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Mr Foleys Ale House has an average overall rating of 3.6 stars out of 5 with 6 vote(s) cast.

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Mr Foleys Ale House
159 The Headrow
LS15RG  (see map)
+44(0)1132 429674

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On 25-2-2012 wildwillie said : "Comfortable city centre pub with a range of York Brewery beers plus guests. Nice atmosphere though the leather sofas + ale tend to induce sleep. Another good respite from shopping in Leeds!"

On 20-7-2010 derekdrinkbrains said : "York brewery pub which always has good beer, including the non-York guests. Often has stouts/porters. Two large-screen tv's dominate the split level front section :( and somehow it just doesn't really have a pub atmosphere. A bit like a waiting room with chesterfield sofas and large tvs. And good beer."

On 18-4-2008 irishboy said : "I was recommended by quite a few employees from where I work, so I took their advice and decided to take some work colleagues, I ordered a Chicken Burger, beer battered chips and a Tuna sandwich (for a friend and I) with a bottle of Magners and a glass of Coke, I ordered this at 13:55, at 14:20 the Tuna sandwich appeared and at 14:25 the bar staff asked if we ordered Chicken Skewers, I replied no, I ordered a Chicken Burger. 10 minutes later I went to the bar and asked if my Chicken burger was coming? the gentleman did initially show concern when I told him how long I was waiting for my food, I had a discussion with the two other employees behind the bar and explained to me that he would sort this out. I waited another 10 minutes and went to the bar at 14:35, I approached the barman that said he would sort it out, he just looked at me in confusion, (did he think I would not ask where my food order would be?) anyway I explained that I was due back at the office and have no time to wait any longer, I honestly don't believe he was going to offer me a refund as I just stood there until I asked for my money back, he gave me 3.75 back, I questioned this and explained that I purchased a Chicken Burger, he started to get confrontational and said I ordered Chicken Skewers, ( Not great customer service, could have at least explained himself and what happened) I replied that I had not however he was handing over the money when I commented that three orders on my table had also been incorrect, he retracted the refund and said that they are not at fault. (Sorry, but what kind of answer is that?) I did say that this was really poor service, waiting for 45mins on my lunch break and getting attitude from the bar staff is not the kind of experience I would expect from anywhere, never mind a place that serves food and drink and one that seems to have good reviews on several leeds websites. The conversation ended when the barman said that I know where to go in the future. (Nice!) I agreed and left with my colleagues. I have obviously found this experience so frustrating that I am writting this review, to be treated like the way no customer should be treated, I am surprised Mr Foley's have not recieved many more complaints about the attitude and lack of customer service towards the staff. Needless to say I will post this e-mail to everyone in my company as a negaive experience in Mr Foley's, I do not mean for this to come across as a threat however the staff that are paid wages too have infuriated both me and my colleagues who intended to have a nice enjoyable lunch in you pub, this was far from a Utopian experience."

On 26-11-2007 roxyviva said : "Now called "Mr Foley's". Owned by York Brewery. "

On 16-2-2006 roxyviva said : "Excellent Real Ales"

On 05-2-2006 thespicester said : "Trendy new bar raised from the ashes of a trendy restaurant that lasted no time at all. It seems to be pressing all the right buttons with trendies and ale carts alike. Cocktails, real ale and coffee living in harmony. Good to see. "

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