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Cafe Bar Eleven has an average overall rating of 3.3 stars out of 5 with 24 vote(s) cast.

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Cafe Bar Eleven
60-62 Church Street
LA11LH  (see map)
+44(0)1524 66900

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On 04-4-2009 claretdanny said : "This place has been under new management for the last 18months, It is a well presented trendy bar with a wide range of cocktails, food is served during the day with nice friendly staff. The only downside is the toilets tend to be smelly but have improved recently."

On 20-9-2006 samuel_soaper said : "I agree with mr truth, this place has shut down! Nacht likee it was, taken back by th'landlord. Hadee ha! I never liked their steaks anyway, have you ever wondered why there are no dobermans in town. I wonder if the owners will turn it into a lapdancing venue. Thats what t'word on the street is!"

On 11-7-2006 mrtruth said : "The comments about this establishment are laughable, as is the bar itself. I can only think that the authors either have a vested interest in Metro or else they have never set foot outside of Lancaster in their lives. Metro is poor, poor, poor. It's like being in an early Tom Cruise film except with one of the Chuckle Brothers and located in Pontins. Avoid."

On 15-2-2006 angryman said : "Full of my kind of people. Tall, thin chaps with a penchant for hotspots and looking for ladies with which to strike it lucky. "

On 02-10-2005 kate_kelly said : "Gone down hill since the big dark guy has moved on, but he is now at the water witch At least he hasn't left town, it would be such a shame."

On 31-8-2005 kate_w said : "An ok bar but a bit overpriced and a serious lack of draught beers available. Good collection of exhibitions there though."

On 23-8-2005 simo said : "What a refereshing change to see a place clean and staff that have the ability to serve you. tha management should be commended for there training methods. More like this please "

On 28-7-2005 loobyloo said : "Bizarre but fascinating design mix, halfway between bling-bling and a bad copy of a 70s bar, with its white floor and weird black baroque designs round the huge mirrors. It looks like it's aimed at prostitutes and footballers. I really like it! The nights with the band Get Carter are especially good."

On 28-7-2005 herbert said : "Never been in and never will!!!"

On 26-7-2005 samuel_soaper said : "These guys are all for the pink pound, very cool and the kind of place i would hang out in Newcastle"

On 13-7-2005 mitch_buchannan said : "What an atrocity........ All the other wannabe cocktail bars in Lancaster are, this is the best by far. Everyone else should take note of what they do and how they do it. Beautiful girls, well trained with a product knowledge second to none. Why can't every bar be as versatile as this than some corporation dictating you will make drinks this way with only these ingredients, I waited 10 minutes for 3 Mojito's made with Bacardi 8. But what a wait, the barstaff talked me through the process of producing the best Mojito I have ever tasted. They offered variants, So i tried a fantastic vanilla & a rich mango one. On my next visit the staff remembered me and asked straight Mojito sir? I felt like a celebrity. I declined the mojito, and tried the managers specialities one bombay bramblette, and a tennesse berry mule - the latter you wouldn't even know it was made with Jack Daniels single barrel until the aftertaste, JD & berries & ginger who would have imagined. I'm going back to work my way through the cocktails and the new food menu."

On 05-7-2005 kate_kelly said : "What a mad mixture, a bar & grill & a fine dining restaurant all under the same roof. Classic, c#ontemporary & very stylish layout & thats just the new cocktail menu. Spare a moment to look at the fantastic new photography on the walls. I read an article about art in pubs in the guardian. Well done the sun hotel, and all the others but I think you will find that Sante was the first place in town to showcase local artists. Its amazing the sheer beauty and not too much either. The staff are by far the best in town surpassing all other establishments, they are friendly helpful and full of energy. (Check out the hot coffee coloured manager mmmmm) They have by far the best food in town and serve all day from the lunchtime right through to closing without a break most days, unknown in most venues!"

On 17-6-2005 ilovegoths said : "Beautiful, and that's just the staff. Especially that little guy, Raj. Mmm. Just slice him up and serve him to me on a plate. "

On 17-6-2005 saladtosser said : "Ross Davis - The finest Chef in Lancashire. Eat there now. New bar & grill concept is amazing, what a genius idea."

On 25-5-2005 thedrinker said : "a little rose among the weeds of this street truly a awesome bar, people accutally think its expensive because the auroura surrounding it, but they shudnt judge a book by its cover actually very resonable priced bar, that supplies all modern day drinks if its not on the sante cocktail list then its not worth drinkin, the staff are excellent and always strive to improve themselves especialy the indian guy, raj (i beleieve his name to be)and anthony (legend). "

On 05-4-2005 tinytony said : "Change of management here earlier this year - very different place now. Food is absolutely amazing, absolute top class nosh and nowhere near as expensive as it used to be. Paid 53 for a meal for two (three courses) and a bottle of wine - would have paid 100 for something similar in Manchester. Top top place. Tip of the day - go on Friday cos Saturday is always completely packed."

On 01-3-2005 bumpngrind said : "Amazing, I'm never out of this place. I love it here, I actually feel like I live here its so good. Keep up the good work"

On 03-11-2004 bernard said : "A great addition to the pub scene of Lancaster. Certainly much better now than when it was first oopened. I don't know why it took so long to soften it as it was always too over the top before. Food fantastic, choice amazing. A must see."

On 21-10-2004 freechoices said : "I eat at the resturant on Friday with a number of friends and found the food excellent. The wine list was extensive and of high quality. Staff were very attentive at all times. I hope this place takes off it would be a shame if we lost a great venue in Lancaster, I would highly recommed this to all. "

On 16-10-2004 caroljameson said : "Enormously improved restaurant - I ate there about 3 months ago and it was just average - it's dramatically better now. Fantastic food, really never seen before in Lancaster - every dish is a work of art - I heartily recommend this place, I've been waiting for something like this to arrive in Lancaster for years. Didnt really venture into the bar, however it seemed to have a simple but very modern style to it. Oh - the bar was absolutely packed - this place is getting busy !"

On 16-10-2004 palerosez42 said : "Love it here. It's been taken over recently and you can tell - much less pretentious than it used to be - now a real bar for real people. I paid 2.30 for a shot 2 months ago (last time i was here) now it's 1.70, the beers are more varied and the music is less ridiculous !! They're getting draught beer next week apparently, which will make the place even more attractive. Talking of attractive, the place is full of girls - they love it here - when the draught arrives it'll become a place frequented by both sexes Im sure ! A place to be seen in..."

On 05-9-2004 miko2004 said : "I like this place and I've given it top marks because it's taken risks. There is nothing else like this in Lancaster. It takes bar design to a new level (like it or not) in Lancaster. Cutting edge design, exceptional lighting and fittings (chairs, tables etc) straight out of a designer magazine. Needs a little more work, needs to be more user friendly but you can't fault the effort. Not tried the restaurant - but I've wandered around it - quite simply it's a beautiful looking restaurant."

On 10-5-2004 tinytony said : "Not eaten here yet but I have frequented the bar once or twice. Nice array of beers and cocktails, the music has become much more commercial as they attempt to broaden their appeal. However, it remains a bar years ahead of it's time and probably a little too ahead for Lancaster."

On 31-1-2004 dale said : "Food in restaurant is of a high quality, though portions could be a little bigger for the money! Be wary of Friday and Saturday nights, food can take a little while to be served. One night I went it was very slow, although this was recognised by the staff and we got a free bottle of wine as compensation. The bar downstairs is quite upmarket for Lancaster."

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Becks, Stella, Cobra, Boddingtons, Strongbow. Guiness

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