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Important venue information: We are pleased to announce that Firefly will now be known as Firebug to avoid confusion with the bar in london of the same name.

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Firebug has an average overall rating of 3.8 stars out of 5 with 13 vote(s) cast.

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Pocklingtons Walk
LE16BT  (see map)
+44(0)1162 551228

(Please mention if you phone them!)

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On 15-8-2011 elly_kelly said : "Like the fact it is soo big and easy to get a seat. A great selection of drinks though I couldnt stay here all night on my wage packet but what do you expect for a bar in the town centre. Bouncers are pretty choosey who they let in so you never really seem to see any trouble here "

On 02-2-2011 harryb said : "visited my son in leicester while he was at uni, and i have to say when he said we were going to his local i was a tad concerned about some horrid student bar, Firebug was great for a nice meal and i enjoyed seeing my sons favourite pub, weve dicided to get tickets for one of the comedy shows at the leicester comedy festival i just wish relaxed bars like this were in the press more and entice people into our city centre rather than hearing or reading about area's like church gate and braunstone gate. 10/10 for my burger and chips too"

On 09-6-2010 sinsin said : "Great tidy new look downstairs with some new ambient lighting and sofa's, upstairs is the real change with a fantatsic new venue layout and extra room for fans of comedy and live music, outside a gret covered heated smoking / sunning garden which doesnt flood anymore either :P more real ales, premium beers a new cocktail menu and a new food menu as well, mr leic was right when he said a refurb was in order and theyve done a good job of it throughout just a shame there isnt much parking for those of us who drive."

On 14-5-2008 mrleics said : "Needs a refurb as it has become a bit run down since it opened in 2004. Also recently they have started putting the lighting on which creates a very sterile atmosphere, like a GP surgery. It used to have low lighting and a great atmosphere. "

On 02-5-2006 kat_firefly said : "Thanks to everyone for your honesty and kind comments :) To Mr Dave G, I think our popularity has shown that you can enjoy nice surroundings and good music at the same time. If there were such a need for a dedicated rock bar why didn't the Lamplighters work? If anyone would like to receive information about up coming events you can join our mailing list on x"

On 08-4-2006 sammy1984 said : "Generally only go here during the day and really like it. When I mentioned to a member of staff the locks on the toilet cubicles were broken, they didn't seem at all interested and were quite rude about it."

On 11-9-2005 prodrinkerplus said : "Fantastic place, i went on sat 10th sept. food was excellent and remarkably UNDER PRICED compared to the drinks. 10 out of 10."

On 10-9-2005 rico said : "i love this pub, go here the pump and tap,the OT, then go home in any order."

On 10-9-2005 adrinker said : "a massive change from the hole it used to be, and has managed to appeal to everyone during the day whilst still maintaning a reasonably student indie alternative feel at the weekends,staff are ok, food is surprisingly cheap."

On 10-9-2005 dave_g said : "It's a classic case of a bar with an identity crisis - it's decked out like a "trendy" wine bar, but it's music and clientele are all of the rock fraternity. There's such a huge need for a dedicated rock pub in Leicester, and here is a missed opportunity to fill that gap. And, like others, I find the bar staff leave something to be desired and the prices are too steep. Very cliquey. But, looks nice... 5/10"

On 01-9-2005 ilovebeerlots said : "Although the bar staff in this pub seem to think that it is below them to serve you if you are not one of their friends this is a great pub and I recommend it to everyone."

On 11-7-2005 topaz said : "A nice pub where anything goes, used to be a rock pub but closed, re-vamped and softened its tone with plants and comfy chairs (though not enough). A relaxed and friendly feeling with resonable priced drinks and good music (alternative - but no too hard for you townies!). My only problem is the severe yellow lighting behind the bar - its just wrong!"

On 07-6-2005 benhudson said : "nice addition to what is a pretty drab area, only been in once or twice but liked the look of it. "

On 06-6-2005 jimmyb said : "well the manager would rate this pub a 10 wouldn't they. Again another pub where food is very slow, the bar staff are in a world of their own and it is very expensive"

On 07-1-2005 kat_firefly said : "Live Music - Good Food - Late License"

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Kronenbourg 1664, Hoegaarden, Staropramen, Carlsberg, Carlsberg Extra Cold, Stella Artois,Guiness, Mansfield Smooth, Pedigree.

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