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Town Hall Tavern has an average overall rating of 3.8 stars out of 5 with 4 vote(s) cast.

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Town Hall Tavern
17 Westgate
LS12RA  (see map)
+44(0)1132 440765

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On 20-7-2010 derekdrinkbrains said : "There are 4 valid reasons for visting this pub - Best, Golden Best, Landlord and Ram Tam. "Gennuflect when ye approach the altar of beer O ye hierophantic seekers of the nectar of truth ! For, hath it not been said, that if ye seek ye so shall ye find ye ? And thy reaward...""

On 06-3-2010 pintplease said : "Because this pub is a little bit out of the way, just on the edge of town, it doesnít pull in the customers like other town pubs. Now this can be a good thing, it means the customer can usually have a choice of seats, doesnít have to queue for his beer and can sit in peace and read a newspaper. The disadvantage to this, is that if itís quiet for too long then there is only a slow turnover of ale, there is nothing worse than a pint that has been stood in the pump going sad. The pub tends to rely on dinnertime time trade from the surrounding offices so it can get busy in those times but soon empties when everyone goes back to work. Timmy Taylors has always been a good drink and this pub has a good range of Taylors ales. The downside to this pub is its prices, a pint of Taylors Landlord is 2.65. Guinness comes at an over inflated price of 3.00 per pint. With prices like these the pub isnít exactly trying to attract customers and I for one will look elsewhere. A wise drinker roaming round Leeds city centre pubs can get a good pint of bitter for below £2.00 in quite a number of different pubs. "

On 16-1-2009 shandyman said : "This is in my mind one of the best pubs in yorkshire,not just leeds.Only downside is it can be a little empty on an evening,but the Ram Tam ale makes up for this."

On 29-7-2008 thedoctoriswell said : "Ok but just too expensive"

On 18-12-2007 wildwillie said : "Called in for early evening drinks one Friday & the THT was packed to the gunnels & doing great business. Range of Taylors ales at out-of-town prices meant everyone was getting hammered."

On 07-8-2006 wildwillie said : "The "Tav" is back - refurbished - serving draught ale including Taylors & full of solicitors at lunchtime when I called in."

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