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Bay Horse Inn has an average overall rating of 5 stars out of 5 with 7 vote(s) cast.

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Bay Horse Inn

Kirkby Stephen
CA174HS  (see map)
+44(0)1768 371451

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On 31-3-2006 cumbrian said : "I certainly will have the weekend of the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of April booked off to visit the Bay Horse, Winton, Kirkby Stephen. There is a festival of real ale & wine. 16 Beers, a true cider, 17 wines and champagne, my good lordy, will they be doing some super duper cheese boards to go with all that? I might even need the following week off. I hear its a journey north from Cornwall, ending up in Cumbria for the beers, and the Wines are something spectacluar. You don't even have to pay, and profits from the event are going to kids with Leukemia charity!!! Things aint been the same since they got that new manager in either he's pretty clued up that geezer, can keep his trad so well, oh well must dash, off 2d bar for a pint of Hawkshead UPA, Cumbrian pub headed out by Cumbrian beer, my kind of boozer."

On 07-3-2006 beautiful_disaster said : "Hmmm.. where to start?! This is, without doubt, one of the best pubs in the area. If not for the beer (which they tell me is good... I'm more of a wino to be honest ;) hehe) or the fab food.. then at least to admire the 'hunky' staff and take in the warm, welcome atmosphere. It's the place to go to catch up on gossip (the locals know everything!).. and if you're feeling down it's the best place to go for a nice glass of wine and cuddles to cheer you up ;) the accomodation is also a great attribute to the pub, boasting nice rooms with BIG, super comfy beds! One last thing to know.. if you do go to this pub, and the landlord is playing 'The Pogues' again.. feel free to take this CD home with you! PLEASE! xXx"

On 16-2-2006 cumbrian said : "wowzer, its good to hear the tall chap is disappearing never really did like him anyway, prancing around with glowing sticky things, couldn't pull a pint, and couldn't luck after his beer. Oh and since when has this house ever sold pedigree? We like blondes up here, That lancaster one is pretty tasty might add. Fullers Discovery too, nothing like a bit of DISCO in the countryside to keep the ladies well oiled. Titanic goes down well also. Uber alles a cracking pub, quality accomodation and top dollar food, nothing too fancy, just good ol pub grub, and very sexay local ladies from Church Brough (NW). The Bay Horse at Winton is definately the best of the bunch in the area. Its a treat to see so many different real ales in a little village pub. Plus a tasty lager like Amstel, wowzer again."

On 21-1-2006 tinytony said : "Arrived here feeling dog rough and ended up leaving log a dog with two tails. Superb hostelry with fantastic steaks to stick your canines into and excellent beer (I tried the Pedigree, excellent !). Be careful of the low ceilings, I almost knocked my barnet a couple of times. "

On 03-7-2005 davedavies said : "Just been taken over by Lancaster based buisness man, Matt Gott. What a startling performance, beautifully decorated, and 5 real ales on tap. Head Chef James is putting out some fantastic food, and restaurant manager Laura Thomms is great, fantastic service. The staff are probably the best looking in cumbria. Good look to you Matt & hope it takes off."

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