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The Borough of Lancaster has an average overall rating of 2.8 stars out of 5 with 12 vote(s) cast.

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The Borough of Lancaster
Dalton Square
LA11PP  (see map)
+44(0)1524 64170

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On 21-6-2009 claretdanny said : "Great pub, excellent food and choice of drinks, just ashame the staff are unbelievably slow at serving you."

On 17-2-2009 waynerooney said : "we went on a monday night and it was reasonably busy but the starters eemed to to take quite a long time coming . i had the black pudding with poached egg, well i say poached it was more hard boiled . had the venison burger for mains with bacon and cheese added this comes to around ten pounds and for what you get i think this a bit much and you would think with the prices they would be able to afford proper plates. the borough is nice but nowhere near as good as people make it out to be."

On 23-11-2007 hpower5000 said : "Only eaten here once before so thought it was about time to try again!....four of us booked in and off we went!.....on the whole the food was ok. We had three starters of which the pate was probably the best, the black pudding was just too much pomp and ceremony to pass as a decent starter and the char grilled veggies were ok but just to much oil dripping off them for my liking! The mains we had were rib eye steak, pork and veggie burger. Firstly the steaks are £13.50 I think, which for what was served was far far too expensive, the steak had a large amount of gristle in it which had to be cut out and the fat that the chips, mushrooms and onion rings had been cooked in tasted like it could do with changing ASAP, I pointed this out to the waitress who said she would pass the comment on! The pork however went down very well and there isn't much you can say about a veggie burger really apart from the fact it was £8.50 and way over priced. The one thing that has differed from last time is what they serve as thick cut chips. On my previous visit the chips were lovely large slices of potato cooked perfectly and you only needed about 6 and you had had your fill, now they have changed into a pile of limp soggy school diner type chips cooked in fat that, like i said, needs a change! The deserts however were great and reasonably priced. Now for the rest of the pub. When the Borough first opened it was like a breath of fresh air, quite literally!, but some months on the toilets are now going down the road of most pubs and starting to smell and look decidedly unkempt. At the top of the stairs to the toilets plaster is falling off the wall making it look unattractive indeed. Also like the previous comment states the consistency of the music leaves a lot to be desired. One thing that also annoyed me was the fact that after we had finished eating we were not allowed to carry on drinking in the front area and keep charging drinks to our credit card/food bill without settling the food bill first before we left the restaurant and then we had to start using cash to buy them. In my opinion the Borough is far too overpriced on the main meal side of things, the starters and deserts being priced just right. The whole meal came to £85 but was nearer £100 by the time we had added a few cash purchases at the bar after. I think it is trying too hard and should try to serve good pub food and not poor restaurant food. There is fine line between the two and if over stepped is terrible! The beer is fine however; my fav being the Hen Harrier which on the whole is good, however last night was a bit up and down depending who served it! Also why is it when you order something like apple juice they visibly crack open a carton in front of you pour you your half and then charge you £1.30 when you know the whole carton itself has cost less! Now I know that is the whole point with running a business but just don't do it under the customerís noses! Also how many times did the chef leave the kitchen and disappear outside?....was that for a ciggie or purely professional reasons?....who knows! Also when I paid I was given a small invite to some event being held there the following week involving some local shops from around Dalton Square but after asking the waitress what it was all about she had no idea and simply said she handing the invites out because she had been told to! Very efficient of her eh? Final comment is that next time I will be trying the Gatehouse for a similar type of English meal which if it is still like the last time I visited is better than the Borough! The Borough is still an excellent pub for a pint and a chat but should stop trying too hard with the food since you are only a pub at the end of the day! Hope my comments have been usefull! Give the place a clean and keep going! "

On 19-10-2007 extopia said : "The decor is lovely and most of the structural element of the pub looks clean. The garden is kitted out quite nicely and its spacious. The resturant area is nicely lit and seemingly tidy. The menu and kitchen have an excellent reputation, somewhat due to a certain appearance by a certain tv chef (!) I do have a few problems, however. For the last six months, every time i walk in, it seems there are at least five or six empty glasses on every free (and occupied) table. The tables seem to never be wiped down. Nine times out of ten (on a weekday, obviously, and not a weekend evening) there is never anybody on the bar, and they all seem to be skulking around in the kitchen or dining area even though said area seems to be less than busy. When service does arrive, or even when it was there to meet you at the bar, it is nearly always indifferent (with a few exceptions). Also due to the lack of staff presence, there have been a few occassions where the music being played starts to skip, and it takes a LONG time for any of the staff to notice let alone sort it out. Call me fussy, but its excruciating when you are trying to enjoy a pint and a newspaper. Good range of products though, if not a strange ale policy; ony my last visit, all but one of the beers was from Dent. Im not against brewery showcasing, but its strange to visit a place you know has a varied selection only to find out that this week its brewery focussed, especially if you are already well aqcuainted with said brewery. Nice work on the style and variety of beer, bar snacks, wine etc; but whats the point if the service isnt quite there and the place looks uncared for and unattended? It is a pub as well as resturant, no? Too much attention to diners, not enough to pub goers. Unfortunately that balance can strike some as pompous. "

On 13-9-2007 seraphima said : "Love the place!!! Best staff, good clientelle, local enough, with a relaxed feel about it, so it replaced the sun on the top of the list of favourites... And reasonable prices. Yessss!"

On 19-8-2007 howmuch said : "Still think this pub is better when you can find somewhere to sit! The Hen Harrier is lovely. Always a good selection of ales on for you to try something different. The staff always seem to be good at serving in order you arrive at the bar as well which is a good thing since most pubs these days just want to serve you as fast as they can and get your money in the till and move onto the next person! The toilets still smell nice which sounds a bit camp but at least it means they care about them. Empties are collected quickly, or at least they have when I have been in. I think it's a great place to drink with friends and to talk and its even better when it goes dark and the candles are flickering away. Just one thing! HOW MUCH DOES THAT MAGICIAN GET FOR JUST WALKING ROUND SHUFFLING CARDS?...good work if you can get it!...I've never seen him do a trick yet...I reckon I'll ask next time I'm in! :)"

On 20-10-2006 loobyloo said : "If angryman was in there yesterday, then I regret having missed meeting the great man for the first time (and I don't mean Gordon Ramsey). Anyway, superb drinks - the Hen Harrier is nectar. Still not quite sure about the layout at the front because if there are more than 3 or 4 groups in, then there's nowhere for a newcomer to sit. And (loobyloo, aka "scratched record" time) I wish they could turn the music down. But these are quibbles - it's great place, especially at 5pm when you want to "pop out for a quick one", then end up saying (in the immortal words of Homer Simpson) "Oh well, 1am. Suppose I'd better go home and have some quality time with the kids"."

On 19-10-2006 angryman said : "Heard some rumours about this place that are scientifically proven to be 26 times more delicious than the Borough's food. Delicious, delicious, delicious. I can't repeat them on here, however when I'm sipping my GORDON'S gin and tonic tonight, trying to RAM the top back on the bottle whilst insisting on having my SAY on the latest issues with angrywoman. I'll contemplate further on the salicious deliciousness of the whole story !! Buttered scones anyone ? Delicious. "

On 11-6-2006 astle said : "This is a welcome change fro the blob shop and i am happy it was not taken over by yet another faceless chain turning out the same old overpriced rubbish."

On 06-4-2006 tinytony said : "One of those - could do better - reviews for this pub. I know exactly what they're trying to do, the demographic they are trying to attract. BUT - it's just not right and I can't put my finger on it. Angryman launches his usual mixed up diatribe and has hit the nail on the head with some of the points. The "green" is too much - more thought should have been put into this because many of the bar's features are masked by being caked in this paint. The music simply isnt right - it's too specialist, not mainstream enough for their predominantly conservative target audience. The bar isn't too small but lacks the presence of a bar like the Sun Hotel or Three Mariners. Furthermore, the T-Bars clash horribly with the other stylistic elements of the bar. I agree again with A/Man with regards the leather chairs; they look great, in keeping with the pub's previous incarnation as a gentleman's club - but they're way too big. The actual drinking area in the pub isnt huge and they'd be better off maximising the space. I disagree with Angryman about the food - I enjoyed it - it's not over fussy, isn't attempting to be high brow - but it's solid, simple fare that will impress most. The big big plus however with this place is the cost factor. It's not expensive in the slightest - pints of beer are circa £2 and our meal for two cost about £30. It's cheap. Whether or not that will last, I dont know. But for now, it's a Lancaster bargain. They should contemplate doorstaff, however, as I had a little trouble with excessively drunk idiots that decided to have a pint prior to invading the Walkabout. Probably best to avoid the place at 11pm on Friday/Saturday night due to it's proximity to a couple of infamous late night venues. "

On 04-4-2006 timtom said : "I'm with the last members comments. Turning this pub round is no small (or cheap) challenge and I think the owners have been brave and wise in what they have done. It looks how this bulding deserves to look and the menu, if a little pricey is very tempting. I only tried the smorgesborad and was given very healthy protions of very tasty grub. A simple but good range of beers which will no doubt expand with the trade. Yes there may be some similarities with other places, but thats cos they are good and successful. Rather that than another pound a pint of fosters place, doble vodka redbulls and 2 meals for a £5. I'm sure it will develop further and add to the range of places we are lucky enough to enjoy in Lancaster with excellent beer, proper food, friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. One thing I don't understand is why they changed the name ? ;-)"

On 04-4-2006 mattthecat said : "Whoah there everyone! Lets just remember a few things here... This is a pub which needed changes badly. It had few customers before it was done up and was going downhill rapidly. It has been bought now, not by an investment company, brewery or chain but by a local individual. They have taken a risk by buying a struggling pub and starting to work on it, noone could predict how well it would do so they are bound to run out of beer for the first few weeks until they work out how much they will need! I have eaten at the pub and the food is excellent- it is more plentiful than you get at the witch and it comes out hot. The menu is varied with genuine local produce. Speak to the owner and he will quite happily listen and make changes - I suggested a local brewery which has not yet appeared anywhere in Lancster and he has put the wheels in motion to stock it soon. Something Lancaster Needs? Yes - an alternative to the witch/sun without the prices which are getting silly - and besides, its nearer to my house!"

On 04-4-2006 angryman said : "Sitting in splendid isolation, sandwiched between the salubrious sity sentre and semi-suburbia this stately pub is a curious mixture of interesting foibles and failed self-indulgence. Do the plusses outweigh the negatives ? Probably... just. Positives - the place looks lovely from the outside, it has a sense of purpose and certainty. The owner's have been brave in going down the cask ale route and some of the leather furniture is gentleman clubtastic. The eating area has a certain panache and I'm always a fan of booths (too much riff raff in asda). However, the negatives are significant. The gangrene green is just awful and oppressing, the lovely leather chairs take up too much room and mean there's literally nowhere to sit when there are more than 20 people in the bar, the bar constantly runs out of beer, the bar area is too small, the nightclub style music is misplaced and the food is utterly mediocre. Mrs Angrywoman wasnt comfortable at all and was keen to depart after a hit and miss meal and 20 minutes looking for a seat (it wasnt that busy). I've some people say it's the new Water Witch and I dont agree - this is the new Crow's, fast food served in grandeur with a pint of bitter chaser. "

On 01-4-2006 fattymarsbars said : "Trying to be something Lancaster needs? I can't help thinking i've seen some ideas elsewhere about the town... but hey... Other than that food looks good, bit better than average pub grub, decent wine list, green paint is a bit sickly, still looks a bit like the blob shop...basically better than average for Lancaster, but not amongst the very best... fair play gents (and/or ladies)... keep going!"

On 20-3-2006 tashton said : "is pub is now called the bourghour. interior has changed for the better. great bar staff. trying to be somthing that lancaster really needs."

On 30-3-2005 dale said : "Apparently this pub is now up for grabs on a lease basis."

On 08-11-2004 khemolix said : "Dissapointing you could do loads of stuff here (bands, etc) but i never even heard of it till i walked past it."

On 10-12-2003 tinytony said : "Used to be THE pub in Lancaster. Lovely location and building. Never quite understood why it went for the "cheap" end of the market, still it's a decent pub with plenty of room."

On 04-11-2003 dale said : "Large place in pretty area of town by the Lancaster town hall. Friendly staff. Bit quiet but that's no bad thing."

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