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1725 has an average overall rating of 1.8 stars out of 5 with 18 vote(s) cast.

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Market Street
LA11HT  (see map)
+44(0)1524 66898

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On 25-1-2011 loobyloo said : "Well, that was a first! One day last week the man next to me at the bar and I shook our heads together in amazement. He'd just had to tell the young girl serving what "shandy" is and how to make it. Oh dear."

On 16-7-2009 dan_82 said : "Im really not sure about this place. Been in a few times, sometimes for food and sometimes for a drink whilst out with friends. The staff can be very standoffish, you almost feel unworthy to go to the bar and order a drink. Definately not approachable. The main problems as I see it with this place are: the seating - the tables are far far to large for the comfortable sofas on either side. This means that when you sit down your legs are chopped off at the knee. A plus side is that its really funny watching people try to readjust their position so as not to injure themselves on the tables. The food is VERY average and not worth what you pay for it. The range of lagers/beers is quite good however you expect that when you're paying a fair bit. Weirdly they haven't bothered doing anything to the toilets in the refurb since changing it from 'The Blue Anchor' which is a real shame as the toilets are horrible, and often really dirty. A member of staff was also telling me how they 'cleverly' put models of a pussy(cat) on the door of the female toilets and a cock(rel) on the door of the male toilets which they found really amusing, but we found much less so. All in all its ok. I would go for a drink there again if I was with a group of friends who wanted to but its fairly impersonal, the foods not that great and Im not really a fan. It is clean and nice looking however. "

On 01-7-2009 flipflops said : "I visited 1725 on a Monday evening and found the whole experience very pleasant. The staff were very friendly and told me about the Spanish evening, 'eat all you like Paella' I got a pint for under 3 which i thought was pretty good. Whilst waiting for our food we listened to the live spanish music, which created a good atmosphere. (i was told that live music would also soon be starting on Saturday evenings) Our food was served promptly and we thouroughly enjoyed taking advantage of the 'all you can eat' Ploughing through 3 bowls of paella, which were served with 2 tapas dishes each and some bread. For under 8 I thought this was value for money. I also thought the outdoor area was good, - perfect for an after dinner cigarette. I haven't visited on any other evenings, but definately recommend giving Monday nights a try! well done - keep up the good work."

On 28-6-2009 lancasterreview said : "Avoid this place. We visited on a Saturday evening for food. Even though the temperature outside was boiling hot, all the windows were closed, which coupled with a lack of air conditionning made the place uncomfortably hot. Our food arrived very quickly (within about 5 minutes), a bit too quickly for my liking, which probably means it was heated up rather than cooked fresh. One dish (chorizo) was severly undercooked meaning that it was so tough it was literally impossible to bite through a piece. The remainder of the food was of a poor standard - dry, chewy chicken and sauces with no flavour. We asked the see the dessert menu but it never appeared so had to go and find one ourselves. We waited 25 minutes before we noticed the staff taking the desserts in the display counter back to the kitchen (probably to be displayed again the following day). We then resorted to enquiring about the missing dessert and no explanation or apology was offered, only that they would remove it from the bill. How nice of them! When we pointed out that we had been unable to eat the chorizo we received a somewhat blank response and had to ask for it to be removed from the bill. A large propoertion of staff were either rude, arrogant or simply ignored you. I'll say it again again, avoid this place."

On 21-6-2009 claretdanny said : "All I can say is 7.30 for 2 pints of lager is horrendous, The decor is nice and well presented with some original ideas, but at these prices there are much better cheaper places to drink in Lancaster, and because of this I will never return."

On 30-4-2009 loobyloo said : "Don't you dread it when people from London ask you where they could go? Never mind...I chose 1725. We sat there for ages before realising that you had to go up to the bar to order your food. How naive of me, to think that waiting staff who are dressed as though they come from Seville or Lille might actually serve you at your table. No, you still get the traditional British greeting "what's your table number." How I hate that phrase. So I went to the bar to order. Because I'm neither tall, good-looking or have half my underpants showing, the child behind the bar looked through me a couple of times until I started to lean over and jab a tenner up her nose. A pint of beer and a lemonade cost over five pounds. The beer was in excellent condition but I thought there was a credit crunch on. The food was OKish, nothing better than what I could do in my own house, and served in very small portions. The bread was white, shop-bought and had those little pimply dots on it (i.e., they got it from Sainsbury's). It seems to be aimed at people who think they're posh, while actually getting their sense of style from Coleen McCullough and their social graces from her husband."

On 30-4-2009 pec771 said : "Haven't tried the revamped version yet. Should I?"

On 30-1-2009 barker80 said : "nearly burnt down due to an insurance job (only rumour) nice place though lacks real direction, staff arent that bright, but love the refurb. Unfortunatly when it comes to real ale, good pub food, atmosphere and customer inter-action (although lancaster lacks unlike previous years gone by) this is a 2nd tier site behind such pubs as the sun, white cross, john o g!!! sorry guys but good luck barker80 "

On 10-11-2008 cathhardatwork said : "Hi there, I struggle to see how these views can be relevant as this pub, 1725, only opened in September 2008. The newest review is from Feb 08 and that was for The Blue Anchor - which is no more! 1725, by the way is awesome. The building looks great, excellent foods served all day, a large range of cask ales and a massive winelist. Fabulous.... if is don't say so myself."

On 06-2-2008 angryman said : "It's been two looooong years since I visited this maritime marvel. Lovely old naval nicety that I love dearly. That said, I wouldnt drink any beer as it looks like it hasnt been cleaned since 1648. Avoid the rush and go on a Saturday or Friday evening."

On 04-6-2006 thespicester said : "Everades Beacon, Batemans Valliant and Bomber on hand pull should give you some idea that this is a pub that takes it beer reasonably seriously. An OK pub that was quite busy on my Saturday afternoon visit."

On 23-2-2006 angryman said : "When wandering furiously with Mrs Angrywoman past "Barratts Shoes" I was surprised to hear her exclaim "you put the boom boom into my heart!". Physiologically incorrect but pleasant ear fodder all the same... but one glance at old angrywoman's face told me this was no love uttering . What tawdry game were my ears playing upon an old paranoid romantic like myself? Like a sniffer dog hunting a cabbage I tracked down the aural offender to the Blue Oyster, I mean Anchor. Why does this fabulous establishment, one of the world's original "theme" pubs need a speaker outside it's front door pumping out Wham ? Is it not enough to mystify even the wisest men with the conundrum - how did they fit a real 16th Century ship into a 1970s style, God awful, back street boozer ? A true maritime mystery we can all ponder. Answers on a postcard to the "You thought it was clever getting a ship into a bottle" competition, PO Box 1, Lancaster. "

On 20-10-2005 mike12 said : "Lovely little pub, got a great atmosphere, good food and great beer. There are 6 cask ales available. Live acts apear there as well. They have just opened a new fish and steak restaurant upstairs. It has improved 100% from 6 months ago. "

On 31-8-2005 simo said : "Shame that such history is left in such poor hands"

On 26-7-2005 samuel_soaper said : "Not very blue oyster?"

On 03-6-2005 hpower5000 said : "tired dated pub in need of some brass spending on it!"

On 06-4-2005 tinytony said : "Been back again recently... quiet, never busy and in need of a good clean."

On 03-3-2005 donp said : "A waste of potential. Bad music, bad beer & bad atmosphere. But with a nautical look."

On 21-10-2004 robbieboy said : "This could be a great pub, the entrance is like a covered over alleyway and all the ship decor, which could look very tacky, manages not too. However, a poor choice of beer, music which is always on too loud and the staff are not the friendliest bunch. A missed opportunity."

On 14-10-2004 mattthecat said : "I used to like this pub but I think the refurbishment was designed by stevie wonder. Still one of the better Mitchells offerings though! "

On 05-9-2004 miko2004 said : "Great location totally wasted. Should be THE flagship Lancaster bar but instead is a humdrum, bog standard and quiet Mitchell's outlet."

On 10-5-2004 mrjon said : "Having visited this pub with Dale..(08-05), I'd have to have agree. Nice pub worth visiting unless Dave is giggling like a giggling thing set to maximum giggle (you had to be there...if only just for Dave)"

On 17-12-2003 bernard said : "Once again, Mitchell s have let themselves and Lancaster down. An absolute disgrace of a refurb. Forgive me if I dont mention their qualities , I found none, and did not stay to look further!"

On 10-12-2003 tinytony said : ""Massive refurbishment" seems to be new lights, a nice lilac colour and newly covered seats. Should be a lot better, theme pubs look a little dated now."

On 04-11-2003 dale said : "Nice place, a 'Mitchells of Lancaster' owned establsihment. Great 'ship' decor, definately in the top 10 of Lancaster pubs to visit."

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