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The John O Gaunt has an average overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 with 25 vote(s) cast.

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The John O Gaunt
53 Market Street
LA11JG  (see map)
+44(0)1524 65356

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On 27-1-2011 loobyloo said : "OK 9 months on since my last review of my former second home... last Sunday the place was much more like its former self than I've ever seen it. Jazz on a Sunday afternoon, lots of friendly familiar faces. Beer in good nick (although a shade off three quid), and just nice to see the place reasonaly full for once. Let's hope this is going in the right direction again."

On 23-1-2011 onthewall said : "i have moved back over to lancaster and been asking questions about ye olde john ogaunt and as it as been said O WE DONT GO THERE NO-MORE there web sites have not been updated since nov 2010 what is happening there to my amazement went onto the web sites that is facebook my space to name but a few and yes thay are right how ever i have to say if this is the case then the place must be failing its dutys to the customers.i was also informed that the bar manager as not been seen since summer is this why there as been no updates on the web sites come get your act together we want more advertisment more commitment "

On 02-4-2010 loobyloo said : "I was in the JOG for about five nights a week plus two afternoons for about 20 years, during the Steve Thorn (fab) and The Dodgy Car Dealer Who Thought It Was A Cash Cow (errr....) eras. A lot of people, including myself, can't see the pub except through the memories of how great it was. The present landlord is trying hard and has his heart in the right place, and does his best under a terrible lease. Like a lot of pubs (1725, the Gillow etc.) they think it's about marketing, about having a good this, a good that, brown sofas, wifi, whatever, as if people choose from a menu of corporate lifestyle options to choose where they want to go when they want to go out of a night. Dreadful canned music played for the entertainment of the staff doesn't help things. "

On 03-3-2010 performer said : "This thread does little credit to most of the writers (some of whom seem to be involved with the running of the pub). “Angryman”’s review is baffling, offensive and best ignored I think. However, “bigsteve” refers to “the gay bar”. Well I DO live locally and I’m not aware of there being any such bar in Lancaster. The last few words seem to be some sort of clumsy attempt at a homophobic slur on a previous reviewer. Very unpleasant stuff, and not likely to entice people back to the John. Surely pub owners and music organisers can accept some negative reviews (which can in fact raise issues in need of addressing) and not feel they need to argue back or mud sling? The quality of the service and music should speak for themselves and prove detractors wrong. Nothing but sycophantic praise would make this a pointless and dull site."

On 02-3-2010 bigsteve said : "well well. It looks like this is getting a bit out of hand! I returned to the JOG to see Rick and John and had a great time a couple of weeks ago (I don't live locally). It was a Saturday night (so no band on) and the beer was axcellent. Went round town for a few with Rick and The John was the busiest pub by far (except for the gay bar) which I guess you have to walk past The John to get to on a Sunday afternoon? "

On 27-2-2010 angryman said : "Urghhhh... dirty, beer swilling, music fans, dribbling into their computer about the dearly departed Jonny Gaunt. Is there any image more arousing ? With Honka Monka, "tight sets" and supremely poor grammar - this has been a thread to stimulate my long forgotten anger problems. Next week I'm going to drink 12 bottles of White Lightning, smoke some crack and JOG on down to my local pub to rock out with my **** out. Crowded House? Probably not."

On 04-2-2010 shakeyruth said : "Actually, my comments are based on a considered opinion of the circumstances of Pubfly's less than measured polemic. "Ignorant" because virtually all his anti John O'Gaunt posts have demonstrated that he(?) has never bothered to acquaint himself of the facts before his posts. "Musical philistine" because he didn't even enter to see the vibe of all the other folks who enjoyed the show and who clearly had a more catholic music taste than he. "Good riddance" (from me, not the JoG as they appear far more tolerant) because no pub needs non-customers who then go out of their way to try and hurt a pub's reputation because of one moment in time that doesn't suit their taste. And for what possible self smug moaning reason? And to contravene the stated goals of the Pub Utopia site in so doing. And I wonder PubFan, were you even there? If not how can you possibly insult me with a "you would say that wouldn't you". This is a pub review post yet folks like you are turning it into a slagging match. Why?? If I thought the set was sub par I would have apologised on the post when I saw Pubfly's rant. It was a jam, it was exuberant, tight, fun and the musicians were having a great time as were the audience (bar one who wasn't even a customer). Why don't you come in for yourself and see how the pub is doing."

On 03-2-2010 pubfan said : "My comments were absolutely not aimed at you, Crandh09. I was responding to what Shakeyruth wrote below and if you look you'll see I was quoting him directly. I have nothing but respect for all you are doing at the John, wish you every success and will continue to give my support as a customer."

On 03-2-2010 crandh09 said : ""However I wonder does the management of the pub agree it's a case of "good riddance"? Not at all. If someone has constructive critisism for the pub, how we can indeed make it better, ideas on music, comments about the pub/staff, then I'm all ears. I enjoy people putting forward their ideas and comments and it's never a case of 'good riddance'. I simply dislike people making uninformed comments on a public forum. A bit like previous posts. People really need to get their facts right before jumping on the band-wagon. "Pubfly doesn't like your music" Pubfly didn't like THAT music, not 'our' music. Previous posts from him/her suggest that. "But that doesn't necessarily make him an "ignorant musical phillistine". Please don't put words in my mouth. Please don't make it look like you are quoting me. Those words were never uttered or implied. My problem is that if you are going to make a comment about a certain topic, then at least let it be an informed comment. Sadly, looking at certain posts previously, it's all too clear that certain people enjoy listening to gossip and people who don't know what they are talking about. My conscience is clear. My pub is clean, tidy, decent beer, decent staff, decent food, great musicians, live music 6 days a week, and the best thing is that we're not done yet. Improvements will constantly be made and the pub will continue to move forward. I guess I can't add any more than that. "

On 02-2-2010 pubfan said : ""Shakeyruth", as you are in fact the organizer of the Honka Monka, as the saying goes, you would say that. However I wonder does the management of the pub agree it's a case of "good riddance" if customers are driven away? Pubfly doesn't like your music, but that doesn't necessarily make him an "ignorant musical phillistine". Insulting the customers surely isn't good for business."

On 02-2-2010 stellaboy said : "Was again in the John Sunday night - have recently started going back in since Christmas as the jungle drums were going about how great this place was once again, after years of it being hit-and-miss. Tin Pan Alley were playing. The decor has been updated, but yet not changed (sounds weird but you'll know what I mean when you see it - you can see it's been done, but still looks like the Old John I remember). The toilets were new and sparkly and the wife said the same about the ladies. Real ale was spot on (as it has been since new guys took it on). Tin Pan were on form as usual. Ben Ruth was there and did a bit of ad-hoc on his harmonica. Pure bliss. Sunday evenings with the Mrs sat listening to live music and drinking decent beer. What more can you want?"

On 02-2-2010 crandh09 said : "I was sorry to read PubFly's comments below. Having read his comments and especially realising that he didn't even come into the pub "I was going to go in", just sauntered past and now has the 'informed' knowledge of leaving untrue and unjust comments on a public site is quite astounding. No one on this site should feel it necessary to swear or imply to swear. If you don't like the pub, after a visit, then I can accept comments as constructive critisism, but not comments that amount to malice. We have worked really hard to get the John O'Gaunt to a comfortable, lively and decent music orientated pub - and the fact that live music is featured in the JOG 6 NIGHTS and 1 DAY per week should be enough to make people realise that the effort is being put in and the conscientiousness of managers and staff is highly maintained. Just because you, PubFly, did not like the one band that was playing that one time, please don't critisise and undermine the effort of all those musicians, staff and myself by categorising us so badly. An informed decision is one thing - plain nastiness is another. Shame on you!!! Rick G."

On 01-2-2010 onthewall said : "i visited the john this weekend and stopped after 4 years living away from town and was amazed at the transformation in the john there is lots of work being done new decor but not changed the image the band on friday night was a average band i could not beleive how many people still go to enjoy themselves at the john i went back on saturday day and night and it was buzzing and enjoyed seeing so many old and new faces i decided to see what the honka monka club was all about it was really just amazeing how thay can just turn up with a instrument and join in it was excellent to see and hear i then went back for some more that evening and i was more than thrilled to hear the great sounds of tin pan alley ( i thought you would of hung them instruments up by now ) but all in all had a great time in the john keep the good work up to the landlord manager barstaff and all who drink there what a cracking pub I WILL BE BACK SOON "

On 01-2-2010 shakeyruth said : "As a performer at the Honka Monka Club who witnessed three encores by a cheering audience of delighted punters enjoying a refreshing afternoon of original deep funk based music I find Barfly's comments both uninformed, offensive and completely out of touch. The ethos of the John O'Gaunt is clearly to become the number one live music venue in Lancaster and to champion a range of styles including but not limited to blues, jazz, folk, indie, rock, and funk. And at the same time retaining its original charm (and sausages!) Ignorant musical philistines like Barfly are surely not welcome anway so good riddance"

On 01-2-2010 pubfly said : "Had not been in Lancaster for a few months, So was there this weekend and thought i would head to the John. All i can say is WHAT THE F**KING HELL HAS HAPPENED,I was going to go in but there was this almighty load of crap on, It was about 4pm ish, Something called honka monka or something like that,The John is off my pub list in Lancaster, RIP John."

On 18-11-2009 wildchild64 said : "I too have my doubts about the quality of the music. The John O’Gaunt once had a reputation not only for lots of music, but really high quality live music. To achieve that, landlords do need musical knowledge. Proven, established acts need booking well in advance and paid proper, decent fees. Just putting on any bands/solos who come forward won’t do your reputation any favours. The information given out about what’s on at the JoG is patchy and inaccurate. Say what you like about the “last lot” but at least the guy who booked for them put out full descriptions of the bands, links to band sites online and in the pub. I’ve asked staff who’s on lately and they don’t know anything about the acts even if they know their name! Yes, I know it’s still early days and I do hope they iron out the problems as I’d like to see the place succeed. But please, let’s see a good standard of music set. If they don’t do that or even worse go down the road of “guy with backing tracks” type acts, it will never be a great (or even good) music pub again. "

On 06-11-2009 pubfan said : "Alas, I celebrated the arrival of a “proper, live-in landlord” too soon! He lives with his family in his other pub in Stalmine (hardly “nearby”...) but we’re told he’s committed to making the JoG a great pub again. The jury’s out as to whether he can succeed I think. There are some promising signs. There are already great improvements on the “last lot”. The place is clean, the staff are chatty and friendly. The music varies, I’ve seen some excellent bands and a few dreadful ones. I think the new management’s finding their way with booking new bands and if they listen to customer feedback and have some musical taste of their own, they’ll get there. It’s not reasonable to expect this pub to be what it was, say, ten years ago. It was a uniquely class place with a huge reputation. That's very unlikely to happen again. But I think it’s fair to hope it could be a very good music pub still in the right hands. If we can’t have a resident landlord, then an intelligent, committed manager with musical knowledge, whose heart’s in the place and who isn’t going to move on in six months, is the next best thing. "

On 01-11-2009 pubfly said : "Went in last week and it was fairly busy, What i am confused about is that Rick the Landlord that took the pub on and was staying there has gone to another pub and has put a manager in, Looks like the john is going back to what it was before, What happened to him stopping there as the live in Landlord ?, Is it so hard to have a Landlord that will live in his pub and run it, Last year the john had about three managers with the previous owners and look what happened there, Hope they are not going down the same road as them ??? "

On 07-10-2009 pintpleez said : "Great to see that this giant amongst Lancaster's pubs seems to be firmly on the road to recovery after a turbulent couple of years. The new staff seem friendly and ready to chat - when they have time that is! There's bands on a regular basis and I hear there are plans to re-start Sunday afternoon jazz. Good also to hear the old blues/soul/jazz on tape in the background. Was in last weekend and decided to try the sausage menu. My partner is not a fan of sausages but after sampling the tomato sausage she now wants to go back and try and order some from the pub's supplier!! Personally I recommend the pork and black pudding - sausage heaven. What? The beer? O aye - the Deuchars was on fine form too. All in all a great pub, a proper pub."

On 15-9-2009 bigsteve said : "I visited the John for the first time last Thursday. The reason, because I know Rick. He used to be the landlord at my local (before Punch sold it from under him) and I know him well enough having been to his wedding, been to Spain with him, as well as Glastonbury Festival. When he moved over, I built the myspace site for him at Go and meet him and form your own opinion. My own opinion :- its a great 'olde' place full of atmosphere and very friendly. When the piano gets tuned (yes, Rick found it in a storeroom, dusted it off, and put it back where it should be) no doubt there will be a few impromptu knees ups. To the doubters who think he's off somewhere else - I know roughly how much money he's had to put up (not to mention the insurance on the stained glass window)so beleive me he's staying. It may be a while before you olde John folks can truly say it's back to it's former self but, Rick will get there if anyone can. There will be hitches along the way (the band turned up without a PA while I was there - so to prevent that happening again, Ricks getting a PA brought in) but experience tells me that he will learn andmake things happen. Give him time guys. So enjoy the beer, enjoy 'the craic', the music and help him by working together - and I will see you there again soon (and Glasto 2010 if you fancy it!) Steve"

On 14-9-2009 crandh09 said : "Hey, just wanted to add my two cents. Rick IS the landlord and leaseholder of the pub. The previous tenants left as he bought the lease and is intending it on being 'his baby'. Rick comes from an extensive background in live venues - and he loves his rhythm and blues. It is true that he is setting his sights on another pub, but it will be a pub nearby and he will run both with his wife's help, who's more catering than bar experienced. The new 'Sausage Menu' is causing quite a stir, with around 15 different flavours of sausage to choose from - and seems to have a lot of interest from passers-by. The music is getting more regular, with a view to getting the pub back to its former hey-day. If anyone can do it, I know Rick can. Although he cannot do it alone - he needs the support of everyone who has a love of the JOG to give him a chance. Here's hoping you can all pay a visit and see for yourselves. Try going on FBook, there's a group on there with updates. Signed.....'the wife'."

On 06-9-2009 timtom said : "Sorry to correct you Wild Child but your friend has been misinformed. Rick is the new permanent lease holder, he is the owner of the business and (with his wife) is the live in manager. I know this to be fact becasue we both rent our pubs off Punch taverns. I also believe he previously ran a pub in the Colne area where he had live bands and cask ale so that all fits the bill. All this is excellent and as previous comments state I hope all JOG fans can give him our full support. "

On 06-9-2009 wildchild64 said : "Sadly I have heard that the last two reviewers' observations/celebrations may be a little premature. Chatting to someone in the know a few nights ago, I was told the chap behind the bar is not staying. My information is that due to the sudden departure (yet again) of the last lot, the new 'landlord' is merely filling in for a short while before taking over another pub elsewhere with his family. Support him by all means while he's here, but still the dear old John is without a settled resident landlord to bring it back to life."

On 04-9-2009 pubfan said : "Hurray! The news this week is that the John O'Gaunt has changed hands. It now has a new landlord. Yes, a landlord who lives in, with his wife, like the old days of great pubs! The rumour is that they are experienced pub people with a genuine love of live music. Fingers crossed folks, and let's all get down there and buy a few pints and give them a good start!"

On 04-9-2009 shakeyruth said : "Just popped into the pub to be greeted by the actual leaseholder who seemed like a friendly chap and immediately signed on the Lancaster Music Festival. And has booked some cracking blues bands I know from the Colne/Burnley area in his other pub out there, wants to know about the local acts here after appreciating the original sounds of the band last night, and is certainly enthusiastic about our local scene here. Pint of Blacksheep was cracking too. "

On 19-8-2009 westpennine said : "The previous comment about 'proper landlords' is 'bang on the money'.Punch Taverns still don't get it; they keep on letting this once great pub to some clueless outsider who doesn't understand the JOG's market,puts 'The Manager' in and walks away to wait for his fortune to be made.All the John needs is a bluesy,jazzy old graduate who will live on the premises,work behind his bar, have some solid trade experience/qualifications and a partner that can the 'meerkat' says "Seemples"."

On 15-8-2009 lancsmuso said : "The reviewers here who rave about the music which the John still has on should realise that it was all booked ahead by a chap who no longer has any association with place. Now that he’s not involved who knows what will happen to the music at the John? He left as he was unhappy with how he felt the bands were treated and the owners cancelling half of what he booked. It’s now down to music on only two nights a week, a sad shadow of the music venue it used to be. If it’s true the place is closing, that may not be such a bad thing. Maybe someone will take it over who has a genuine involvement in the community and local music. The present manager seems okay, but he’s the third one they’ve employed in the last eighteen months. Pubs need proper landlords in my view, not out of town owners with no local knowledge. "

On 14-8-2009 pubfly said : "Reading the reviews i have to add my own comment, I was in last sunday and there was a band called magwitch playing, never heard them before but glad i went in they was really good place was busy but not overcrowded had one or two old speckled hens and it was well on form. but this afternoon a friend of mine that has a pub in lancaster told me that the old john is closing in the next few weeks and he had got the info from a business friend of his, not sure how true this is but if anyone knows anymore we need to know, if its true this will be another blow to the great music venues of lancaster."

On 14-8-2009 shakeyruth said : "Charming city centre pub. Excellent cask conditioned ales (Timothy Taylor's Landlord and Blacksheep were on cracking form when in there last) and an avuncular landlord. Solid line up of live music too plus some good names among the local heroes. Haven't tried the food."

On 12-8-2009 timtom said : "I've only been to the JOG once recently after all the negative stuff around town, but given the recent comments I thought I'd say how my one experiences was. Saturday night 2 weeks ago. Two excellent pints of Timmy Ts. Great band playing - "The Heros of She". Place was bouncing and you couldn't get to the bar for customers (similar to the good old days). No smell of the loos. I'm not claiming how representative it is, but it is what I saw. I'll be popping in again soon and hopefully the beer will be just as good."

On 10-8-2009 pubfan said : "Until recently I'd have agreed with you buzylizzie. The vendetta against this pub started in 2008 when it changed hands. A small group of people, though, remained loyal and said pretty much the same as you're saying now. One of those loyal supporters organized all the excellent music you describe. However, the behaviour of the current owners led to those supporters finally giving up on the poor old John, after between them many decades of loyalty. Also, one does have to admit the negative reviews are sadly accurate. "

On 06-8-2009 busylizzie said : "Some harsh reviews here for the poor old John! OK, it's not what it used to be in its heydey, but the manager is a nice chap who is doing his best to make a go of it against the odds. They seem to have sorted the smell out, and still have excellent live music and a good range of ales. It's a pity that some people seem to have started a vendetta against it, if it closes, what will they have achieved apart from losing Lancaster yet another decent pub? Cutting off their noses to spite their faces, perhaps?"

On 02-7-2009 pec771 said : "An excellent review by lancsmuso; perfectly summed up. The JoG is a dosshole of epic proportions at the moment. Sad ..."

On 27-6-2009 lancsmuso said : "I tried to like the John in its changed form. I'd always loved this pub and I dearly wanted it to survive. Unlike many people, I turned a blind eye to the downturn of quality over the past couple of years and tried to see the positives. I give up. There are too few. Now summer's here, the staff stand outside endlessly smoking on the doorstep again, leaving the bar empty. Customers lose the will to live and leave. Service is slow, sullen and the barmaid returns straight to her mobile game without another word. Some days there's an appalling smell of urine at the back of the pub which regulars cheerfully told me was "Just the drains". Despite this the price of drinks continues to soar. There's still some good music. That is, if you don't mind standing on your own in front of a brave band valiantly trying to give their all while the barmaid sits reading a book. A few days ago a big scruffy poster in the window outlined the pub's falling-out with the chap who'd been booking the bands but has stopped doing so in protest of treatment of said bands. This poster was supposedly outlining the pub's side of things. Great move guys. Dirty linen in public can never be good for business. That's the final straw for me and the last time I go in there."

On 30-4-2009 loobyloo said : "You know, a barman who turns to go and put your money in the till and then gets a call on his mobile phone, then stops to answer it, holding your fiver in his hand while he witters on and on, does not exactly encourage the customer in question to return to the pub. In fact, he compounds the latter's intense regret that the best pub in Lancaster has gone down the toilet with an extra overlay of seething resentment at his treatment after going in there for over 20 years."

On 30-4-2009 pec771 said : "I would like to review this place but when trying to gain access a few months ago the delightful lady outside smoking a fag informed me I was banned ... for reasons which were either misplaced or involved a case of mistaken identity. Haven't attempted to try again since and have no desire to. I suspect I may not be missing much. "

On 12-11-2008 angryman said : "Why have jazz when you can have rock ? Why have Timothy Taylor when you can have Boddingtons ? Why spend money on proper signage when delightful bits of paper stuck to the glass with felt-tip writing look soooo good ? Why seek to attract customers when serving nobody is so much easier ? Why bother with this awful shell of its former self when there are 20 better pubs in Lancaster ? Why buy Punch shares when the John O'Gaunt is a living example of why this company is doomed to fail ? Like a sick old race horse, this pub needs shooting to stop further suffering."

On 13-1-2008 westpennine said : "Although making a good start in terms of keeping the 'ambience',this is what happens when ' pubcos'and brewers allow leases to transfer solely on the basis of being able to 'put up the ante'(having the cash to cover the ingoing).Licensed Retailing is a Profession, not a hobby,and should only be undertaken by those with:the right training,the right attitude and the right degree of motivation.Taking a pub then sitting upstairs and waiting for the money never works.Since the smoking ban this business is now more competitive than it has ever been before,so I hope that whoever takes over the lease has 'the tools to do the job'and not just the cash to buy the lease."

On 08-1-2008 loobyloo said : "Well, that came out of the blue! I was in there on Sunday which was the last night it was open before a "closed until further notice" appeared in the window on Monday. Speculation is rife but I only hope we see the place open soon."

On 04-8-2007 loobyloo said : "When it rains the water runs in as a steady stream via a live electrical fitting. There's going to be a spectacular piece of theatre here any day soon when the bulging bin liner which is taped over the hole finally gives way, and I want to be there when it does. I've never seen anyone die in a stream of electrocuted water before but I bet it's a sensational sight."

On 04-8-2007 westpennine said : "Despite the change of tenant this pub has lost none of its charm.It still has the feel of 'the senior common room'with 'wall to wall'anoraks-and since the smoking ban...oh!heaven.Robin,the new lessee-although you've more chance of seeing Hailley's Comet than him behind his bar-has retained this oasis of sanity and 'thicko free zone'(or is there a baseball cap evaporator on the way in)for intelligent people to enjoy in comparative comfort and safety.Except in winter when the 'tight git' refuses to switch the heating don't forget your overcoat and scarf."

On 31-8-2006 rinkydink said : "I do like this pub. I do. I really do! It has character and a joyous one at that and the jazz is my kinda music. Lovely."

On 04-6-2006 thespicester said : "Great pub. Tetley and Boddingtons on hand pull. Summer beer festival every year with in excess of twenty different beers on offer. Something seems to happen here every night..Tuesday has Jazz, Wednesday has blues, Thurday if Folk and Sunday is band night. Check out the pub magazine "The Gauntlet""

On 17-5-2006 loobyloo said : "I want to be buried in the vaults."

On 17-1-2006 fattymarsbars said : "One of lancaster's shining lights. Always busy, consistantly good beers, mixed clientele, but if only the regulars wouldn't prop up the bar making it virtually impossible to get served. Must try a "bambi burger" one day! A pub that is all too easy to lose an afternoon or whole evening in..."

On 20-12-2005 angryman said : "Angry ? I'm incandescent !! Woe woe woe is me that ventured into this once picture of pedantic pub puritanism. An old air cadet like myself takes solice in fine beer and the idle melodious quaffles of jazz not the miserable mumblings of methodoned musical mayem that mingles with the messy ashtrays, and lip smeared mugs of murky mead. Like my old Wing Commander would always say - if you're going to go down, go down ablaze with dirty glasses and over priced tart tasting beer. "

On 09-7-2005 tinytony said : "Crikey this place has got expensive in recent months. Prices must have gone up 20% in 6 months."

On 03-6-2005 hpower5000 said : "too busy/too hot/can get too loud/but a bloody good pint......shame since it is only limited by its size......prefer to go in during (quieter) the day and avoid at nights!!"

On 06-4-2005 tinytony said : "Still good - still busy - still cliquey."

On 18-2-2005 timtom said : "Very good pub, Best Sunday night in town. And this is from one of his compteitors. A classic"

On 23-10-2004 robbieboy said : "My favourite lancaster pub, excellent beer, wonderfull staff and more atmosphere than you can shake a stick at. Superb range of whiskies too and the live jazz is espeially good. Only trouble is everyone else knows how good it is too so finding a seat can be tricky...."

On 16-10-2004 palerosez42 said : "This place doesnt do it for me. I like places that are exciting, impressive and have people the same age as me. This place is full of old people - I gave it 4 out of 10 only because I might like it in 30 years."

On 25-5-2004 howiej said : "a fantastic pub, really well kept beer, wide range of whiskeys, friendly service. yeah, it gets smoky and too crowded and it is quite hard to get served but its one of the most atmospheric pubs ive ever been to. the pies are superb. oh, and they have live jazz too."

On 22-4-2004 mattthecat said : "A proper pub with proper beer and proper music - top notch."

On 17-12-2003 bernard said : "second only yo the Water Witch."

On 10-12-2003 tinytony said : "Lovely, traditional Jazz pub with great live music. Excellent choice of beer, the food is ok but it does get very crowded and people insist on sitting at the bar - makes getting served a little difficult !! A bit cliquey..."

On 10-11-2003 deaddogdave said : "Traditional pub in the centre of town but one that can get very claustrophobic, especially on music nights."

On 04-11-2003 dale said : "Excellent traditional pub. Lice music on weeknights, and great at weekends if you don't like the 'trendy' kind of bar. Large whisky and vodka section too!"

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Pub survey:

The pub, The John O Gaunt, has not yet been surveyed. Here's a document containing the data we need: Survey data (in .zip format).

The important bit! - go to the pub, enjoy, and please fill in the form here.

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