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The Brown Cow Inn has an average overall rating of 2.7 stars out of 5 with 15 vote(s) cast.

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The Brown Cow Inn
44 Penny Street
LA11XF  (see map)
+44(0)1524 66474

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On 26-6-2012 romel said : "Had a great night in the brown cow as an out of towner with my work colleagues on Saturday. Great kareoke. Sorry to the locals for our boss hogging the mic."

On 19-8-2007 howmuch said : "still only just ok...gets very busy with the bottle neck next to the bar still present even after the refurb. thwaites beer...need i say more...not cheap either!"

On 27-9-2006 atmos said : "I'd say the makeover was for the best.. never fun crouching down on the way in.. more open.. less of a 'local elite' pub. "

On 04-6-2006 thespicester said : "OK - Just like many pubs. Clean and welcoming - OK"

On 25-2-2006 tashton said : "we miss you derick, your kind will never be seen pulling a pint. what is to become of the man that every pub needs? "

On 09-10-2005 loobyloo said : "This place has gone downhill since Derek Gethin left. They've taken all the character out of it and done it out in the way that your Mum would do if she was asked to do the interior design for an 80s soul club. A sign advertises something called a "None Smoking Area". The staff the day I went consisted of bored-looking teenage girls in white blouses which hadn't seen an iron in weeks, instead of the interesting studenty types Derek used to employ. Same old dull flavour-free Thwaites bitter as well. "

On 03-6-2005 hpower5000 said : "hard to say why this place is so busy but my guess is the location....slap bang on the walking route from other pubs!....gets very busy and is not too cheap either!.....don't expect a seat or to hold a conversation at weekends...otherwise just ok!"

On 26-4-2005 tinytony said : "I got an email from this website to say there was a new comment re this pub. I just HAD to reply. I visited the Brown Cow on Saturday and being frank it's a back street boozer in a high street location. It's absolutely bog standard - but with the unique selling point of having loud music. Don't take my word for it - give it a go and write your own comment on here !!"

On 25-4-2005 nigeldunne said : "Ther is no way the comment below reflect this pub. I was in there both friday and saturday night and it was a treat. Busy on a weekend but relaxed during the week. This is one of the best pubs i've been in in Lancaster and the rating below doesnt reflect the pub AT ALL."

On 23-11-2004 dale said : "I like this pub and have been in it a few times, the staff are always friendly and serve well. My only complaint about this place, and it really does let the place down loads in my opinion, is the inability of the staff to control the volume of the music. It's often set to VERY LOUD even if the place is half empty. OK, on weekends it may draw in the punters, but on a Monday night for goodness sake? (with about 12-15 people in there trying to have a conversation?). This evening I left half a pint (I know - what a sinner) just to be able to talk to someone sitting a half metre away from me! On top of all this, the jukebox was playing the 'Ticket to ride' by the Carpenters! Not so sweet a melody at a gazillion decibels I can assure you."

On 07-11-2004 khemolix said : "I dont know what people are moaning about, nice little pub. If its so bad why does it get absolutely rammed on fri, sat, and sunday."

On 22-10-2004 robbieboy said : "When i first arrived in lancaster this was a horrible little dingy place. It then got taken over by a lovely couple who gave it a slight chinese theme, with great food and some really unusual beers. Sadly they left and the pub went really down hill after that, real shame."

On 21-10-2004 freechoices said : "Nice pint of bomber shame about the decor, why do they keep ripping the heart out of pubs. Might be an idea for whoever did this to watch Grand designs."

On 27-9-2004 iluvlager said : "This was a horrible dark pub before, and it has now been done up in a style from the eighties, (that is the 1880's) busy carpets, brown tea stained wall paper. A waste of money as it now looks worse than it ever did. And the drinks are expensive, won't be returning there again."

On 24-7-2004 bernard said : "The designers who ruined this charactor, and traditional pub need shooting! Anybody could do that to a pub, infact, everyone has done that to pubs. Congratulations Thwaites. Absolutely disgraceful."

On 10-12-2003 tinytony said : "This once great pub with real character has endured years of neglect - it's "under new management" poster is worn out with over use. Great potential but not being realised yet... Maybe this landlord will get it back to it's former glory. Thwaites pub, real fire, real ales etc etc"

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