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The White Cross offers an excellent range of beers and wines, great traditional food and a warm welcome from the friendly staff. Relax inside with a pie & pint of cask ale or soak up the summer sun on the canal side with a chilled lager or wine.

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The White Cross has an average overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 with 25 vote(s) cast.

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The White Cross
South Road
LA14XT  (see map)
+44(0)1524 33999

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On 03-8-2012 phantomfitter said : "One of my sons has just moved to Lancaster so after moving him in we went to the cross for a meal. The staff were really friendly, the food was fantastic and there was a great choice of real ales. The pub was clean the toilets very clean. All in all brilliant. We will be going there again when we visit our son next."

On 05-4-2011 loobyloo said : "Went here for someone's birthday last week so thought I'd post a review. The architecture doesn't do this pub any favours and it takes a while to get used to the prairie-like spaces, but once you do, it's an excellently run pub which provides the best range of real ale pub currently available in Lancaster, with an interesting range of beers that goes way beyond the usual suspects kept in very good condition. I had Ringwood's Boondoggle and an absolutely delicious Mild (whose name unfortunately I forget). The staff are efficient and *can pour a pint*. This should be obvious, but there's many a pub whose staff blast a jet of beer into the glass, leave it to stand ("I'll just let that stand for a bit") then proceed to pour half a pint into the drip tray and still leave you with a head an inch high. Not in the White Cross though. They also seem to have a low staff turnover, which is always a good sign. Prices are at the upper end and they've gone through the 3 pounds barrier now, but if it means getting the beer in this condition I don't mind paying for it every now and again."

On 06-3-2011 bluevanman said : "Rapidly becoming one of my favourite pubs in Lancaster, mostly because of the beer. There always seems to be a good range of cask ale on, at least 5 or 6 different ones. They change regularly and I often have beers in there that I've never had before. Very well kept; I've never had a bad pint. Not the cheapest pub in Lancaster, the real ales I go for are usually around £2.90 to £3.10 but when you're getting this quality you can't complain - it can't be easy or cheap keeping such a wide range of beers on. Always feel welcomed by the staff and a couple of them know their beer and will describe what they're like for you, if you're into that sort of thing. I have never eaten here so can't comment on the food except that what I've seen other people eating looks good. Big pub, on different levels, various types of seating, ordinary tables, squashy sofas, high stools, whatever you want really. Kids seem to be welcome. Pool table. On various levels divided by steps so wheelchair users will need to stay on the lower level. Fortunately this is where the many of the tables are, along with the toilets and bar."

On 29-4-2010 howmuch said : "In again recently after a hard day at work and b@*ger me the real ale is now £3 a pint.....getting too pricey for me I'm afraid.....Waterwitch only £2.65(Flourish) and 30p off as well if Camra member....happy days :) Sorry but in this day and age the pennies are worth looking after wouldn't you all agree? :) "

On 10-2-2010 howmuch said : "Was in here again at the weekend and this place seems to be getting more and more tatty everytime I visit! The gents toilets are awful with layers of dust on the radiators and cobwebs on the skirting boards. The tables and chairs are showing their age with some looking as though they are in urgent need of repair before they give way on someone! Also the decor is peeling away at the seems on closer inspection. Some bulbs out in some lights and yet more evidence of substandard cleaning upon closer inspection everywhere in the bar area and restaurant. Come on landlord keep on top of the basics for gods sake. People will think this lack of care might extend to your kitchens? Now that rant is over with all I can say about the every expanding selection of beer is that it is excellent in every way shape and form, what a job the bar manager does! Worth his weight in gold eh? The food is top pub crub as well and not too pricey which is a bonus in this day and age! Please just sort out the actual pub and make it more pleasant to sit in and we'll all be happy!"

On 21-6-2009 jaymac said : "A good selection of beers, friendly staff but sort your toilets out, they are disgusting"

On 19-8-2007 howmuch said : "Quite a while since this pub has had a comment so here goes! A few years ago this pub had hit rock bottom and I mean rock bottom! Then the new landlord took over and began the task of getting the customers back in and turning the place around. For quite a while this was the case, the beer range was improved, the food was sorted out and the internal fittings and fixtures had a small make over. BUT! The problem I now have with this pub is it seems to have suffered from its own success in that it has, in my opinion, started to go backwards again. The cliental you don't really want to be drinking next to have started to drift back in and the inside and outside are starting to look drab again, the gents toilets are still those fitted by BASS all those years ago when the pub first opened or so Iím told. Even though money was spent on the ladies they are still only ok. As for the carpets well, after the recent flood they had from the car park one can only say they stunk and had started lifting at the edges! and I don't think that's the first time the rain has come flooding in either on the same carpet maybe? The whole place is looking tatty again. The upholstery and decor is again looking rough round the edges. Also the day to day cleaning of the place upon close inspection is a bit on the ropey side as well. Now don't get me wrong I would happily pop in for a pint after work since the beer is still more often than not excellent as is the range of other drinks available. But I wouldnít include it on my list of pubs for a good night out Iím afraid. I can't comment on the food but if itís as good as when I went last then it is excellent value. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I also believe this landlord also has two other establishments in Lancaster which I give him credit for, however I think he has stretched himself too far and is now ignoring his flagship pub to the point where it is not my first pub of choice anymore. Please, and this goes to all landlords, don't forget that it is by no means cheap drinking out these days and if you feel that your hard earned cash is only buying you an expensive pint of beer and not the overall experience of drinking in that pub and savouring its quality's beyond the actual pint then Iím afraid landlords have lost the whole point of providing/running a pub in the first place. I wish anybody any success in what they do however I still prefer some of the other pubs in town at the moment, albeit not many I must admit! Please don't be put off by these comments go and see for yourself to make your mind up. No doubt people will disagree with what I have said but are they in a position to have known this pub since it first opened in the 80's? I could have written a book about all the previous managers/landlords since there were some strange ones believe you me! "

On 27-5-2006 lordlardyoflancaster said : "One of my must doo,s at the weekend....Very friendly and enthusiastic staff.Good choice and quality of beers.Lovely setting next to the canal.Quiz on a Tuesday night."

On 23-4-2006 geordie said : "Good food... Good value. Lovely staff with proper banter guaranteed. Well worth ambling along the canal if only to stop at this watering hole!! If only to coin a phrase... ("what a proper pub should be!!!")"

On 13-4-2006 bex_and_ste said : "The best bit about this pub is definatly the Staff! Although they do have some of the nicest beers on offer and sit in one of the best locations in the city (its pretty + near my house) the friendlyness makes the place a lovely place to hang out. Sunday lunch is lovely too, and the lancashire puddings :) "

On 24-1-2006 gracie said : "I love this pub, friendly staff, great food and a wonderful choice of drinks, something for everyone! I donít get the chance to visit this pub as often as Iíd like, anymore. I do miss that interesting and funny quiz on a Tuesday night. How a proper pub should be. In my opinion (but i am biased). "

On 31-8-2005 kate_w said : "This pub has changed considerably in the past 6 months. It's now a fairly decent place with good beer and a nice atmosphere in the sunshine. Extra points go to the super fit barman who works there!"

On 22-8-2005 donp said : "OK - This is a long overdue revision of my former comments: The new landlord clearly cares about what people think of the pub, and has made massive improvements since taking over. There are quality beers, decent pub food, and nice interiors. Signs asking people to put their clothes on before entering show that they are still to deter some of the clientele from this boozer's previous incarnations."

On 16-8-2005 kev207 said : "Massive potential. New owners are trying hard. Only complaint is the Tuesday night quiz. Format is great but what is the point in having a pub quiz when there is basically no rules on the use of mobile phones? Nearly every team I saw the other night had someone texting or talking to get answers. What is the point?? Everyone gets full marks, everyone has use of thumbs, what is the point in the quiz? Last night I even saw someone zooming in on the answers with camera phone! Sort it out, actually make it competitive. There's really no point otherwise as it's just a who has got the most knowledgeable relatives competition."

On 04-8-2005 mikeyb1966 said : "I have had the pleasure of watching this pub transform from dire to excellent over the last 9 months, good beer, good food and happy friendly staff, surely there is more to come!!! Well done to everyone concerned."

On 09-7-2005 tinytony said : "The landlord bothered to write a thoughtful and constructive response to me after my criticisms below. Obviously heading in the right direction with that kind of attitude. Will visit again at some point soon."

On 03-6-2005 hpower5000 said : "vast improvement on previous landlords/managers attempts!!!!....keep going....few things to sort out (gents toilets/outside seating area)....all said and done....large pub with plenty of seating/standing area....good beer for all tastes....excellent staff especially the current chef (Andy)...superb steaks!!!!!.....very reasonable prices for food to....give it a go and you won't be disapointed.....quiz night on Tuesday's is good for a laugh as well!!!"

On 20-5-2005 bernard said : "Much improved through the hard work of the new landlord Tim. Great guy with a good work ethic, friendly staff, product knowledge and care, and lightbulbs. Curious to know why the restaurant has been converted into a loung area. But who am I to question Tim as he has made a great success of it so far. Keep up the good work!"

On 06-4-2005 tinytony said : "Needs a lot work still. Awful carpet, tired outside tables and chairs, decent beer. Not sure where this place is heading, basically it needs cash spending on it."

On 03-3-2005 donp said : "Another waste of a great location. Has suffered from bad management for years. Should have been flattened instead of The Navigation."

On 25-5-2004 howiej said : "i normally hate pubs like this and i normally hate fosters. but.....sitting by the canal with a pint of very cold, good looking fosters is pretty cool. foods big and not too bad but takes ages to come when theyre busy. main downer is being able to see where the navigation used to be... so, so sad."

On 04-1-2004 bernard said : "ate and drank here as it had been highly recommended. Mediocre came to my mind. It was only when we walkedinto town the Water Witch was recommended, also on the canal that we realised our mistake."

On 10-12-2003 tinytony said : "70's style purpose built pub. New owners are trying, but it needs a massive refurb. Great location, good ideas with food and drink but the Waterwitch does it 1000 times better."

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Tirril Old Faithful, Deuchars IPA, Tirril Acadamey, Bewshers & Brougham Hall, Old Speckled Hen, Theakstons Old Peculier, Bombadier, Marstons Pedigree, Hobgobblin and many more.

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