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Angel Inn has an average overall rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 with 14 vote(s) cast.

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Angel Inn
Angel Inn Yard
LS16LN  (see map)
+44(0)1132 451428

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On 16-2-2011 manc55 said : "As a Mancunian who is lucky enough to visit Leeds on occasions I relish this pub. Its like a throwback to a gentler and simpler time I drink the "Old brewery" bitter, and my lady friend (a Leeds lass) enjoys the pure brewed lager I invariably have enough change in my pockets for the first round. If loud music arty crafty furnishings and posing are your thing Dont visit The Angel but if you want a good drink and good company at an affordable price this is THE place in Leeds centre. "

On 18-8-2010 ruthus said : "Very difficult to find. Good value draught Sam Smiths beers. The pub itself is a bit shabby and hardly luxurious. Can get very noisy too. This pub has real character and is well worth a visit. "

On 30-4-2010 loobyloo said : "This is one of may favourite pubs anywhere in the UK. It's unpretentiousness in a way that is almost impossible to find any more. It's all invalidity benefits, clapped out middle aged men, students, slightly scary-looking butch women, and ragged-looking elderly women. Lots of goo-natured joshing. NO MUSIC, hurrah! The Alpine lager, brewed on the lower slopes of the well-known Yorkshire ski resort of Tadcaster, is 1.81 / pint. Friendly people, wooden floors and knackered furniture. I love it in here."

On 30-3-2010 pintplease said : "Yes no doubt this is one of Sam Smiths better pubs in Leeds. The only criticism would be it size, its too small and therefore soon gets full but nothing can be done about that. Its an old part of historic Leeds thatís well worth a visit. The usual range of Sam Smiths ales at the usual good value for money prices. "

On 25-5-2008 moonlight said : "Hidden away in an alley way at the heart of Leeds, this pub is a gem. Cheap pints and cosy atmosphere, it's the ideal retreat from the bustling city outside. Just walking down the little alley way and into the secluded entrance gives you a bit of that "pub magic". One of my favourite places to spend a few quiet drinks with my mates on a Sunday afternoon."

On 08-7-2007 madge said : "called in cos my feet were killing me - great pub lovely beer & ideally placed - in the middle of Briggate."

On 26-2-2007 friertuck said : "A down to earth Pub, ut like all Sam Smith Houses, the selection of of drinks is limited, but all in all you get what it says on the package. "

On 25-8-2006 madge said : "Good pub to take a break from shopping in."

On 30-12-2005 rogan said : "£1.50 for a pint in the centre of leeds...enough said"

On 16-11-2004 thespicester said : "Welcome addition to Leeds pubs. It serves a good pint of Sam Smiths so that means cheap (and I do mean cheap) beer."

On 11-9-2004 wildwillie said : "As if from heaven The Angel has transformed one of Briggates' scruffy little alleys & we now have a Sam Smith's pub in the middle of Leeds. Tastefully decorated & with SS bitter on draught it could be the viable alternative to shopping."

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