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Gregson has an average overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 with 4 vote(s) cast.

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33 Moorgate
LA13PY  (see map)
+44(0)1524 849959

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On 03-3-2010 pubfan said : "Don't be put off the Greggy, Performer! Many of us have a good sense of humour and are more than able to laugh at ourselves. Our politics are definitely to the left/green orientated but we're tolerant with it. Best to keep any BNP membership to yourself though... calm down Liz, that's a joke....."

On 02-3-2010 performer said : "Wow. I’m amazed. It seems that if one makes fun of Gregson clientele, one can only be a hate-tattooed, racist humour loving, signed up member of the BNP! Loobyloo’s one poor pint and daft remarks wouldn’t put me off going to this place but the last post just might. Bigotry and intolerance, as well taking yourself too seriously, do not in my experience make for a good night out."

On 25-2-2010 liz_the_thirst said : "Hmmm. Pubfan finds Loobyloo's review "hilarious". Would they think it so hilarious if they too owned a pub/club subjected to such comments? No doubt they found Bernard Manning hilarious too. Going off Loobyloo's comments, Pubfan can try to meet up with him to compare notes - don't think he would be found in Quernmore (Dave Spart-like jealousy there); more likely to find him in The Nag's Head, recognisable by the "hate" tattoos across his knuckles and the "vote BNP" badge on his jacket."

On 24-2-2010 pubfan said : "I really like The Gregson, I go there regularly and have done for many years. It's friendly and welcoming although maybe just a tad clichy. However,it is a club, so perhaps that's okay. But come on folks.. let's lighten up! Where's your sense of humour? Loobylou's review is hilarious, and if we can't take been sent up a little, are we not taking ourselves a bit seriously? Anyway, I'm off now, it's a tough up-hill cycle ride back home. "

On 23-2-2010 realalelass said : "I am absolutely disgusted by the recent review made by loobyloo. The real ale in The Gregson is normally top quality. The rest of the comments show the true meaning behind this pathetic review. I'd like to think that such backward, prejudicial opinions belong in the last century. The Gregson is a community bar which caters for all tastes, even for narrow-minded bigots. If loobyloo doesn't like socialising with open-minded people, perhaps he/she should return to the Stone-Age, a far more appropriate place for such neanderthal thinking."

On 23-2-2010 tashton said : "thanks lobbylou for your review. your right the gregson is not a pub, its a community centre. but the rest of your review is a load of tosh. if you were a regular in the gregson you would note that the ale is outstanding and if there were a problem with it the staff would have gladly changed yours and previous clients ale. so you could enjoy the best of what they had to offer. secondly the gregson may sway to the left but service and quality of product are at the top of there list. beer food coffee and service are second to none. qand if you have a complaint about anything in the gregson i would recommend you talk to tony about it. i have found him to have a sympathetic and understanding ear."

On 20-2-2010 loobyloo said : "It takes a lot for me to leave a pint unfinished but the Amber on Wednesday was undrinkable. The Gregson excels in everything it does, apart from being a pub. I suppose your average Women's Community Relationship Support Development Feelings Manager doesn't really notice the ale - she just wants to have one of those ridiculous coffees with a tower of sculptured cream on them, or a Fairtrade Malawian coffee packed in a feminist worker's co-operative in Malmo, or an organic tea indistinguishable from the barman's warm urine, whilst talking to her supportive boyfriend who's just cycled in from their barn conversion in Quernmore... but the beer's shite."

On 25-7-2009 dan_82 said : "I can see the good things about this place; there are some really interesting acts on there as part of the gregson centre, and the atmosphere (if you feel the laid back, pot smoking hippy, thing) is good for an early-late evening drink. All ethnic and 'chilled'. But Im really sorry but I have to disagree with the last post here...I recently went there for dinner and the food was TERRIBLE!! I dont know if they were having a bad day (Im sure it happens) and I seem to remember back in the day when at university we used to go in because they did good finger food like nachos etc covered in melted cheese (organic im sure). But I have to say the meals (that weren't particularly cheap!!) were virtually inedible in places. I had fish and chips after being told they were the gregsons speciality as they owned the fish and chip shop next door too. I was well up for some really great fish and chips and what I got was a totally dried out overcooked fish and a very tiny portion of some quite hard chips. To be honest the fish was by far the worst part. We were going to see a performance in the arts centre and because the food took such a long time to arrive (probably because they were busy burning the fish) we didnt really have the time (or energy by the time we'd chewed our way through our chippy tea) to complain. I dont have anything against this place and would definately go back for a drink, but I would be reluctant to go back for food. All in all a decent place for a drink and a snack of a cheese covered plate of finger food, but not a place to buy dinner."

On 25-7-2009 indian said : "Best pub in Lancaster, food great, beer superb, atmos just right, if you are visiting Lancaster take some time to find it and have a pint."

On 27-4-2006 angryman said : "Save the Whale, Ban the Bomb, After the Fox and Suck a Duck. All phrases likely to be heard in this left-wing, reactionary den of equality. How's the beer though Mr A(?),I hear my fans shout. Well, for Gregson regulars the beer is an irrelevance as most of it gets caught in their beards. For a clean shaven young MacArthurist like myself it's reasonable. Bit too Thwaites' for my liking, in my world Bomber is two things: a Thwaites beer and a solution to the aforesaid Thwaites beer. That said, this is a liberal fleapit with fancy furniture and good karma. They even allowed me to remain in the bar after spending a good 20 minutes blowing my own trumpet."

On 15-4-2006 roxemz said : "Very friendly atmosphere, with lovely staff, and an overall good place to have a drink!"

On 15-4-2006 tashton said : "this place has probably the best atmosphere in the area. The staff are warm and welcoming, often ready with a humourus quip. This is the one place I would take both 21 year old student freinds and older relatives. All are welcome, and the new rotating guest ale keeps up to fouur well kept ales on the go. Lots of events in the hall and meeting room spaces, from martial arts classes to choir practises and gigs of all kinds. Sit back and relax, or boogie the night away. Awesome!"

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