although the potato scallops in it were perfectly baked, and the roast potatoes were aweful. As we were leaving we saw somebody carrying a bag of them, ready made and frozen, to the kitchen, so I can only advise them to start making their own or switch brands! Having secreted a little pork into my handbag for mum we were asked what we'd like for the dessert. I imagine we look pretty indistinguishable as the waitress seemed to assume we'd been there before when she told us that we were expected to go pick our own from the glass case. I found this extremely dismissive and didn't bother to tip having had to find not only the specials menu and the veg ourselves, but also to have been expected to use our powers of telepathy to hunt down our sweet. We settled and mad a quick exit, hoping to find somewhere else to have dessert, but it appears that The AppleTree's lack of modernisation on the menu might just be that they've cornered the market. We circled the village and enjoyed the stars before returning to the pub at around 10.20pm. Bear in mind that this is midweek and not a Sunday, but we were told that another drink was out of the question as they were shutting. I'm not sure if this is normal practice but how hard would it have been for them to have a website or even just a Facebook page with their opening hours? Dave and I had little choice but to part company and go our seperate directions. Probably to never return. If I could give The AppleTree a little advice, it would be to get some chirpier staff, sort out their menu and welcome us smokers. Perhaps then they'll have a few more customers! "

On 29-8-2010 drnutta said : "Following visit on Saturday 28th August 2010, I need to say the following. Staff Nice and Surroundings quirky and pleasant, but, the Food was a tail of two halves. One half of our large party raved about the Fish, Steak and Pie meals with my half getting the tough Chicken, Pork and Lamb. The Vegatables were universally considered Tepid at best with most of the sauses lacking in taste. Finally, my Daughter ordered from the Childs Menu and long after everyone else was served, was finally presented with Undercooked Pasta Shells the size of her face! Overall very disapointing. My comments were reservfed until after the meal as i didn't want to spoil the party, but, as it happened, it was a great laugh to our side of the table to hear the other praise the food so much!"

On 18-5-2009 hojomo said : "I recently visited this wonderful “Gateway To The Forest” and found that it had been reborn in April 2009. Now superbly restored and decorated, the range of food on offer is excellent & good value, with a Luncheon Menu plus a Daily Specials Board – look for that as you go in – very tempting! Menu includes Sandwiches, Baguettes & Panninis, Soup Of The Day, “English Apple Ploughmans”, Jacket Potatoes (with a range of fillings), their own Apple Tree Fish & Chips (with homemade tartar sauce) , plus Homemade Pies & Lasagne. There’s a fine range of Beers & Wines, or Teas, Coffees & Softies for the Drivers! Already very popular in the evenings – you may need to book a table – that’s always a good sign! All in all a very welcome “resurrection” and a great “lady friendly” feel to it, so try & visit whenever you’re passing – I do! "

On 03-4-2007 xabzx666 said : "from the 19th of march they went non smoking lol but they are making a sports bar by april wiv live sports e.t.c out the back which will be good ! "

On 03-4-2007 xabzx666 said : "from the 19th of march they went non smoking lol but they are making a sports bar by april wiv live sports e.t.c out the back which will be good ! "

On 16-2-2007 xabzx666 said : "excellent food and atmosphere and fantastic service "

On 16-2-2007 pinkhunnybunny said : "excellent food and service, Great friendly pub, Very well priced. Also nice to be able to smoke & have a few drinks with out having to go outside. Would definatly go to again!"

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