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Situated overlooking the river Lune on the quayside, this recently refurbished alehouse has been given a new lease of life. Real fire, Real Ales, free internet access are on offer. Amoungst everything else you would expect from a good pub!

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George and Dragon has an average overall rating of 2.8 stars out of 5 with 10 vote(s) cast.

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George and Dragon
24 St Georges Quay
LA11RB  (see map)
+44(0)1524 388808

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On 01-7-2012 mikeyb1966 said : "Have had a really nice day here, good beer and good company well done to the new landlady! "

On 05-9-2010 loobyloo said : "Last time I was in here there was some idiot sport TV on, blaring drum and bass, but no customers. I sat and had a somewhat cringy half. What an turn around though! This could become my default pub of choice. A landlord and lady who make you feel welcome and who put the graft in. Most times no or very little music (thank goodness). Real ales, well kept, and not just the usual suspects. A nice sociable crowd who end up talking to each other. Well done, hope this continues. "

On 05-9-2010 loobyloo said : "Last time I was in here there was a idiot sport TV, blaring drum and bass, and no customers. I sat and had a painful half. What an turn around! This could become my default pub of choice. A landlord and lady who make you feel welcome and who put the graft in. Most times no or very little music (thank goodness). Real ales, well kept, and not just the usual suspects. A nice sociable crowd who end up talking to each other. Well done, hope this continues. "

On 12-7-2010 alangaffiney said : "We spent a wonderful night in this pub on Saturday, There was a great atmosphere and we were made to feel very welcome. Ian and Kye were excellent hosts and we wish them every success with building up this lovely pub. They certainly deserve it. Although not from Lancaster we hope to be back sometime."

On 30-3-2010 iankye said : "NOT A REVIEW.. THIS PUB IS UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP!! just a friendly word to say we are now open during the day 12pm everyday except 3pm on mondays.. Food is being launched easter weekend and excellent offers are available. Come in see what we offer and let us know what you think."

On 23-12-2009 euryalus said : "I went to this pub last week for the first time in about two years and found only one other customer, who was talking to the bar person. Neither of them made any attempt to make me feel welcome, so I finished my half and went instead to the Three Mariners. Perhaps they simply do not want customers?"

On 09-10-2008 saduchbia82 said : "Not really a review, but an invitation for reviews. If any of you have visited the pub yet I'd be interested to hear any comments, cheers. Ash (landlord)."

On 05-6-2008 mpsrent said : "The new renovations have really paid off. What a difference! Well done. Great beers and excellent service from Kate, Dale and Ashley. "

On 13-3-2008 dale said : "The George and Dragon is currently closed for a refurb. Projected opening date is 'early april'."

On 06-2-2008 angryman said : "Bought a pint of beer here and was charged 8000. "FRAUD" I screamed - I was wrong the beer did cost 8000 and I was inaccurate in claiming it was a fraud. Spent 4 weeks sat in a small room in Preston thinking about my error. Lots of pine.... er.... that's it."

On 18-12-2007 euryalus said : "The pub has now re-opened, but it appears to have lost most of its customers, despite the provision of real fires and real ales. I was the only customer on the occasion of my visit last week."

On 08-10-2007 ziggyzag said : "Well, the new owners did arrive at the pub and moved in ... then ... they left! They opened for a grand total of 9 days. What went on is anyones guess. The George and Dragon is currently closed again - next please!"

On 22-9-2007 thegeorgeanddragon said : "As the owner of the George & Dragon I have decided to concentrate my business interests in other areas, and therefore have agreed a sale on the lease of the establishment. I would like to thank all the customers for supporting us through the last 14 months and wish everyone the best. And when i do occasionally get back to England i will try and look everyone up!"

On 04-4-2007 thegeorgeanddragon said : "ROB THE GOB COMEDY DJ appearing at The George & Dragon tomorrow night (Thursday 5th April) You will not see such genius like him, notorious for setting himself on fire. From 9pm, Free Entry!"

On 13-1-2007 westpennine said : "Visted the 'middle house' on New Years Eve for the first time since its 'refurb'-not impressed.No punters in it;no sign of the tenant(a bit like the Three Mariners);sterile;crap wine list. Went next door to the 'Waggon-packed to the rafters. Tenant behind the bar 'grafting'great beer,music and atmosphere."

On 15-12-2006 thegeorgeanddragon said : "We have started a new snack menu and due to the success of our pies we have introduced 2 new christmas pies, they are the rudolph, and the christingle. Please check our website using the link to see our food offering. "

On 22-11-2006 thegeorgeanddragon said : "This Friday we will be hosting a free texas hold 'em poker night in assosciation with Get yourselves down and have a go. You can win prizes, and even if you have never played before, people are on hand to explain the rules. There is also the chance to enter the national league and win various exciting prizes, including a trip to Las Vegas! The event starts from 8.00pm we are looking forward to seeing you all there! While your here why not sample our excellent food menu, with some of the best pies in the north west of England!"

On 10-11-2006 thegeorgeanddragon said : "Cheers Anna, Its good to see yourself and your friends in the pub on a regular basis. In regards to Looby Loos comment, Cliff where is that "sofa", that was taken out a long time ago! We have no sofas! "

On 24-10-2006 anna-cella said : "I revisited this amazing pub and it did not disappoint. The atmosphere, drinks and bar staff were exquisite. I only wish I had more hours in the day to spend more time here!"

On 19-10-2006 angryman said : "Anna-Cella !! I like the cut of your gib. You're my kind of lady. Pleased by the humblest of fleapit pubs and the kind of gal that finds happiness in the very deepest depths of despair. You'd get on well with Angrywoman. The George & Mildred is a cacophony of cumbersome concepts carefully coupled with charismatic pies.(I couldnt think of a word beginning with "c" that meant "pies" - answers on a postcard to "Shut up and get a life", 1st floor, The Office, Morecambe). I've been known to pine for a really great Lancaster pub - when the G&M came along I pine no longer. The place is full of the stuff. Farmhouse flim flam."

On 17-10-2006 anna-cella said : "This is definatly the best pub in lancaster. I would recommend everyone to go here!!!!!!!! x ;)"

On 20-9-2006 loobyloo said : "I'm 42 and I'm getting to that age where everything seemed better in 1875, but I do feel faintly depressed at yet another invasion of the dreaded brown sofas (which are impossible to get up from at my age). There was only one real ale on last week when we went, and you have to talk over the muzak. Can we have more pubs for regretful old farts?"

On 07-9-2006 kate_kelly said : "The George & Dragon, Lancaster. What can i say about their pies, apart from they are the best I have ever eaten in my entire life. Full of top notch meat and vegetables, they taste great and you get a huge portion of mash and peas, but wait it doesn't stop there, they have regular mash, cheesy mash, dijon mash..... Homemade mush peas, and delicious gravy. For less than 7 you can get a pint or a large glass of wine as well. Its a bargain. That guy certainly knows how to fill you up!!!!"

On 11-7-2006 dale said : "The George has now reopened - 5 cask ales, and a good clean has ensued. The dark tables have been replaced with lighter ones and the floorboards at the front have been sanded down - this all gives a much lighter and fresh look to the pub. Nightlights on the tables are a nice touch too."

On 08-7-2006 ilovegoths said : "Looking good..."

On 06-7-2006 dale said : "The new 'owner' of the G&D has got in touch with us and here's what they say we can expect: - farmhouse pine tables - a deep clean of the place - they plan to maintain the real ales, 5 hand pulls. - a selection of continental beers - and eventually a quality yet 'quirky' food offering. Word on the Quay is that they are opening on Friday 7th of July ... but this has not yet been confirmed to us by the pub 'owner'. "

On 30-6-2006 dale said : "The George and Dragon is still closed, but something is happening inside .... the front windows are covered with newspaper so you can't see in, but you can hear sounds of some kind of refurbishment going on - though I'm not sure how extensive it will be. Rumours are abound in the local area as to the new owner(s), and what kind of place it will turn out to be. If anyone knows any more reliable details, please email me (my email address can be found on the 'help page') Cheers!"

On 17-5-2006 loobyloo said : "On Saturday me and two friends made up over half the total clientele. Bizarrely inappropriate drum and bass music was being played over the PA, and children kept wandering up and down the stairs to the flat. There were six "Sold Out" signs on the pumps. Things can only get better."

On 17-5-2006 dale said : "Looks like the George and Dragon's current owners are to be leaving soon. Word on the street is that new owners are imminent (within weeks)."

On 28-7-2005 herbert said : "I do like this pub now, friendly cheerful!! Greatly improved............. Well done!"

On 20-5-2005 bernard said : "What exactly are we trying to save here. Yes it is nice to go into a traditional pub, but to be welcomed as if you've walked dog poo around the pub by the 2 locals and a bar person that resents being there is not my idea of a reason to keep it local. What a ridiculous statement. The landlord is changing again, which might suggest that keeping it "local" does not quite pay the bills. The new landlady is coming from the Wagon And Horses, and she might round up all the locals in one place because it desperately needs a boost."

On 09-5-2005 pipermac said : "Excellent real ales and a warm welcome guarranteed. This is one of a dying breed of traditional local pubs."

On 08-4-2005 gforster said : "A PROPER locals pub, there are so few of these places left in the country now and this one should be saved at all costs !!!! If you are fed up with the "superpubs" and the random brawls in town then this is the place to be. A friendly atmosphere with great locals, you are always assured a friendly welcome and a game of darts with the regulars. This is where you come when you want a quiet pint or a traditional laugh."

On 01-3-2005 bumpngrind said : "Needs an injection of life, shake up on the quay, what are punch playing at? Giving the pub to two customers? It needs some life style & quality food. A very unused venue in a very used location, sort yourselves out and grab a slice of the market, and for god's sake get rid of the yocals, and their dogs!"

On 13-1-2005 dale said : "Under new management. Sue and Karen are now your friendly hosts."

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Draught ales available :

Staropramen, Becks Vier, Kronenbourg, Carling extra cold, Bulmers original, Guinness, John Smiths Smooth.

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