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The Lounge has an average overall rating of 2.2 stars out of 5 with 11 vote(s) cast.

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The Lounge
Marton Street
LA11XX  (see map)
+44(0)1524 65892

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On 19-1-2011 s_710 said : "Was shortchanged here so lost 10 and the manager just didn't care when I reported it. Shame though because there is a wide variety of drinks but will not be returning!"

On 30-1-2009 barker80 said : "busy venue after 3am (after everyone has closed) use to be selective on the door (it worked) must be desperate for customer - every chav in town in now welcome!!!! what a shame"

On 27-9-2006 atmos said : "Ok-ish pub, now it's got-over itself. Vast improvement on the previous "Lanky's" pub. Oh the horror. "

On 20-9-2006 loobyloo said : "Faintly Wild West feel in here sometimes - a girl threw a glass of coke over someone who complained about the group of idiots she was with who were chucking ice cubes around. I quite like it though - it contains an assortment of oddbods, so I fit in well. No cask ale but the San Miguel's not bad."

On 20-9-2006 samuel_soaper said : "I finnish work in morecambe at 2 in the morning on a sunday and can come here for drinking all knight, fantastic, bar staff and doorstaff havin fun fun fun! I LOVE IT"

On 30-8-2006 rinkydink said : "AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! Went for lunch on saturday BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD idea! We were served by a miserable young gentleman in flip flops who couldn't make me a coffee because he didn't know how to work the machine. We ordered our food - sat and waited...... and waited..... and waited and then were approached by a chav who told us the kitchen was broken and they couldn't do food! A waste of 25minutes of my life PLUS if the place is going to open late the night before perhaps it might be worth getting a cleaner in to spruce it up for the next day."

On 11-7-2006 mrtruth said : "A very odd mix of people. From students to those who should know better. A strange music policy and some bizarre layout decisions make for a bar that doesn't really know what it wants to be."

On 04-6-2006 thespicester said : "Cosy lighting and comfy seats. OK of its type."

On 18-5-2006 ziggyzag said : "Like the previous commenters say, this is just an OK bar. Of course the only major thing it has going for it is that it opens later than other places in town. If you pop in after 11:30pm on a Wednesday (which is when I went in) and you happen to be over 21 (i.e. you work for a living), then be prepared to feel very out of place. If you enjoy being jostled at a small bar, not getting served in turn, and listening to a 'live jazz' band that is something akin to Phoenix Nights, then this is the place for you. It must be noted that I'm not quite sure the two guys who were tinkling away on their instruments were 'live' - they were a bit animated, so I assume they are not dead just yet (but it was a close run thing). Not that anyone in there bothered to listen, but it certainly was not decent Jazz. Oh, and if you get a smile from the bar staff, think yourself lucky. A place with lots of potential if only it had something more than opening late."

On 06-4-2005 tinytony said : "Busy bar - lots of promotions, tends to pick up after 11pm. Ok place."

On 16-10-2004 palerosez42 said : "It's ok here - run of the mill trendy bar. My big issue with this place is it's just ok - no risks taken - nothing particularly different. Modernish."

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