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The Palace has an average overall rating of 3.8 stars out of 5 with 6 vote(s) cast.

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The Palace
LS27DJ  (see map)
+44(0)1132 445882

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On 29-12-2010 wildwillie said : "Went in at lunchtime - passable pint of Leeds Best @ £2.90. Bangers and mash was £6.50. Nice ambience in the pub but as previously stated - expensive."

On 06-12-2009 pintplease said : "Cant hardly believe this, they have slapped another 10p a pint on the price of guest ales. 270p a pint ! This is a pub with hotel prices. Who is daft enough to pay these over inflated prices, does the manager blush when he holds his hand out to take your hard earned cash from you ? I well remember the days when the Breweries used to own the pubs and they set the price of a pint, you knew the pubs prices before you walked in, prices were regulated. Now they charge what they like or should I say what they think they will get away with. Remember that whilst ever mugs are buying ale at these prices the pubs will sell it."

On 17-9-2009 pintplease said : " Avoid this pub, I called in today (Sep 2009) and was charged £2.60 for a pint of guest beer. It goes without saying that I didnt order a second one. A fiver wont buy two pints what a rip off. Theres an old saying…. ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY. "

On 10-11-2008 wildwillie said : "Lovely unspoilt pub on the edge of town. Wide range of cask ales including Tetleys at £2.10. I thought that it was worth waiting for."

On 01-9-2008 mightyjoe said : "This pub will always be a good place to visit dispite the staff who don't know about real ale. Using a cloth to keep the bartop clean may be incorporated into a future training programme as could the proper use of correct sparklers but probebly not by the present tennant. The toilets need to be cleaned now and then. The regulars are all a very welcoming bunch and tend to make their own comedy; this not being difficult for the stoics. Be prepared to wait to be served as staff restock shelves and tend the glass washer. I think the problem is that money (whatever it's colour) is uninteresting to some companies."

On 21-8-2008 lillyman said : "the management of this pub are not user freindley there bar staff are always overworked as they maintain low staffing levels and most of the staff can not pull a decent pint of hand pull i have seen the manageress even bar a dog as it pulled some plants out in the back beer garden"

On 19-8-2008 pintplease said : "Yes the Palace is a good pub, always has been. it caters mainly for a mature crowd who are well behaved. There are a good range of house and guest beers which are always kept well. I used to enjoy calling in this pub about once a week for 2 or 3 pints but then shock horror the prices leapt up. The price of the guest beers is now out of my league. To be frank and on principle, I object most strongly to being ripped off. This has stopped me going into a pub that I always enjoyed. "

On 29-7-2008 thedoctoriswell said : "Make sure you take plenty of money 'cos it aint cheap in here!"

On 26-2-2008 rob_elaine said : "Probably my favourite Leeds pub. Good atmosphere, not rowdy like other pubs in the centre. Good choice of real ale."

On 03-10-2007 urs22 said : "exelent pub,great atmosphere ,good location ."

On 21-2-2007 conk said : "Been here dozens of times over the last ten years or so, yet to have a pint that was less than excellent"

On 22-1-2007 friertuck said : "This is probably the best in the city centre, there is always a least seven(7) guest beers, plus at least six lagers, ALSO the obligatory Irish necter,on tap. All the bottles you would want, and spirits at a £1.00 extra to make it a double, and a reasonable wine list. Excellent Pub grub at all times. Plus good staff."

On 07-4-2006 wildwillie said : "Situated opposite the parish church - nice pub worth a visit - has benefitted from all the regeneration along the river behind it."

On 14-3-2006 thespicester said : "Good pub (deffo). Good ales (always). Good people (mostly). Handy for Leeds Bus station so there's no need to take the car."

On 16-2-2006 roxyviva said : "Best choice of Real Ales in Leeds. "

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