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White Lion Hotel

Hebden Bridge
HX7 7NB  (see map)

+44(0)1422 842027

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On 02-8-2006 andym said : "Curiously I stopped going to the Whtie Lion since the beer was nowhere near as good as the Cross - which has now improved after a brief dip last year. I'll try it again though but the diddle de dee music is not for everyone!"

On 12-3-2005 pubsage said : "The White Lion was refurbished in the last year by Thwaites, who took it as a tenanted house from Enterprise Inns almost a year ago. Ths refurb has done a lot to brighten the place up and it is a nice friendly pub to visit for a good pint of beer (Thwaites real ales all kept well, and very quoffable!) and a bite of good value homemade food. They still feature a great 'Irish'/folk 'jam' session on Tuesday nights. It looks like the new landlords (Brenda & Mike, I think) will be taking this place to new heights of popularity as they settle in (at the time of writing they were only in a week!), but at last seems the White Lion, Heptonstall is all set for a long overdue increase in popularity... especially as the Cross (50 meters down the road) has taken a turn for the worse in recent times. Well worth a visit...and may soon be offering B&B too apparently - so if the lovely, quaint old village of Heptonstall 'invites' you stay for a night and have a proper look around it will make a perfect place to stay. They views and walks around this area are fantastic."

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