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The Stump Cross Inn has an average overall rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 with 3 vote(s) cast.

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The Stump Cross Inn
Britannia Road
LS270DD  (see map)

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On 03-11-2010 morleygirl19 said : "Hi i had to write this review as i went to the Stump Cross for the first time, we went on opening night. I wasn't sure what to expect as it's always been known as a real ale pub, as young 20 year olds we thought we would give it a go as it looks very trendy and right up our street. I'm glad we went as we had such a fantastic time. We were suprised by the cocktails on offer and the price was much cheaper then you would get anywhere else for what you get, there was also lot's to choose from regarding other drinks. The only thing we would say is the music seemed to be for more of the older generation, but it did get slightly better through the night, it didn't get us in the mood for a club though.On the whole we were very impressed, the staff were nice and the toilets were clean! we will be back..."

On 02-11-2010 stumpy2010 said : "Hi Dale, thanks for the message,it get's round fast... we were shut for 16 days for a total refurb but we reopened last Friday totally transformed!"

On 01-11-2010 dale said : "Word is that this pub is now closed. Can anyone confirm this? Please click "This pub is no longer" at the top of the page and let me know what has happened? Thanks. D."

On 30-8-2010 zippo said : "New review as of today, and I apologise to stumpy2010 for past remarks which were a little premature......I wish all the best to you and your staff for a remarkable job and for your future success."

On 10-8-2010 stumpy2010 said : "As kindly mentioned below the Stump Cross is now under new management but will not be either a bistro or a wine bar, sorry to disappoint you Zippo! The Stump Cross will be staying as a PUB, but we will offer a selection or drinks to suit everyones tastes, we will eventually be opening the kitchens to offer some good home cooked food but at affordable prices this is some way off yet...but watch this space!!! It has already undergone a dramatic clean up and will be totally refurbished very soon. Through out the week you can find a friendly warm, welcoming atmosphere for you to sit, relax and watch the world go by with pint of tetleys but when the weekend begins we like to have a bit of fun and liven the mood with a few cheeky cocktails created by our own bar man daz! We have welcomed a mix of age groups back to the stump, new and old regulars with this in mind we offer a wide selection of music to compliment the mood and atmosphere!! On the whole the Stump Cross is on it's way back up, i'm 100% positive you'll have a good experience!! come and see for yourself you wont be disappointed!!"

On 27-7-2010 zippo said : "Never really took off again after the many landlord/manager changes.....the news now that it is to become a wine-bar/bistro.....laughable."

On 02-1-2009 zippo said : "After nearly six glorious years as resident Saturday night DJ, I have been replaced. Due to a third change of landlords in as many months the local that use to be a hive of activity and enjoyment for so many at the week-end is no more. It will never be the same. The Half Way House and the Dashers have now taken all the punters. Rest In Peace and thanx for the memories."

On 31-5-2005 thespicester said : "Decent roadside boozer. Two seperate (tap & lounge) rooms. Good Tetley beer. Pleasant crowd."

On 01-11-2003 zippo said : "Hello there, if anyone wants a nice relaxing weekend drink, then this is the place to go to. It is only a small public house, but a warm relaxing atmosphere is always present. Friday night is karaoke night with Pete and Ally every one is welcome. Singing voice not an assett (ha ha). Saturday Night a fabulous night with Mick (the oldest swinger in town) doing his stuff on the decks and discs, reviving the 60's 70's & 80's only (no 90's crap). Plus around 9:15 the Pop Quiz with great prizes. Good fun is had by all. The food is excellent, the beer is well kept and reasonably priced, and the landlord is a bundle of fun. So pop down, pop in and pop some beer down your neck and enjoy a good weekends fun. I should know....I'm the DJ."

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