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Contact Details for pub The Duke Of Lancaster:

The Duke Of Lancaster

75 Church Street
LA11ET  (see map)

+44(0)1524 66909

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The Duke Of Lancaster has an average overall rating of 3.1 stars out of 5 with 12 vote(s) cast.

Pub reviews for The Duke Of Lancaster:

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On 31-8-2006 rbabe21 said : "This pub really comes to life over the weekend and the atmosphere is a great thing to be part of! The cabaret and dancing is fab! The refurb has made a big difference and during the day it is a great place to have a drink. For a fun night out this is the place to be... however keep your wits about you as there are drag queens on the looses!!!!"

On 30-8-2006 buzzbuzzbarfly said : "Agree! Okay, so it's a completely different kind of entertainment and not everyones cup of tea but its great fun and a great laugh and something different to either the ikea decked wine bars or stonewalled trad pubs. Who can argue with more choice!"

On 29-8-2006 rinkydink said : "This place is definitely on an uphill climb - having been in several times over the past year and its gone from tatty white to gaudy red to finally deciding on a stylish wood look now with a pulpit as a DJ box! It definitely has more to offer when the entertainment is on - fab weekends! As for the murder nights? Sounds like a great idea - at least they're trying something different - gonna try and get down and see one - it seems this place is on its way out of the mire!"

On 04-6-2006 thespicester said : "One roomed tatty boozer. Small stage and pool table. Hand pulls but no beer in them."

On 16-5-2006 jackknight said : "What a transformation from dingy empty boozer to a lot more sparkly and queer. The music can be a bit too loud sometimes which bugs me. But the people there are friendly, apart from the occasional gang of straight lads who wander in coz they don't really know it's a gay bar now, that can cause trouble. But as far as I know, it's only been trouble once. Usually they just shout things and stagger off into the distance. The alcohol isn't too expensive...but I have noticed the prices beginning to rise by 5p increments over the weeks. The cabaret is good, over the top fun. And murder mystery nights are a novelty. And there's the quiz. Loved Kareoke, but recently the machine's been broken, I hope they fix it soon, I like having a good old sing."

On 31-1-2006 fiftyfifty said : "This pub has got better since the Kampus crowd moved down after it closed. What was once a dusty old miserable bar is now lively and fun, atleast on a weekend when the cabaret act comes in! "

On 25-5-2005 thedrinker said : "ruxtons mark II, the only comment im willing to make, why drink here when the sun is so close?"

On 09-5-2005 big_cm said : "Why would you? Just walk down the road for a decent pint in a historical & Ambient surrounding"

On 24-7-2004 bernard said : "Poor standards and sometimes quite threatening. There are some charactersin there though."

On 29-12-2003 tinytony said : "Desperately in need of a major re-furb - was accosted by a man sporting a splendid yellow rag hanging from his trousers - odd bar with odd characters, did stay open until 1am though !"

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