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Whitelocks has an average overall rating of 3.1 stars out of 5 with 9 vote(s) cast.

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Turks Head Yard
LS16HB  (see map)
+44(0)1132 453950

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On 11-12-2010 flask said : "Have to agree with earlier comments. I had my 40th birthday party in the back room last year and paid a fortune for what was promised as a home made buffet. The food was abysmal and pre-bought and not enough to go round. A real rip off. This is still a great pub though and probably one of the prettiest in Leeds. Can get crowded though as the bar is narrow-boat slender."

On 16-11-2010 acebikerchick said : "I had my wedding reception in Whitelocks private room on 13th November 2010. Bev the manageress promised us home made pasties, quiches etc. What we got was cheap supermarket food, stale pizzas and no deserts whatsoever. The CD machine broke down half way through our first dance, very upsetting then continued to turn off all through the night. The bar staff admitted it has been wrecked for ages. We were told that our belongings would be safe in the room as the door would be locked etc as we were collecting it the next day. When we returned next day another party was in progress. The staff had shoved all our presents and cards in boxes. We had presentation boxes missing, all the flowers from my wedding cake were gone and pens and drawing books for the kids were gone. We got no apology and the manager was downright evil to us. I will never go back there not even for a drink. What a bad end to such a fantastic weekend... "

On 21-7-2010 derekdrinkbrains said : "It's necessary to be possessed of a certain lithe sinuosity in order to be able to insinuate yourself up or down the yard and into this pub. I like the fact that I can never find the door either on entering or leaving ! 19th century decor, 21st century prices. Modern manners maketh man and woman. And both sexes, gentle reader, are seen to comport themselves in a seemly manner in this ancient hostelry."

On 16-1-2009 shandyman said : "Best pub in leeds for food,beer is also good but the toilets are AWFUL.Last time i went not only was there no lock on the toilet door, but no lightbulb,paper or seat.If these problems could be sorted out it would go back into my top 5."

On 29-7-2008 thedoctoriswell said : "Expensive so make sure it isn't your round when you go in. "

On 29-7-2008 postiebob said : "What a job to find this place, mind it was worth it, very old some say the oldest in Leeds, asked for real ale, pulled it then says think thats wrong, they had changed barrels but not labels, never mind very nice. Bar staff was friendly and helpful will certainly go in again on our nerxt trip."

On 08-8-2007 palace said : "When I walked through the door into Whitelocks I was truly amazed. Like stepping back in time. A truly remarkable, historic pub. The food was excellent as was the choice and quality of beer. The staff were warm and friendly. All told a truly wonderful experience and an example to many other pubs. Thank you."

On 16-2-2006 roxyviva said : "Good choice of real ales."

On 10-8-2005 mauler said : "A traditional pub,good beer,friendly staff and wholesome food. "

On 07-12-2004 thespicester said : "One of Leeds better pubs. Situation up one of Briggates many alleys. It is a long narrow pub serving good beer in comfy surroundings. Nice!"

On 08-9-2004 wildwillie said : "Like all good pubs in Leeds Whitelocks is up a narrow alley. Unlike most of the others it has been there for nearly 300 years. The long narrow bar is comfortable, if not cramped, but can get very crowded. In summer people sit out in Turks Head Yard which widens out so that tables can be put up. There is always an interesting selection of beers to be sampled & the food is cheap & quite palatable. All in all an excellent alternative to shopping!"

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