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Litten Tree has an average overall rating of 1.7 stars out of 5 with 10 vote(s) cast.

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Litten Tree
33-37 Church Street
LA11LH  (see map)
+44(0)1524 541580

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On 18-9-2011 diannemarsden said : "I have been in here quite regularly over the year but last time I went the food was in really small portions. I know times are hard but I would have preferred to pay more and get more. I am not a big eater either. The staff were a bit thin on the ground also. Altogether this pub has great potential but is on the slide to being a bit rough. I am no snob and I tolerate quite a lot but next time I will chose somewhere else! Nuff said. Shame."

On 26-1-2009 barker80 said : "a typical laurel pub co dump, no ale, no atmosphere, crap staff DUMP!!!"

On 19-8-2007 howmuch said : "typical national chain pub....just like the rest up and down the counrty...absolutely no dire!!"

On 27-9-2006 atmos said : "Was an ok place to watch the football in until the screens started freezing and they ditch the promo. Dead during the week, as said, ok for a quick one with a group."

On 16-7-2006 mrtruth said : "Angryman is a comedy legend. And that's a sincere statement. Litten Tree is one of those places that occasionally you go to if you're in a nice large group of friends, and have nowhere better to go."

On 12-7-2006 angryman said : "THIS is a lovely PLACE run by smashing people who work hard to achieve wonderful results. The beer quality IS fabulous, A riotious orgasm of taste and tongue delights. MINDNUMBING music is not on the aural menu as the hip sounds of Kylie and Bucks Fizz dominate. DUMP yourself on the hospitable mercy of the smashing staff and management of the Litten Tree."

On 04-6-2006 thespicester said : "Empty - No body seems to rate this bar. It seems OK but there's nothing to differenciate this bar from thousands of others up and down the country."

On 17-1-2006 fattymarsbars said : "In a school report stylee : "Must do better". Would do better as a HaHa Bar and Canteen. Or anything else. As much of a blight on the town centre as the cinema fiasco."

On 28-7-2005 herbert said : "Just awful!!!!! "

On 26-7-2005 samuel_soaper said : "The Litter Tray- a breath of dirty air. had a nasty experience with a minger in the toilets."

On 10-7-2005 bumpngrind said : "tinytony i agree in part, SFI have sold this outlet to Laurel, so maybe a Hog’s Head, Casa, Yates and Ha! Ha! Bar & Canteen is this venues destiny, they certainly need to scrap the Litten tree brand. Lancster certainly was lucky to stay open, as better venues in the country have been closed, as the uks biggest managed pub company they should be making influential industry changing decisions and kitting out their venues to the best of their ability."

On 09-7-2005 tinytony said : "This place is in a state of flux. The plc owners are insolvent and looking to sell this pub chain asap. Must be difficult to find a direction for the venue in such dire times. Needs a re-think."

On 19-6-2005 saladtosser said : "I thought that it was a meeting point for Lancaster's riot police till i realised that this is where the trouble starts, that & chicago rock. There is no need for police clinics in Lancaster, as you can come and meet the local officers 7 nights a week here. Some of the ugliest pretty boy door staff in Lancaster, although its good how they tend to use their mobile phones to work, always a bonus, as when the trouble kicks off they tend to be accross the way in the nags."

On 03-6-2005 hpower5000 said : "it gets that busy since it serves late that unless you are drunk you shouldn't even bother.....crap!"

On 17-5-2005 benm said : "good pub very busy at weekends, easy to see why!"

On 05-9-2004 miko2004 said : "Ok - very big "fun pub". Plenty better than Chicago Rock and much more professionally run. Not impressed with the range of drinks on offer, however, very limited. The design of the place is also, though new, very dated - classic 1980s style pub/disco."

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