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The Merchants has an average overall rating of 3.2 stars out of 5 with 15 vote(s) cast.

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The Merchants
Market Street
LA1 1HT  (see map)
+44(0)1524 66466

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On 01-4-2010 loobyloo said : "I've always liked this pub, even in the Pre-Tim Era, but after a gruelling day at the Uni exploring the post-structuralist feminist semiotics of loganberry production in Upper Silesia in the nineteenth century, I was desperate for a drink by about 7.00. It was cosy, beautifully-lit, almost romantic. The copper-coloured metal sheet thing that runs the length of the vaults should look naff but somehow doesn't. The mirror at the end is a bit odd as I thought "Who's that incredibly handsome well-dressed man walking towards me?" for a minute before I realised it was me. I had a Blonde then a Bombardier, (fnarr fnarr) - reasonable without being brilliant - but the ambience made up for it. And joy upon joy, the music was at a really low volume. If it stays like this then it's going to give the Gillow a run for its money. I've heard good reports about the food too. "

On 20-7-2009 shakeyruth said : "Since Tim took over the pub and hired excellent staff the Merchants has become what it always should have been (in this reviewer's mind) - an atmospheric cellar pub celebrating its stone tunnels and flagstone floor, specialising in good quality ales and food. The added bonus is the mouthwatering food. I've enjoyed large portions of top restaurant quality cuisine at very reasonable pub lunch prices. As a random example: local fish and chips (huge portions of fish by the way); local sea bream on a bed of cockles and chorizo; sea food platter (with no crappy processed 'crab' sticks - hurrah!) of fish pate, massive fish cakes, shell on prawns; wood pigeon breast and black pudding with salad; lamb shank; and a clam chowder that was out of this world. With the recent sunny weather the pub has also greatly benefited from the outdoor seating area in the now paved over remains of Lancaster's old Temperance Hotel. Justice!"

On 26-1-2009 barker80 said : "massive improvement on what it was, still needs to continue with the improvement but will get there. The owner i believe also has 2 other pubs in town and i cant fault them. Great real Ale and summertime atmosphere. I find the food is good, its a shame when people like drumstick man (prev comment) havent got a clue about real pubs and spend there sad little lives putting good pubs down, go back to wetherspoons u sad little man!!!"

On 22-1-2009 waynerooney said : "having just read the last report i too would like to make a comment about the merchants i have been going to the merchants for the last few years and since the current landlord has taken over it has turned into a nice place to eat and drink no more two meals for seven quid thank god, but proper homecooked food. i too was in for a sunday roast and had the pork yes it was fatty but it was loin of pork so if you know your food you would expect that anyway it was very nice with lovely gravy aswell no bisto im told. then i finished the meal off with sticky toffee pudding which was very nice i would recommend this pub to everyone in lancaster "

On 18-1-2009 drummerdickens said : "I went to this pub today, and felt the need to leave a review such was my disappointment. I have been before and there has never been anything that made this place stand out before, until today. We ordered three Sunday Lunches, one of which having pork. Upon arrival, the pork was an awful cut; extremely fatty with very little meat. The diner in question persevered with it. Moments later, a waitress came over and asked how everything was, too which we explained the problem. The response?: "Oh yes, someone said it was pretty fatty earlier, too!" ...and she walked off! Abysmal customer service, not only did she (and the gentleman who we paid at the end of the meal who simply exclaimed "oh" upon hearing the news of our poor meal) disregard a customers complaint out of hand, but had the cheek to tell us other patrons were dissatisfied with the quality of food, but continued to serve it anyway! Awful, I will not be going back there."

On 26-8-2008 ziggyzag said : "This place has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few months. Great staff, and I hear the food is good too (I've not yet partaken though). The one thing that bothers me about this place is the state of the toilets - though admittedly, I've only been in the gents."

On 04-6-2006 thespicester said : "Wonderful above ground cellar bar. Lots of stone floors, vaulted ceilings and exposed brickwork. Nice patio are to front but apalling toilets."

On 20-3-2006 tashton said : "lots of potential, lacks motervated managment, all they are intrested in is getting drunk and slaging of its locals and ex staff."

On 09-10-2005 loobyloo said : "It's a lovely cosy little place with a nice studenty crowd, great place to watch the football, and it's good that they've made one bit non-smoking. If only they could look after the beer better. The Pedigree I had there yesterday was undrinkable. LOL @ Samuel Soaper's comment btw :)"

On 28-7-2005 herbert said : "If you want to hide away and have a quiet beer then this is the place to go!!!!"

On 26-7-2005 samuel_soaper said : "Lovely and dark if you want to hide away with someone elses hubby!"

On 03-6-2005 hpower5000 said : "excellent location/venue.....good price beer....even after recent refurb it could still do with a good clean....particularly the toilets...otherwise good!..."

On 21-10-2004 robbieboy said : "Everytime i visit this pub i get absolutely wrecked. Not by choice you understand it just seems to happen. Great pub for serious drinking and excellent location. "

On 24-7-2004 bernard said : "It really is a wonderful venue, and somewhere I go to show off what Lancaster has to offer, whenever I have visitors staying. Good news over, that is a reflection on how bad Lancaster is! Always the comments come back about how poor the standards are of self promotion, cleanliness and product range. Even outside the heaters have been battered and a brush has been missing for the past year. The place is, however, there for the clientel that use it, and as others have said, friendly, safe and there is always a good banter to be had, the landlord is a top bloke. But this does not qualify it to be voted highly. The Merchants should be voted on how great it could and should be! "

On 25-5-2004 howiej said : "i like this pub. though much more when its hot and you can sit outside, watching people trickle down the hill from the station and the castle. its location is first rate. the kronenberg in there is the best ive ever had, i dont know what they do to it but it is superb. the dingy, close atmosphere inside makes the merchants a good, serious session pub but its a mission to the toilets and you might end up in the kitchen!! landlords a nice guy who picks the best looking bar staff. kudos to him."

On 27-2-2004 26041972 said : "83 Capstone Road Downham Way Near Bromley Kent BR1-5NA England Tel:0208-461-0969 Mobile:07940-134551 27/2/2003 I often come up to visit a friend in Lancaster once every few months and myself and my friend Mark, always use this pub many times for breakfast, lunch, to watch the football on big screen, for occasional nights out, and I find the pub a very good pub. My friend uses it all the time, the Merchants. The Merchants in Lancaster is a wonderful pub, and the staff are great. Well done everyone who runs the pub! From Jason, From Kent"

On 19-2-2004 rich_b said : "This is a lovely pub with lots of unique charm. The regulars are all delicious in their own way, and the food is sumptious - I would recommend the chef highly, and the staff! Well, they're just gorgeous. I'm a particular fan of the simply simmering Mike, and the lustily creamy H, they both make the long hard days, fuelled by double-vision and desperate attempts to cop off with anything under 80 as I while away the hours crying hopelessly into a jar of creamy booze, go like a steam train with only soggy attempts at viagra procurement in mind! Highly highly recommended."

On 13-2-2004 dale said : "I would say that this is certainly a unique pub both on the outside and in. Original features, zero natural sunlight, and pleasant people inside."

On 02-2-2004 cqi79s said : "Well what can I say apart from how can the person who made the first comments comparing the prices with wetherspoons! I didn't know wetherspoons are now charging over 2 a pint!! As for the small and typical cliental, I moved to Lancaster over 12 months ago and was made very welcome. A lot of customers have moved to Lancaster from other parts of the north west and it makes a very friendly place with lots of health banter."

On 29-1-2004 kcullinane said : "A very friendly pub, with very warm and welcoming staff and manager! Food is served daily, with two meals for 5 being a very popular choice. Drinks promotions also available with buy one cocktail and get a second for 25p! This very historic pub dates back from 1688 and once belonged to a Merchant who stored his goods in the now seated tunnels! In order to accomodate all customers there is a no smoking 'tunnel'. Various weekly events occur, such as a quiz with Dangerous Dave on Sundays with cash and drink prizes and the tunnels can be booked for private functions free of charge. In order to enquire, call : 01524 66466. and ask for Kev or Mike! "

On 10-12-2003 tinytony said : "Beautiful pub converted from old cellars used by Lancaster Castle in centuries past. That's the good news. The bad news is that they dont make use of their fantastic environment. For some reason this pub has gone down the "cheap" route, competing with Wetherspoons for the cheapest pints and spirits. Attracts a small and typical clientelle."

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