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Revolution has an average overall rating of 3.3 stars out of 5 with 19 vote(s) cast.

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Penny Street
LA11XN  (see map)
+44(0)1524 60851

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On 27-9-2006 atmos said : "Decent enough place once inside. However that's once you get past the 'bouncers/doormen' who will pick apart anything you are wearing if they don't like the look of you. Quick to let women in, quick to turn men away. "

On 07-9-2006 saladtosser said : "Great bar, great drinks, and great food, but why when you ask for a shooter that isn't on the menu are you greeted with a daft look and they say if its not on the menu they can't do it. They have the ingredients! Surely a lager shandy isn't on their cocktail menu but i have seen them do that. Also while i'm complaining, they need to sweep the floors more often, broken glass everywhere. Other than that keep up the good work!"

On 30-8-2006 rinkydink said : "Went for lunch and the staff were spectacular!! Love the new look - just wondering whether the furniture will survive a friday and saturday night seeing as the police seem to be at permenant residence there after 2 on a weekend?"

On 30-4-2006 nade25 said : " Revolution situated in the centre of Lancaster, is a stylish and welcoming bar with natural wood floors and plush comfy seating. Throughout the day the cosy, intimate surroundings offer the perfect place to meet, eat, lounge and relax. When the sun sets the atmosphere slowly changes laid back beats, and excellent service with knowledgeable bar staff who can mix a great cocktail. Late night, Revolution has an exciting range of nights with Djs 7 days a week. Due for a major refurbishment in June/July 2006"

On 23-2-2006 angryman said : "An old anarchist like myself loves to rebel. My old friend Lenin once told me "It is impossible to predict the time and progress of revolution. It is governed by its own more or less mysterious laws". A swift knee in the groin took care of Mr Goatee. However, perhaps he had a point... When wandering through this wanton wasteland of waxed wenches and wasted whelks, I pondered and a revelation - this is a mere theme bar ! Vodka and vapid doesnt make a revolution - A revolution is impossible without a revolutionary situation. This over cooked turkey isnt revolution, it's revolting."

On 21-12-2005 ilovegoths said : "The latest menu is nowhere near as good as the last one & the cocktails are simply rotten, unless you like them watery. It's a nice bar though with a great range of vodka flavours, and the staff seem friendly enough."

On 09-10-2005 deepdish17 said : "Rev is no doubt the best bar in town! Bar staff are kool, but they often serve slow! Lookin forward to Tin Tin cummin - shud be a great nite!! "

On 22-8-2005 hev said : "wot a bar!!!! luvin the revs man!"

On 22-7-2005 deaddogdave said : "Gone downhill somewhat since I was last there. Service was incredibly slow, sound system absolutely dire, and really not much to persuade me to return again."

On 25-5-2005 thedrinker said : "excellent bar opne of my favs, shame its lost ledders though, good staff, excellent punters, only one problem door staff, they do a good job but gods gift to the fairer sex they are not a blessing really more ladies for the !!! "

On 10-5-2005 tarquin said : "The best cocktails in town FAB!"

On 25-4-2005 nigeldunne said : "used to be one of the better late night places in lancaster good security bad people init though. alot of attitudy students looking for fights with locals."

On 25-4-2005 mattthecat said : "I think I must be alergic to something in the drinks here as I always come out with a headache! I think there are thieves frequenting this establishment as well as I never have any money afterwards either!?!? These 2 points couldnt be related could they!? Probably my favourite of the late night venues in Lancaster. "

On 08-11-2004 khemolix said : "Been in a few times after midnight when its always rammed and loads of mess. cheap vodka redbull and plenty of lush looking girls"

On 13-2-2004 dale said : "Watch out for the bar staff that deliver shots to your table - I've got caught out a couple of times on a weeknight - ooops."

On 10-12-2003 tinytony said : "Now one of the Revolution Vodka Bars. Massive improvement over the Alex which was looking distinctly awful in it's latter years. "

On 09-12-2003 deaddogdave said : "Once a 'goth wannabe' hang out, now a trendy vodka bar called 'The Revolution' ."

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