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The owner/manager of Mint Cafe in Lancaster has not yet added a description.

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Mint Cafe has an average overall rating of 2.5 stars out of 5 with 17 vote(s) cast.

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Mint Cafe
Church Street
LA11LH  (see map)
+44(0)1524 844664

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On 17-11-2010 jonsey123 said : "I go into Mint quite regularly and in the past they have had their problems with a few of their staff who were very rude to customers, but from what I can gather from going in there now I think they have got rid of a couple of the guys behind the bar that were full of themselves. It is actually quite pleasant now and you can have a good chat with guys and girls that work there. Cleanliness is never a problem, they have just had a new seating area built upstairs which is pretty cool as there were never enough seats in there. The toilets could do with a bit of a spruce up though. For me, I'm a lager drinker so the Peroni on tap is obviously spot on and for my partner she is mad keen on the Strawberry Daiquiris. So I have said, 6 months ago I wouldn't have recommended Mint but now... every time I go in there, the staff are very hospitable, its clean, cool and modern and the coktails are amazing.... so my partner says. Hope this helps guys. Jonesy"

On 02-9-2010 loobyloo said : "I got change back here one night for a tenner when I'd only given him a fiver. That is the single good thing about this vapid, empty (literally, usually) bar. It's like drinking in a dentist's surgery with the music turned up to deafening levels. And how can it have two stars for real ale? There isn't any."

On 21-8-2010 lily92 said : "Easily the worst experience of any bar in my life!! The bar staff are incredibly rude and arrogant. What they seem to think is 'banter' comes across as sheer abuse and they make no effort what so ever to make your visit a pleasant experience. The male bar staff in particular seem to consider themselves godly in appearance and take great offense to any woman who does not fall at their feet. My particular experience involved the bartender not just humiliating me in front of the other staff but also getting other customers involved. I was out to celebrate but left feeling totally down trodden. My night was tainted and my purse was significantly lighter. I will NEVER return and have passed this advice onto all my friends."

On 21-7-2009 dan_82 said : "Still pretentious and pointless!"

On 08-5-2009 dale said : "A call for reviews! Apparently this pub/bar has now changed for the better, we'd appreciate your thoughts."

On 30-1-2009 barker80 said : "now run by the supervisor guy from wetherspoons who told everyone he was an area manager just so he could get lucky!!! needs to improve his social skills if this place is eva gonna work in this climate"

On 06-2-2008 angryman said : "Notes on making a review... a) Cleanliness of pub - VERY CLEAN DUE TO NO CUSTOMERS WHATSOEVER b) Customer Service - VERY GOOD DUE TO NO CUSTOMERS WHATSOEVER j) Interesting Historic or architectural features - ooooooh, so many. I love the use of pre-Blair plastering nicely mixed with post-Anthony Eden designer chairs. h) Pub type? Trendy bar? Traditional? Brew pub? - this is a new genre, I call it a vacuum pub as once you get inside there is absolutel nothing. No style, no atmosphere and no customers. Did I mention it was empty ? Mint it aint. "

On 27-9-2006 atmos said : "angryman summed it up really.. Elite and cliquey.. "

On 04-6-2006 thespicester said : "Lively bar. No draught beer or lagers at all, but some interesting bottles. The Lancaster punters seem to like this bar though as it was jumping."

On 22-4-2006 angryman said : "My God this is a desperate place. Like having a beer in the owner of Ikea's head. Topps Tiles flooring, B&Q lighting, DFS seating and customers that thank their lucky stars everyday for the concept of inheritance - Pathetic posing prats, posturing and prattling like pre-pubescent parrots. This is everything I hate about life. I love the owner though, miserable, lazy and aggressive - she's my kind of woman !"

On 05-8-2005 bumpngrind said : "Thought i'd take another look, having not been out around town for a while. Much better with the make-over, cocktails still need a bit of work - more variety, and more pizzaz. Food could be less cafe-y but other than that good work. Staff very friendly."

On 09-7-2005 tinytony said : "This place has had a refurb and it's much better - odd, little niche bar with a seemingly cliquey customer base. Nice enough though and much better than last orders or litten tree !"

On 09-6-2005 davedavies said : "I have had an association with this site for some time allegedly. A certain person who works in the bar has been opening his mouth and saying that I write derogatory comments about a bar that I donít have the time to visit. I used to drink here and frequented the old venue where subway is now. Mr. Staff you wouldnít remember this you would be too young. I have a lot of respect for Charlotte and everything that she does. The new venue looks great, and if I had time I would call in. After all we are neighbours. I just donít think its very neighbourly of certain members of their male staff, to go round town passing small talk, especially when it all comes back. You know who you are "T". Dave "

On 26-5-2005 saladtosser said : "Wiggins - Higgin? Son I like the "illustrious" bar staff comment what a thought, somebody should snap this place up, and put it in their portfolio of illustrious properties. What a dream that would be, if it weren't for Sante, 62 CHURCH STREET and The Sun, they could own the street. What a monster of a mob that would be a feeder bar for an illustrious snug, bar or club. Spontaneous dancing, give the staff a jab of life first.... They are dead, and rude, I walked past the other day to look through at their refurb, the staff came running out and asked what my problem was, and to go away. I'm a single female who will never ever return to this place, refurb? they have moved the bar as far away from the door as possible, Why? So that customers feel the need to walk as far as possible to get to it, as if thats gonna happen. I'd rather walk the same distance and go to revolution."

On 25-5-2005 thedrinker said : "wiggins have u got a clue? why wud u want 2 drink in reds whn SANTE is up 10 secs up the street, offering a far more extensive drink list and food that can only be defined as devine, Red the place to be cos its happening ive seen more life in the chapel of rest my dear and i shud no cos ive stayed in one"

On 16-5-2005 wiggins said : "Lancaster's Premiere venue. Located in the Lancaster Night Life Hotspot. If u want a quiet drink or a hearty session this is the place to come. From the top-notch drinks to the illustrious bar staff this place puts Lancaster on the map. Don't be suprised if an all night dancing session breaks out because this place is happening! And while ur having a great night why not inquire about the top quality offers on student houses available!"

On 10-5-2005 tinytony said : "Mr Grind below is nearly correct re this place. Made the mistake of wandering in thinking it'd be a "concept bar", something small, owner managed and prepared to take risks. Er no... it's designed so you have to bumpngrind to get past people, any more than 7 people in the place and you're struggling to get past the bar area. Brilliant. The drinks are tame in comparison to many of the bars now in Lancaster - it's being squeezed in the beer dept by the Sun, marginalised in the cocktail dept by Sante and thoroughly trounced in the customers stakes by Last Orders. Also - can someone tell me why it's called "Reds" ?? It looked to me to be full of young Conservatives when I visited. Is it ironic ?"

On 01-3-2005 bumpngrind said : "Crap crap crap, the new meeting point for Lancaster's pretentious set, they feel out of lace in Sante so they congregate in reds, with their daddies money and their £300 belts, no it won't last a lifetime. Reds is not a place to go, avoid avoid."

On 22-10-2004 robbieboy said : "Great during the day for coffee and lunch and can be a nice place to pop into early in the evening to start a crawl. Not the kinda bar where u cud stay all night tho."

On 04-2-2004 gregg said : ""Great place to chill out and have some good cocktails, cheap on certain nights, good place to chat to mates (or a date!) Try the cookie moster drink, however newer places in town recently opened are better""

On 04-1-2004 bernard said : "I go in here if nothing other then escaping the other pubs when in town. It is OK but offers little choice or quality unless you like cocktails which I do not"

On 10-12-2003 tinytony said : "Not "trendy" at all, Sante and the new Sun Bar leave this place for dead in the style stakes. They do try hard though, with unusual beers, a nice atmosphere that attracts lots of people but doesn't appear to need doorstaff. Bit too close to the Litten Tree for it's own good !"

On 04-11-2003 dale said : "Modern and trendy place, good to pop into during a crawl in Lancaster."

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