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Yorkshire House has an average overall rating of 3.7 stars out of 5 with 13 vote(s) cast.

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Yorkshire House
2 Parliament Street
LA11DB  (see map)
+44(0)1524 64679

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Pub reviews for Yorkshire House:

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On 26-1-2009 barker80 said : "bit of a dump and the land lady is a witch, the sooner she goes bust and a new person comes in the better"

On 30-9-2008 graceg said : "Good music, glad theres somewhere that still has a genuine interest in decent live music in lancaster. However its not the most welcoing place to an 'outsider'. Theres a certain type of person who goes here...generally quite young looking gothy types or the other extreme the old rocker type. The older people here are very friendly generally, but the younger lot are fairly awful and make you feel pretty out of place. Obviously they are over 18, but they mostly act about 13. This applies to the staff also. Part of the reason I frequent decent rock pubs is because of the welcoming nature of them which unfortunately this pub lacks somewhat. However I would persevere just because they do have some good bands on, and theres not much other choice in lancaster if its good live music your looking for."

On 19-12-2005 angryman said : "Scratch and sniff pub. What you see is what you get and that's enough for an old sea cat like me. Jacobean juice leashed to an old meaty ale with just a hint of horseradish soup. Beautify the beer, the saint of Lancaster ale haunts. Called the House in my home, where the War of the Roses is still in full force. Board up the front door, chain up the daughters, arm yourself with a spike - Boycott, Hague, Parkinson and yet more of their county brethren are still at large."

On 28-7-2005 loobyloo said : "Longtime centre of the music scene in Lancaster. Great bohemian atmosphere, all sorts of interesting bands play upstairs. Pretty steep prices for Lancaster though - 2.50 for Abbot!"

On 30-3-2005 marti said : "good real ale selection, great juke box and full of character. A good unspoilt pub rare so close to town. One of my favourite watering holes."

On 03-3-2005 donp said : "Great jukebox, good beers, table football & live acts upstairs. What more can you ask for?"

On 26-2-2005 kate_w said : "I love this pub! All staff are extremely friendly and anyone is welcome. A good scene"

On 05-9-2004 miko2004 said : "Nothing special inside. However it has a great atmosphere, genuinely warm staff and some great bands playing live."

On 24-7-2004 bernard said : "Good pub for all sorts of reasons. Passionately run, excellant beer and an active events diary. Do not be frightened by the exsuberence of the clientel. This is a very friendly and safe venue, just in need of a bit of updating."

On 29-12-2003 tinytony said : "Music pub frequented by lots of people who don't go anywhere else. Not the slightest bit of Yorkshire about it - apart from the general cheapness of the decor. Still, it has great charisma and is consistently busy."

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