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Penny Bank has an average overall rating of 2.7 stars out of 5 with 21 vote(s) cast.

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Penny Bank
51 Penny Street
LA11XF  (see map)
+44(0)1524 847666

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On 29-4-2010 howmuch said : "Thought I'd give it another go with some workmates! I wasn't drinking that day due to the fact I was driving and after being charged 1 for a pint of tap water and dash of orange cordial I can easily say I won't be back whether I'm drinking or not! After talking to some of the staff I here this place is up for grabs, landlord/lady given up on it maybe? Shame:("

On 19-8-2009 boobyguzzler said : "The Penny Bank is loverly pub in the center of town, yes it may not be the cheapest but you pay of quality and thats what you get. on a plus they has quite attractive staff and very friendly and these days you never get a conversation out staff in pubs but in the Penny Bank they always try sometimes to much. they do have a local based cusome but if your traveling through i would surggest you to try it, beer,ale range is excellent and the food was top knotch. i must say its the biggest fish i have seen in pubs and very tasty. the bar manager has a good knowledge of the pub which has passed down the line to the other staff. tim must has a knack at employing staff as he has choose very well here. i will deffernetly pop in again a brings friends i also got told from the bar manager that they are trying to get a childs licence which i believe is the only thing letting it down, so when it does i'll be the first in there "

On 21-6-2009 howmuch said : "Tried another pint in here last week and thought I'd offer my comments about the place. Well what can I say but it seems to have gone downhill. The staff seemed rushed off their feet and were basically throwing pints on the bar after pulling them and also you got no acknowlegement from them when receiving change etc. They just concentrated on getting to the next customer. Excellent eh? Nice to know your custom is valued. Also this was the 4rd pub of the night we had been in and it was the dearest for two pints of real ale as well! But the real low point was the toilets which were swimming in pee and made your eyes water when you went in with the smell of years of under cleaning! Can't say I'll be returning. Sorry!"

On 26-1-2009 barker80 said : "i visit lancaster now and again for business purposes and i know the area well from being a former student and i always make time to visit the cosy little pub. I've always found the food top quality, proper good pub grub and the soups are to die for!!! Good Real ale selection and great live music. Unfortunatly the service standards and atmosphere have slipped. Customer service seems like they dont want to be there. Old barman drinking on duty, does not look good!!!"

On 21-8-2007 howmuch said : "Now a cosey little pub that has a lot of charm. I know its probably not possiblt but a coal fire would be great in here during winter, would really finish of the snug surroundings it has created! The beer on the whole is excellent, but I have one or two dodgy pints in there but only very occasionally and the bar staff are happy to replace instantly if that is the case. Try doing that in some pubs and you'll just get funny looks or even driven out of town! Can get busy at peak times but that adds to the appeal in some respects, I much prefer when its quieter and you can lounge in one of the comfy seats! The only slight problem I have is that it isn't the cheapest pub in the area/centre of town but if you are getting a decent pint in decent surroundings then if its a night out you shouldn't be bothered! Not tried the food but that could be something to put on my list of things to do maybe! The previous owners of this establishment seemed to attract all of Lancasters low life which thankfully have now been moved on. Please update the picture as well since it looks far better now! Keep up the good work. PS: Where has the current manageress know the one? she had short legs and could hardly see over the bar? she was always smiling and laughing."

On 16-7-2006 naked_dave said : "Vastly improved since taken over by Tim. Raised from the ashes much like the white cross. Picture needs updating. Great food, beer, live bands on a wed. Lovely staff! but what happened to the handsome barman who was always smashing bottles?"

On 04-6-2006 thespicester said : "Decent pub in centre of city. Sell Tirril Brewry beers plus Spitfire, Deuchers and Old Speckled Hen. Fine bar snack menu with nothing costing more than 5. Live music on Wednesday nights."

On 28-5-2006 lordlardyoflancaster said : "Sister pub of the White Cross,but this is more of a challenge.Great improvements made over the past few months, with both decor and choice of ale. Live bands on a Wednesday night will further enhance its reputation.Its location does however offer some challenges, particularly on a Friday/Saturday where it can be a little rowdy."

On 01-5-2006 markerobinson said : "Well done on the Wedenesday live music!"

On 27-4-2006 angryman said : "My my... it's getting better in here. Looks a cleaner, brighter and happier place. Still got a maelstrom of machismo mulchers making the place look untidy but customers aside this is leaping from grubby dire pit to pleasant mediocrity. Still stinks of fags though, get better ventilation people."

On 17-1-2006 fattymarsbars said : "Ever improving. But still a long way to go. Here's hoping that it keeps getting better."

On 22-12-2005 blodnock said : "Sorry to read previous observations, how wrong can someone be ? Yes, the outside needs some improvement but inside - great staff,great beer- food worth twice the price they charge.Fantastic soup.Improvements look like they are ongoing. Keep up the good work folks, Lancaster needs you. "

On 19-12-2005 angryman said : "Poppycock and nonsense. Merely giving the filthy hole a clean doesn't warrant "pub of the year" - feature the distinct lack of any non-routine cask beers, the noisy pomposity called "music", the proliferation of oddities and curiosities that an un-gentlemanly fellow might call "regulars" and then frequent this atmospheric vacuum with wary reluctance."

On 05-12-2005 hpower5000 said : "time to change my previous comment! first off this pub is now run by the same person as the White Cross and if you tasted 'old Faithful' and all the other excellent beers he has to offer in there then you'll know that the Penny Bank has improved dramatically since he took over. Still not my pub of choice, i've got a thing about pubs with bigger bars that even when the pub is busy you don't feel as though your in the sales at Next trying to buy a drink!....Definitely one of the better pubs to add to your list for a stop off when doing the rounds in town on Fri/Sat however!....vast improvement!... the empire is growing steadily eh Mr Lanlord?"

On 01-11-2005 beaker said : "This pub is serves good beer and its got atmosphere!! Worth a try."

On 09-10-2005 loobyloo said : "What a surprise! They've done it out in that trendy-London-brown-sofas way that all pubs are done out in nowadays. They've taken the TV out. Maybe it's going to improve now. "

On 30-7-2005 tinytony said : "This place is just terrible. A derelict stump of a pub. Witness the way all the beer is turned off bar two - wierd regulars, temporary bar manager (is he drunk ?), dirty glasses. Step inside and despair. "

On 03-6-2005 hpower5000 said : "beer will make you ill!....stay away!"

On 06-4-2005 tinytony said : "I dont like this place - you can barely even see the outside of the pub due to the proliferation of "Fish & Chips - 3" signs stuck all over it. Absolutely brilliant location, slap bang in the middle of Lancaster... but such a wasted opportunity."

On 08-11-2004 khemolix said : "I quite like pubs when theyre dark, a bit cluttered, plenty of personality. Has so much more potential though."

On 29-9-2004 bernard said : "For what it was, this is a crime. Once vying to be the best pub in town when I was a student to now being one of the very worst. It is like nobody cares. No ideas so they go cheap!"

On 25-5-2004 howiej said : "had two very swift pints of old rosie in this pub once and they broke the camels back. feel slightly ill whenever i go in now. other than that, this place is particularly average."

On 22-4-2004 mattthecat said : "Used to be one of the better pubs in town with a number of cask ales. The Penny Bank has seen far better days and has few saving features."

On 10-12-2003 tinytony said : "I dont like this pub much, mock antique fittings, poorly kept beer and too cheap food. Dingy."

On 04-11-2003 dale said : "A bit dark and dingy, but has character and is right in the middle of town."

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