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Leicester Gateway has an average overall rating of 2.8 stars out of 5 with 5 vote(s) cast.

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Leicester Gateway
Gateway Street
LE27DP  (see map)
+44(0)1162 557319

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On 12-12-2009 farr_ticulus said : "To be perfectly frank, this pub was never good let alone great. The ale was always much too warm, and the layout distinctly odd and intimidating. When Bell's Brewery (sic) took it over the writing was clearly on the wall, really bad beer served warm will never sell, especially the dish water they produced."

On 15-6-2009 mauler said : "Closed"

On 17-3-2009 mauler said : "Quiet for a Friday Night,no atmosphere in this large open plan pub near university. The ales on tap were not in the best of condition and were from Timothy Taylors,Brains,rugby,Moles and GK.(no Bell's Beers strange for what is suppose to be a brewery tap)."

On 11-2-2009 mauler said : "To be taken over by Bell's Brewery in Mid February,hopefully to be turned back to its former glory."

On 19-12-2008 blackhand said : "Phew, where do you start ........... firstly the pub is ran down,dirty in fact. It has fruit machines and poor pool table & SKY SPORTS, this place has missed the chance to set itself apart, nestled in the middle of the university and the hospital it has no reedeeming features. i tried a home made chilli burger for Ģ6.50. it was a trod on dog turd with chilli powder sprinkled on it, i think the food all comes via the fryer! the place has a feeling of an estate pub thrown in the middle of leicester city, the staff are a strange mix. customer service is not top of their agenda. i sat in there one night with five customers with the football on the big screen!! guess what ? - the graduate had the football on less than 200 yards away as well, so did the quay which was up the road. in fact within 1/4 of a mile there were about 12 places showing the same match !!! the beer is standard, they all of a sudden have carlsberg & tetley on the bar, the last owners had continental lagers, fruit beers, castle rock ale, staropramen etc, but the current crowd have diched all of that in favour of a boring range. as far as visting it, dont bother, they are not worthy of your hard earnt money. dissapointing"

On 01-7-2006 intrigue said : "Great pub, reasonably priced, friendly staff/landlord, nice range of ale."

On 15-4-2006 kingfisher said : "Still feels like it could be improved somehow. Beers are fine, majority of staff seem very pleasant, maybe the landlord might learn something from them."

On 07-8-2005 thequaffer said : "Large pub converted from hosiery factory and situtated in student area near Leicester Poly (the real University is near the rail station!). Interesting indicator of industrial decline and student expansion, as it caters primarily for the latter group, but has a reasonable selection of real ales nonetheless. Go out of term time and look on the walls at the interesting old photos and map of the area, including one of the Dewdrop pub, which I remember being demolished in the late 1960s. "

On 07-6-2005 benhudson said : "Really liked this pub when i was a student, sums it up really! although very good beer selections and staff are always friendly"

On 01-6-2005 kingfisher said : "Not a bad place but can get very noisy, especially during university term time with loud skysports on tele... it is very close by de Montfort University campus, so full of students, and thus reflecting on the style of pub..beer is of very good quality...run by Tynemill pub co."

On 25-4-2005 filsor said : "Lotīs of real ale but very empty and quiet place. Went there on a friday at 9, where was everyone?"

On 08-12-2004 mauler said : "A converted hosiery factory,fully air-conditioned,stocking up to 6 real ales and a choice of continental largers, a varied food menu is aviliable at reasonable prices."

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