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Boot & Shoe Hotel has an average overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 with 14 vote(s) cast.

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Boot & Shoe Hotel
Scotforth Road
LA1 4PU  (see map)
+44(0)1524 63011

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On 12-9-2008 littlemiss said : " The Clientele are - a few are in their 30's, a couple of lad's in their 20's and then mainly older people! No Trouble here though. Would be good if they attracted a better mix! You see the odd loud mouth, but they don't tend to stay very long! The beer garden is nice on summer days and they have a covered smoking area outside and heaters (although never seen them on!) Food is OK, it was nicer a few months ago and now I rarely eat there. Sometimes you order something and it comes minus items from the description. It is not worth the prices they charge, presentation is lacking and you can't even get a sandwich of an evening or at weekends. A lot of it is frozen produce not homemade. A salad is a basic one, no fancy lettuce here, just a bit of iceberg, sliced tomato, onion, pepper and cucumber. Maybe a different take on the classics might help although they seem to sell alot of food on some days. I actually left the pub to eat at the one on greaves and there was no comparison in the standard, I would only eat here if I was starving! The price of a coke is 1.10 for half a pint, I think that it is rather expensive, especially when it is flat. They could do with introducing a larger range of non-alcoholic drinks, different cordials, rather than the lime, black and orange. It is a bit of a poor do if your driving! Large range of ales, I think that attracts the older clientele! Staff are OK, Managers appear friendly enough. Not doing a bad job, they could just do with trying that bit harder."

On 11-9-2008 jllama said : "Having recently been back to the Boot and Shoe, I am impressed with the way they are coping with a difficult time for business. Despite various issues with things we're all feeling, such as the credit crunch, the pub remains reasonably priced... the food has a more 'home-made' approach than I have previously found and there was a good range of real ales on. Once again I found the staff pleasant and helpful, even got to have a chat with the landlord this time, who was keen to offer his personal favourite of the real ales. Pubs aren't the same as they used to be, this is something I have found across the board. However, I'd definitely recommend a visit to the Boot and Shoe, as it offers a nice atmosphere with a good range of drinks."

On 13-5-2008 boyband1 said : "Can someone explain why these reviews have suddenly descended into personal attacks on the various management couples this pub has or has had. My comments were based upon how i found the pub on the two or three occaisions i have been in. I do not know this couple nor do i know the last incumbents and so dont feel qualified to make a comment about them. My reviews were quite simply reflecting my personal dissapointment about the range of beers which has since become very interesting and quite extensive and the price of food about which i remain to be convinced but accept that in todays market that is the price you pay. As for being thankful that i dont use the pub on a regular basis, i would have thought that in these days of financial uncertainty and rising prices pubs would be glad of custom even if the views of those customers differ from others. I have been in since my last review and will do so again. I will continue to review where i think neccessary both good and not so good. After all that is one of the benefits of living in a democracy. "

On 10-5-2008 manxman1 said : "well obviously the last two reviews must be by some one who works for mitchells as i have been a customer for many years and the food was very good from the last management couple who were always very sociable and around and well liked by many customers the present couple although we see a little bit of the landlady i would not know the landlord as he is never around i believe the previous couple have moved to a pub near garstang and many boot and shoe regulars have been and told me they are doing a great job yet again and i shall be shortly trying it out for myself and let you know how they are doing "

On 19-4-2008 westpennine said : "'Boyband 1'quite obviously knows very little about 'licensed Retailing'or he would realise that in order to optimise beer quality it is sometimes necessary to reduce the product range in order to achieve that objective.What's that got to do with 'the price of fish' you may well ask.Boyband's polemic with regard to Mitchell's pricing Policy fails to recognise that a Fish and Chip Shop does not provide it's Customers with cutlery,comortable seating,table service,toilet facilities,background music,thick carpets to walk on,big sreen tv(where applicable)and lighting and heating etc.Isn't it worth a couple of quid extra for all of that?Seems like a bargain to me. The recently appointed 'Management Couple' are probably the most 'Professional Managers'that this pub has experienced for many years; Zane(yes,that really is his name)and Beth Dawson will provide Scotforth with an excellent 'Local'with good beer,good food great hospitality and 'plenty going on' to keep you and your families entertained. What is it with Lancaster's 'Pubutopians'-so many of them looking for something to 'Whinge'about;well,there's not much 'whinge fodder'here.I won't say 'watch this space',I'll say 'watch this pub'-and I've been 'picking winners' for years."

On 16-4-2008 bootnshoe said : "In response to some of the negative comments made (below) it is a rare occasion that only one Brewery is represented as we try to keep a good selection of Ale's on, dependent on the choices we have available to us! Anyone who has the slightest idea of how to keep real ale knows you you reduce the number of ale's on during the quieter nights in order to maintain quality, (as if an Ale is on for to long it will be no where near as good as the brewery intended) Also having just been to the chippy and paid almost 7 for fish'n'chips in plastic container I can tell you 6.95 for freshly battered "Fish'n'Chips" is not too bad! Especially when you can have a nice pint to wash it down with. With regards to the comment that the pub is "failing" you obviously don't come in very often, and for that we thank you!"

On 24-3-2008 boyband1 said : "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What on earth is happening to what was once a great pub with great beer and great food. Now the beer is limited at best to a range from one brewery and that isnt great and the food, well i ask you who in their right mind is going to pay nearly 7.00 for frozen fish and chips. Im sorry to say but this pub is rapidly descending to the level of a Wetherspoons and that i assure you will see the end of this once great local pub.Come on Mitchells, instead of spending 100,000 on a beer garden and car park try sorting out your failing pub. I for one will not be goingin there again and i understand that i am not alone in this view with a great number of locals preferring to go to the Bowerham or Fox and Goose. Says it all really."

On 08-2-2008 jllama said : "In response to angryman's comment (below): the pub is clearly not on its 58th manager. Yes, there have been a few changes in the past 10 years, but don't take every 'relief' manager as a new owner. The past two owners at least have had to deal with Mitchells' price increases and stringent wasteage cutbacks - so your decision to bring your own booze is not only ridiculously childish, but is damaging to pub businesses in the long run, as Mitchells will only counter reduced sales with more price increases. I personally think the Boot and Shoe is a great little pub, as despite problems with staff changeovers and price increases, the customer service remains at a high standard, and the managers are always willing to listen to comments and suggestions."

On 06-2-2008 angryman said : "Now on its 58th manager since April 2007. Do what I do - buy nice beer in Booths and drink it quietly in the Boot and Shoe. When you're spotted and subsequently barred go the following week and the new manager wont know a thing !! This week I'll be going with a bottle of Old Spice and a smile."

On 02-11-2007 boyband1 said : "A great little pub with good food, even better beer and friendly and welcoming staff. Some friends and i went in a couple of weeks ago only to find it packed for the regular Thursday quiz, we decided to stay and although we didnt win we were all thoroughly entertained, mind you getting to the bar requires a bit of patience particularly at the interval. Great atmosphere, great fun. We were made very welcome and will be returning again."

On 17-5-2007 gaytourist said : "Great food!!!"

On 01-11-2006 simonsk said : "having visited this pub on a good few occasions i can say it is really great value for money with a fantastic atmosphere and really helpful staff i had a good conversation with the manager simon about the beers and ales and my wife and children thought the food was fantastic 10/10"

On 07-5-2006 deaddogdave said : "Ok, so perhaps not much change then... Simon and Shirley have been at the helm for around six months now and are doing a grand job. The extra hour on Fridays, Saturdays and the extra 30mins on Sundays, hasn't made much of a difference to the place - most people stick to the old 11:20 departure. Mitchell's keep bumping the prices up - three increases since it changed hands. "

On 22-10-2005 deaddogdave said : "All change soon, as the current hosts George and Anne are to be leaving the helm in a few weeks time to take over 'The Woodman' in Broxbourne down South."

On 23-9-2005 deaddogdave said : "The Boot has a new assistant manager at the helm. Good luck with the new position Mary (and be carefull with that Beacon line!!!)"

On 11-8-2005 silverspoon said : "Good atmosphere, quite a few 'booths' and nooks to slink off to, lots of friendly locals, and a more than adequate selection of beers. Good quiz on Thursday night too! (9:30)"

On 11-7-2005 deaddogdave said : "Good selection of real ales - normally Beacon & Bods plus four guests. Unfortunately the bar has gone downhill since Lorraine and Joanna left."

On 09-7-2005 tinytony said : "Visited recently - very busy pub in the summer with a lot of diners. The beer range is ok with a decent selection of real ales. Food's not bad either, though there are food pubs in Lancaster that put this place to shame (Waterwitch being the obvious one). Generally though this is a decent place with a village pub feel to it."

On 09-5-2005 deaddogdave said : "The ol' Boot has gone from strength to strength since George and Anne took it over a couple years ago. Still lacking in the 30-somethings age group unfortunately."

On 09-5-2005 bernard said : "Probably now the best example of what a Mitchells house can do. Very good as a destination pub."

On 03-3-2005 donp said : "An adequate boozer that serves the local community well. Plenty of rooms, good service, food."

On 29-12-2003 tinytony said : "Dull"

On 13-10-2003 deaddogdave said : "A nice pub that serves good pub grub. Unfortunately lacking in 30-somethings to keep the ol' dog company..."

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