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Stick Or Twist has an average overall rating of 2.1 stars out of 5 with 4 vote(s) cast.

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Stick Or Twist
Merrion Way
LS2 8BT  (see map)
+44(0)1132 349748

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On 18-8-2010 ruthus said : "I go to this pub most Saturday nights; I find it offers an excellent range of real ales, often from local breweries- the beer is well kept and served at the right temperature. Service is very good too; you don't usually have to wait long before you are served. The staff seem polite, enthusiastic and helpful. The drinks are good value though not as cheap as they used to be. As with all Wetherspoon pubs, food is available . I rate this place very highly! "

On 13-8-2009 shandyman said : "nice pub to start the evening off in. a good range of cask ales,very reasonably priced. but wouldn't stay too late as i think it would get quite rowdy."

On 05-10-2008 pintplease said : "Itís a couple of months since I was last in this pub, I wasnít impressed then but thought I would see if anything had improved. My visit was on a Saturday afternoon and if anything its worse. Still lots of noisy kids to put you off your drink. Three pumps were not connected and I got a cloudy pint. But the worst example of customer relations I have ever seen in here was a male member of staff (looked to be Chinese) shouting and swearing at an elderly gentleman who was sat some distance from the bar. This was in full view and earshot of other customers some of who were women.. The elderly chap looked to be clean dressed and respectable (wasnít one of the winoís who sometimes go in) He looked to be clearly embarrassed at receiving that sort of treatment from the bar man. I donít know what the problem was but surely this was no way to deal with it. I guess that incident, will have put a number of people off going in this pub, it certainly has me. Disgusting is the only way to describe it. Come on Wetherspoons, give your staff some better training. "

On 18-8-2008 pintplease said : "This used to be a good pub but its gone down hill over the last 18 months. No one appears to look after the beers. Most of the time a number of the pumps not connected. When you get a pint here you have to wait at the bar for a while to see if your beer is going to clear, I get fed up of taking pint after pint back. Its becoming the norm to be served with a pint of cloudy, poor tasting ale. Recently a pint of Roosters IPA looked like pure orange juice (I was told it was a new barrel), an hour later I saw two people at the bar asking for their Roosters to be changed. The staff were still selling it even though they knew it wasnít fit for consumption. This is such a shame because Roosters if looked after is a great beer. The added problem here is noisy kids, this pub used to be the ideal place to sit and chat with friends or read a news paper, you cant do that peacefully any more. Kids are screaming and running round, the parents donít seem bothered and neither do the staff. I understand, to pay for this so called pleasure will now cost you an extra 10p per pint. "

On 20-7-2008 thedoctoriswell said : "Typical Wetherhspoons. No longer cheap. Very long queues at the bar and the staff have no idea who is next because they don't look and they don't care. One of the worst Wetherspoons for choice and quality of beer (the Timepiece in Dewsbury is worst). Lots of 'managers' but no one seems to be in charge. Kids screaming and running around all over the place. Avoid this pub and go somewhere else. Deecent customers are not welocome. It can be very rowdy and the staff just let them get on with it, probably because they are too frightened to do anything. "

On 07-12-2004 thespicester said : "A typical JDW's - Large barn like premises with cheap beer and boat loads of punters."

On 11-5-2004 bennett said : "Good cheap pub to start the night"

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