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Stonewell Tavern has an average overall rating of 3.1 stars out of 5 with 16 vote(s) cast.

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Stonewell Tavern
Church Street
LA11NP  (see map)
+44(0)1524 388474

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On 30-7-2012 wayneward said : "i have drank in the stonewell for years and supported the place, i think the landlord is a great guy but the landlady is awful and really shouldnt be a bar girl.good for live music although when i played there i kept getting belts from the mic so i think it may need checking out. they dont do food and are certainly dog friendly as they have two that live behind the bar. prefer the other music bars."

On 28-3-2010 loobyloo said : "PARDON? I'M 46 YOU KNOW! :) "

On 22-2-2010 pubfan said : "I can only guess that was some sort of misunderstanding loobylou, as The Stonewell was open all evening on Wednesday February 17th. In fact it was the open mic night, which as usual started setting up around 8pm and went on until about 11pm. Perhaps you misheard the barstaff? Anyway, it was most definitely open all evening,and the open mic was well attended."

On 20-2-2010 loobyloo said : "Just would like to point out that me and a friend were in here on Wednesday 17 Feb and when we went to get our second drink at 8.10pm we were told it was closing for the night. A novel marketing policy that one! "

On 26-7-2009 loobyloo said : "I was in here for the last Latin night and I actually got *taken* onto the dancefloor by a lovely-looking woman my own age! Jeeeez! That hasn't happened since never."

On 21-7-2008 mayestmaya said : "Completely transformed by the new Italian owners. They've meade live music a focus, with top-quality gigs on most nights, and a Sunday 'Jam' session involving some of the most talented musicians (of all ages) in the area. Exceptional service and atmosphere, with a gusto and enthusiasm rarely encountered. The best pub in Lancaster at this moment in time, and long may it continue. "

On 04-8-2007 loobyloo said : "The Stonewell's been taken over by two Italian blokes who have injected a bit of Latin style into the place and have started doing what looks like an excellent menu - there was baby octopus and squid on when I was there. Live music some nights. "

On 04-6-2006 thespicester said : "OK pub. Stone floor and dark colours. Thwaites house with Bomber and Original on hand pull."

On 09-10-2005 loobyloo said : "It's gone back to being a basic unpretentious stand-around boozer. Hope they carry on the live music. No real ale on at all when I was there but they have bottles of Leffe and so on."

On 23-9-2005 gill05 said : "went to this pub last wkend. Really enjoyed it especially the cheeky vimto. Had a really good night. You should try it for a good night out!"

On 13-8-2005 dale said : "Paddy Mulligans will be changing its name to The Stonewell Tavern. It re-opens on the 19th of August (2005). I hear that the pub will no longer be irish themed and it will still be a 'smoking allowed' establishment."

On 09-7-2005 tinytony said : "No longer a no-smoking pub. Noble move in these health conscious times - but it's the wrong kind of pub to attract a non-smoking crowd. This is a rough and tumble, back street Irish boozer - smoking's a must."

On 09-5-2005 bernard said : "The jury is still out on this bold move. I believe that everybody wishes Nigel well with this venture, yet it might be a bit too much too soon, especialliy when trying to overcome a possibly undeserved reputation. I am sure the marks will improve as and when the custom increases. I will try and do my bit..."

On 25-4-2005 nigeldunne said : "now a no-smoking pub still a little quiet but lovely inside. Good service nice and clean, can't wait till its a little busier though."

On 06-4-2005 tinytony said : "About to become a "no smoking" pub - respect to the management for trying something different. Looking forward to trying it out."

On 05-9-2004 miko2004 said : "Supposedly an Irish bar. They sell Guinness and have Irish things stuck on the wall - so it must be an Irish bar."

On 15-5-2004 tinytony said : "A true Irish pub. 100% genuine with the beer shipped all the way from Blackburn. This is a Thwaites pub with Irish bunting..."

On 10-5-2004 mrjon said : "Seemed ok, live band in when visited"

More details provided by the pub owner:

Draught ales available :

thwaites smooth, kingston press cider, carlsberg pilsner, carlsberg cold, carlsberg export, kaltenberg hell, warstiener lager, guinness original, guinness cold.

Real ales available :

thwaites lancaster bomber, thwaites original bitter, thwaites blooming ale.

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