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Contact Details for pub Scarborough Hotel:

Scarborough Hotel

Bishopgate Street
LS15DY  (see map)

+44(0)1132 434590

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Scarborough Hotel has an average overall rating of 2.5 stars out of 5 with 9 vote(s) cast.

Pub reviews for Scarborough Hotel:

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On 26-3-2010 pintplease said : "I cant understand any praise that this pub gets, I agree with another comment on here which says its over rated. They have a good range of hand pulled ales but I havenít had a good pint in here yet. Its no good just having a wide selection of ales, you have to know how to look after and serve them. On top of all this is the overly expensive prices which makes one look elsewhere. "

On 07-1-2009 shandyman said : "just fancied a pint of shandy on 2/1/09 and as i was passing called in & the first thing i saw was my favorite ale on drought(speckled hen)so ordered a drink for myself,s/hen shandy and half of amstel for my wife only to be told in no uncertain terms if i want shandy you can only have tetleys as the others are proper ales(isn't tetleys proper ale ?),when questioned about this i was told it was managers orders and basically take it or leave it,i left it and won't be returning again as obviously the customer isn't always right."

On 28-7-2008 postiebob said : "Handy when you come off the train but thats it, heard a lot about this pub and its my first time in Leeds. Sunday quiet inside very busy outside, think they could to a bit to improve, bar staff not to good had to ask for a top up."

On 20-7-2008 thedoctoriswell said : "Very over rated and expensive. I have been in a few times and have yet to have a decent pint. I don't go in anymore. "

On 01-6-2008 mikeupd said : "'The Taps' is over-rated. It's noisy, badly trained staff, full of egomaniacs from BT. Best avoided, The Prince of Wales nearby is a better place by far."

On 21-1-2008 catnick said : "Famouse Edwardian-era pub, with a quickly rotating selection of real ales (3-6 on at any given time). Very popular with business people, shoppers, and lovers of independent Yorkshire breweries. End of January and mid-August they have a beer festival, with up to 50 beers during that week (10 extra hand-pumps are on for festivals. Decent food, good size portions. The usual batch of lagers are available, as is a large selection of whiskeys and spirits. Very large, spacious interior can get absolutely jammed on an evening. The down side is the gent's loo: pretty horrible, let's leave it at that. Doesn't have anything near the problems it used to as a football hooligan's pub. If you haven't tried it, give it a go. It is a mecca for real ale fans."

On 21-2-2007 conk said : "Always good beer, handy if you've half an hour between trains. If you've got any longer than that, though, walk down the road to The Grove"

On 30-11-2006 roxyviva said : "Can't see what all the fuss is about. Much better real ale pubs in town. "

On 19-8-2006 madge said : "Crap pub just off City Square"

On 23-5-2006 curryman said : "Having been in the Scarboro taps on a number of occasions both as an individual and in a group, I have always found it to be friendly with a good range of beers. The food portions are generous and the quality is good. I would recommend this pub to anyone who is in the area."

On 14-5-2006 localfella81 said : "decent pub, local to Leeds City train station, popular with people having a quick pint before home, many moons ago it was very popular with the local football hooligans waiting to ambush visiting supporters now thankfully the pub has been transformed into a decent friendly pub which is nice and cheap."

On 12-1-2006 thespicester said : "Decent pub. One of Tetley's Festival Ale Houses. Handy for Leeds Rail Station."

On 30-12-2005 rogan said : "Great pub & good ales/food. V.Busy at lunch from office staff. Good atmos, 9/10"

On 19-10-2005 wildwillie said : "Known as the Scarborough Taps - famous football pub just outside the station & until a couple of years ago still a good place to meet up before the match. Then it was refurbished & all the character vanished. Even the draught Tetleys did not taste the same. Give this pub a miss."

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