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The Sun is an ideally situated city bar & hotel, easy walking distance of all the facilities (shops, station, secure parking etc.) This historic inn is the oldest licensed house in the city of Lancaster. Its charming to visit for a drink, meal, or to stay

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The Sun Hotel and Bar has an average overall rating of 3.4 stars out of 5 with 40 vote(s) cast.

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The Sun Hotel and Bar
63-65 Church Street
LA11ET  (see map)
+44(0)1524 66006

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On 09-9-2010 dale said : "I think someone may have mentioned the music before ... but ... it is quite predictable, but then again, maybe it 'works'. I pop in quite regularly to the Sun for a short while, but there is a certain feeling when "You'll remember me when the west wind moves, upon the fields of barley" invades my ears, or the unforgettable(!) "Sweet Caroline". I know it's low level music, which is in itself a blessing for those that appreciate the quieter side of life, but it's a tad repetitive. This said though, I do frequent in the late afternoon, so maybe my views on the music are subjective (as they should be!). Maybe I should loan the Sun my Wham CD?"

On 20-2-2010 loobyloo said : "Anyway, it's my first choice for where to take someone on a date, which will be happening very soon. The Sun - The Venue for Romance. Or at least sex. I hope."

On 12-2-2010 loobyloo said : "Just to say that the internet is now working - very pleased that they sorted it out. Last night there was a very polite man waiting to be served who was pointing out to the girl behind the bar the order in which people had come in. That's kind of him, but it's not the customers' job, it's the bar staff's. And they need some new music, or better, turn it off. No-one wants to hear Now That's What I Call Tired 80s Rubbish #978 over and over again. "

On 30-1-2009 barker80 said : "Great pub thoroughly deserves past awards it gets. Rated Lancaster's number 1 pub is fair. Though this along with everywhere else lacks the class, effienct customer service that once made this town famous on the pub map!!! Are bar staff not aloud to communicate on a level with customers anymore!!!! "

On 12-11-2008 angryman said : "Dear Mr Bumpngrind... I know not what you're talking about and yet we have met. When you managed (briefly) the Waterwitch you served me on two occasions. The latter occasion I asked you to top up my pint - do you remember ? Anyhooooo, how's it going at the Midland ? I heard they ran out of coke last week. Terrible shame."

On 29-9-2008 alrobis said : "Classy venue, yeh little pricey (£2.60 pint bitter) but friendly efficient staff. Part owner of Lancaster Brewery so their 4 cask beers in evidence, but 4 other casks also. Visited in the day and the evening, best bar in Lancaster along with the Borough. "

On 11-2-2008 bumpngrind said : "Its about time angry man grew up. You lost get over it!"

On 19-8-2007 howmuch said : "cracking little pub when you can get anywhere near the bar....and i have to agree about the way you are served...its like being in the sales at Next...the staff make no effort to serve in any sort of order of arrival at the bar...i know it gets difficult but with such a small bar they should try!...still atracts the better end of the food chain which is good but can sometimes get very loud if it is full...i must be getting old since i like to sit down these days :) still expensive as well...will go in with a crowd but would not chose to go in on my own favouring other pubs to sit in alone and have a swift one! "

On 19-5-2007 loobyloo said : "First of all, I love this pub. But could someone tell some of the younger more girly-girly staff to try to remember the order people come in? Sometimes I'll be standing at the bar and when someone younger or better-looking walks in (not difficult, if you saw my photo) he or she gets served first. Secondly, could they sort of the internet access out? It's not been working for months. So why bother? Having said all that, I do like it here."

On 09-5-2007 enasharples said : "It's a good pub really. The high prices tend to keep the chavs out, which must be a good thing for Lancaster, as the town is full of 'em. Pity the service couldn't be a bit quicker at busy times. Wonderful range of foreign beers that cannot be matched; clean and tidy everywhere; open 'til later than it's nearest rival. I recommend it! "

On 08-5-2007 tomtastic said : "who is the scarey rather large angry chef? She certainly put me off my mediocre breakfast! A very frightening exeperience and one I will not be repeating. (if she dosen't want to cook then perhaps she should not be in the kitchen?????????) "

On 06-3-2007 peadarbroe said : "How can I describe this establishment, a pub , an hotel or a restaurant. The beer,although a great selection lacks knowledge of the finer arts of real ale.The staff although very pretty have very little knowledge of how to serve a real ale. How long does it take to serve a breakfast surely not 45 minutes when there are only two customers in the place at 10 .15 plus the price of 8.0 english pounds for a very medicore fry up. "

On 20-9-2006 samuel_soaper said : "Much better since the lady left, but now she is at les witch!"

On 27-5-2006 lordlardyoflancaster said : "No doubt my favourite pub in the has everything an excellent choice of real ales and continental beers....good food....helpful friendly bar staff...quality hotel facilies which I believe are being extended......and to round it all off, a landlord wearing safari suits and sandals.....pucker"

On 04-4-2006 timtom said : "Between the Sun and the John O'Gaunt we are lucky enough to have probably the two best town pubs in Lancashire and possibly further a field. The fact that they are so utterly different only re-enforces the benefits of Lancaster’s drinking establishments. Sometimes I want a place that hasn't been touched since the last Watney’s Red Barrel beer mat was stuck on the wall circa 1978. Other times I want to drink in a £300k refit underneath a Warholesque picture of Blencathra. Either way the beer is almost always excellent. Variety is the spice of life and we have it here in Lancaster. "

On 15-2-2006 angryman said : "Ridiculous rating on this pub - how on earth can it be rated lower than the Merchants, the Green Ayre or the Boot and Shoe. Ludicrousnessticity. This is a comfortable "9" an oasis of modest pleasure amongst a sea of grim medocrity. There is nowhere else in the city centre to bother with - if the Sun's closed, go home and weep for what's left of your meaningless life. "

On 05-2-2006 mjc2i said : "As the owner of this pub, I welcome all the comments. I'd like to disagree that they are all loaded comments with agendas as, if that was the case, it would be a sad reflection on this web site , which in my humble opinion is the best of the bunch! That said, I believe the reason for all these comments is in the design of the site. it cleverly sends mails, if requested, to anyone that has expressed an interest in that venue. The more comments, the more responses. The score looks a bit suspect, but hey ho, I think I shall be satisfied with the positive feedback from the happy customers at the well stocked/staffed and very popular Granada Freehouse Pub of the Year 2006!"

On 05-2-2006 timtom said : "A lot of comments about this place and that is a good thing. As are the range of views, just cos its not one persons cup of tea doesn't make them wrong or it a bad pub. Equally just beacause some members have a strong bias towards their favourite establishment doesn't mean every honest comment from other members needs to be defended and derided. This site is about hearing everyones views and its fairly easy to spot those which are clearly either a big winge or a rant. That said The Sun Inn is my pub of first choice when I am away from work and for me sets the bench mark for other pubs in town. Home grown ales along side, a couple of natioanl favourites and a few quirkies always gives the seasoned ale drinker a range of options. Superb decor, attractively furnished and when I was in on Friday night and last Monday it was busy and relaxed without being overcrowded. For my money they've taken a lot of the strenghts of the Waterwitch and added improvements. There are plenty of other great pubs in this town for all tastes dark and gothic, sharp and modern, relaxed and comfortable, or just plain tradiditonal and I think we are belssed with a great selection of different excellent ales vendors. We should be celebrating this and the views of the equally eclectic group of drinkers rather than bikering. "

On 05-2-2006 tinytony said : "Overpriced ?? It's not cheap certainly but then the beer is superb and the lack of £1 a pint offers keeps the riff raff out. Pretentious - implies it's something that it isnt, it's a pub and a damn good one, can't think of what else it could be ? - maybe 50/50 will explain him/herself a little better. Overcrowded - odd thing to say ? How can it be popular when it's plainly overpriced and pretentious ?? I'm all for criticisms but just throwing simplistic insults at a bar is pointless. That said, I tried the Blonde on Thursday night and it was more tart than I remembered prior Christmas - more a blonde tart..."

On 04-2-2006 tiny-elephant2 said : "Not a bad pub? How about a fantastic pub. Over priced and pretentious, NO! The beverages are fantastic, the choice and quality also fantastic. I love to spend my Friday evenings drinking there when i finish work - the atmosphere is buzzing the staff are friendly, always smiling..... cute too! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK "

On 03-2-2006 hpower5000 said : "Sorry to say but I agree with 'fiftyfifty' and what he/she says below! :'overpriced and pretentious, and often overly crowded.'"

On 02-2-2006 smiler said : "not a bad pub, nice atmosphere and good selection of beer, hsmae the staff dont know how to open wine!! but im sure they are learning.kep up the good work though."

On 31-1-2006 fiftyfifty said : "I can see why people like this pub, but personally i find it overpriced and pretentious, and often overly crowded. "

On 17-1-2006 fattymarsbars said : "Simply stunning. Best breakfast ever. Great drinks. Best pub in the town centre by a long chalk. Amazing design, especially the deep well near the back doors...if only my pint glass was that deep. Just can't get enough of this place, and the rest of Lancaster seems to feel the same way!"

On 19-12-2005 angryman said : "Ye Gods what has happened here ? Upon stumbling into one of my jolly old haunts I hunted in vain for lost nostalgia... Where is the loud juke box, Hofmeister beer and laser disco lights of yesteryear. Instead I'm faced with the fashionable face of bearded beer - a sculpted goatee is still a beard and ale from Lancaster doesnt make it kule you know !?? An old land lubber like myself likes a pub with pedigree and this is a mutt with a history. Fornicating fabulistic foibles mingle with drop dead gorgeous ideosyncracies. A pub for all seasons - just don't go in the Winter - two is company, 350 is a crowd. Lashings of stone with just the merest hint of wood - are we talking about this pub, or is it an accurate description of me ? Cobblestones."

On 28-7-2005 mattthecat said : "The best just got better! Now with brand new beer garden out back. This pub is one of the furthest away from my house and yet is the first choice every time. Excellent beer in proper, friendly atmosphere, superb environment and the best breakfasts in the world. Might as well have my pay put directly in their till! "

On 28-7-2005 herbert said : "A very warm friendly pub with pleasant cheerful staff, the manageress there is always smiling and delightful to chat with a real treat. Have you tried the duchy?? Fantastic pint!!!! "

On 26-7-2005 samuel_soaper said : "Lovely Pub, nice pint of JSB, but very angry manageress, maybe she should cut down on the drink?"

On 09-7-2005 tinytony said : "Best pub in Lancaster - if you've bothered to read this website then you should bother to visit this pub. Classy, homely, warm and friendly. This is a connoisseurs pub."

On 26-6-2005 loobyloo said : "I agree about the music - this is a very "chatty" pub and it's very irritating having to listen to some crap from the jukebox. Apart from that though, a great place, and just shows how brilliant a real ale pub can be. "

On 17-5-2005 thedrinker said : "nice pub but would like them to turn the lights up and music down and the guy on the crutches, is he the local drunk? he is so annoying!!! thinks hes the top dog!!! definitly not girl with funny laff is ace!! bye bye love me xxx"

On 12-5-2005 gingerbaz said : "Yeah go Bernard, I like it to, I stay here all the time. They have the hottest staff in Lancaster. Woo Woo, bring it on, no wooly backs!"

On 09-5-2005 bernard said : "There probably are not the plaudits for this pub. It is simply the best in town. "

On 05-4-2005 tinytony said : "A total change from when I first reviewed this pub - it is now a big place, tons of seating space and a seemingly much bigger bar area. Quite lovely pub that always feels homely no matter how busy it gets. A place to spend an entire night."

On 26-2-2005 kate_w said : "One of my favourite pubs. Recently refurbished and now twice the size, this pub combines a homely atmosphere with modern style & a huge array of lovely beers. Go there!"

On 24-1-2005 dale said : "For those of you that wished this pub was a little bigger - you wish has now been granted. There is now a lounge area to the right of the bar (as you walk in). It's seems not quite finished, but it is still a very pleasant and less smoky drinking area."

On 23-10-2004 caroljameson said : "I refused to give this place any higher than an 8 because I like to be different... That said, it is a stupidly busy pub that is full from 7pm to 11pm every night. Husband has just discovered this place and thinks it's "special. Very stylish, pretty bar that just needs to be bigger."

On 16-10-2004 palerosez42 said : "I stayed here last week after my house had a flood. Didnt know this place existed as a hotel but it's absolutely fantastic. Really cool rooms, leather and wood - looked like something out of New York not Lancaster ! The bar's great too - this is how real ale bars should be - I dont drink real ale but it's modern and funky - not stodgy and old. John O'Gaunt this place aint !"

On 05-9-2004 miko2004 said : "Annoyingly good pub. Other pub owners should take note. It's always busy, very pretty inside and has an excellent range of beers. It has a hotel upstairs that looks very stylish."

On 26-7-2004 freechoices said : "For the best breakfast around this place is a must for all serious food lovers"

On 10-5-2004 tinytony said : "Superb pub, wonderful transformation - a truly "quality boozer". Just needs to be a little bigger because this is now THE place to go in Lancaster."

On 28-3-2004 bernard said : "This has to be one of the most amazing transformations that I have ever come across. The owners of the Water Witch have done it again, but more amazingly, in the Sun? When they took over the Witch, most said that that pub had had it's day, yet there were some that wanted it to be great again. Yet the Sun! What were they thinking? Here I am, however, writing to inform that it is now probably the best (if not, only second place to the Water Witch) pub in town. 8 real local ales, loads of whisky, nothing commercial (no Stella, Smooth, Bud or Ice here). They open at 7:30 am and the breakfast is the best and most innovative I have ever had, tea & coffee list extraordinaire and still no chips or burgers!!! The place is packed, and when visiting it is a must go to venue. If nothing else it is a reason to visit Lancaster!"

More details provided by the pub owner:

Draught ales available :

Kaltenburg 4.1% Amstel 4.1 % Warsteiner 4.8% Budvar 5.0% Liefmans Frambozen 4.5% Konig Ludvig 5.0% Kingstone Press 4.7% Guinness 4.1% We also have a guest line which usually has a Belgian or German Beer. Choice indeed for all. Nothing Commercial.

Real ales available :

Committed to cask ales, serving eight guest beers at all times. As an owner of Lancaster Brewery, we strive to showcase 3 of their beers at all times. Our efforts have been acknowledged by CAMRA by awarding us 2005-6 Town Pub of the Year, Lunesdale Branch

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