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The Bobbin has an average overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 with 12 vote(s) cast.

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The Bobbin
36 Cable Street
LA11HH  (see map)
+44(0)1844 273135

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On 04-5-2012 dale said : "The Bobbin has its May Bank Holiday Beer Festival on now and it ends Monday night. There are 11 Guest Ales and 2 guest ciders on offer. They also have music on Sunday raising money for Macmillan Cancer Research."

On 29-4-2012 supersu83 said : "This pub has gone from strength to strength in the past couple of years. The pub is now a tenancy and the owners and management seem to understand what makes a good pub. Its good to see people back in there! the staff are always helpful and polite. Nice to see a pool table and dart board back and being used! Fantastic choice of real ale. Really looking forward to the selection on in next weekends beer festival and the live music and BBQ all day Sunday! "

On 26-8-2008 ziggyzag said : "Very quiet these days. Still a good selection of real ales though. One thing that bothers me is the large plasma screens - especially when the audio that is playing to the pub on-mass is not anything to do with the audio from Scuzz TV."

On 15-9-2007 loobyloo said : "I went to the re-opening last week. This is either the worst example of an interior decor makeover since the Great Brown Cow Disaster of 2006, or is an incredibly subtle move on the part of Mitchells to make the pub so awfully hideous that it will win some sort of award for Hideous Pub Interiors of the Year. There's a parquet floor and acres of that blood-red paint that Mitchells are still trying to use up. On the walls are prints which must have cost all of 2.99 down Wilko: stylised New Orleans bands, a picture of a euphonium, that sort of thing. The poor girl behind the bar struggled with an airlock in the Everards stout and everyone was too busy to help her. I took pity on her after about teh ninth go and just accepted it with about an inch of head. I just hope that the clientele will scuff this place up a bit and can turn a blind eye to the decor. Seriously, I think that the next time Mitchell's wrecking squad are let loose on a great pub like the Bobbin that we need to co-ordinate some sort of action committee to stop this happening again."

On 27-9-2006 atmos said : "As others said - Mainly a gothic pub.. You'd stand out if you wore a smart shirt."

On 04-4-2006 timtom said : "It had been a while since I had been in here but hte excellent CAMRA beer quiz pushed me into it and I have been back a couple of times since as a result. A good range of beers ad the pnes I tried were all in good condition. There is an interesting assortment of Lancster pub dwellers all friendly, some times a little overly so, but still friendly. But generally a good solid pub with good ales. and I didn't feel over dressed in Jeans and a tshirt as I expected I might."

On 10-10-2005 loobyloo said : "I really like it in here. I alsways get a bit waylaid in here when I've just gone down to Sainsbury's. Good mix of younger goths and computer nerds, and ragged-looking old men. They also let families in with little toddlers in prams, which I'm not too keen on. The music is that "My life is agony, I want to die" stuff, which gets very loud in the evening. Nice approachable bar staff. Really delicious Black Cat on the other day."

On 14-4-2005 tinytony said : "I don't like it here. If the Simpson's ever do a gothic episode they could base it around this bar. It's a gothic stereotype - lots of men with heavy eye make-up, loud monotonal music and tons of black everywhere. Go put on your mother's makeup, wear a bin liner, avoid the sun, listen to Marilyn Manson and visit the Bobbin."

On 12-10-2004 dale said : "Good pub near Sainsburys. Music is more alternative than folk I'd say. Do other members on this site think that Erin deserves a Lancaster barperson of the month award (October) from Pub Utopia? From my point of view (the better side of the bar) she always works hard and has a smile for you. If attractiveness was also part of Customer Service then she would of course score extra points! Click on the 'staff award' button (on the left) to nominate Erin."

On 28-7-2004 bernard said : "What a very odd pub. Beer is good, yet I can't help feel uncomfortable with some of the characters in here. They probably view me the same though. Matt the new lanclord is doing well and he looks and feels the part for the customers that use the pub."

On 04-2-2004 dogonastring said : "Easily the best pub in lancaster, putting on the best bands around"

On 10-12-2003 tinytony said : "No longer managed by the infamous "Jeremy" and much the worse for it. V loud music, well looked after beer, people in leather."

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