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Lloyds No 1 has an average overall rating of 2.2 stars out of 5 with 10 vote(s) cast.

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Lloyds No 1
The Corn Exchange
LE15GG  (see map)
+44(0)1162 538533

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On 06-4-2008 thebeerlover said : "f.a.o Angel Challenge 21 was enforced on Public Houses my the government at the end of the day, it's a known fact that you can't judge a persons age just by looking at them, what wen you have 16/17 year olds with beards and moustaches ect. Therefore the government made a simple rule, whih states that if somebody appears to look below the age of 21 then you should I.D them before you serve them. So why are Lloyds No1 so strict on this? The police will continuously check that looks are applying Challenge 21 at all times, this is done through test purchasing (delibrately sending in a person below the age of 18 to try and attain alcohol). this can happen at any time within the pubs permitted hours, and should anybody fail the test purchase the consequences of this are not very nice at all! The person who serves the underagedperson will find themselves with an on the spot 80 fine, on top of this will then be sacked from the job as an outcome of this, and the icing on the cake depeding on the situation, you may also then be taken to court and face a 5000 fine on top of it all, therefore is it really worth it?? i think not!!! It's much easier to just ask for i.d do their job!!! As for the Landlord they face fines just like the ones above however on top of this they face losing their pubholders license and ending their careers, again is it worth it??? The Corn Exchange / Lloyds No1 Will continue to operate under challenge 21 rules and regulations at all times, meaning yes if you appear below the age of 21 YES you will be asked for I.D, however this isn't a personal thing, this is the law at the end of the day and it as to be done simple as! As for the soft drinks / Coffee's part, It is against the law to be in a pub if you are below the ae of 18, so even if you arenot oing to drink alcohol, the laws still state that your not 18 therefore you cant be in there! It really defeats me how people can attack a pub for simply coplyin with the law??? Comments about Lloyds: Cleanliness:- The overall clanliness of the pub is good, the staff contantly clean and clear tables, the toilets are always imaculate and the floor and bars and always clean. Service:- Excellent, the staff are really friendly and always say hello after visitting a couple of times, i found myself on first name terms with the staff, who are always willing to help should you need anything, In my opinion you get the treatment of a close knit small country pub from a major market leader which is brilliant. Drinks available:- Lagers - Carling, Fosters, Coors, Kronenberg, Stella, Leffe, Frulli, Ales:- John Smiths, Pedigree, Bishops Finger, Old perculiar, Exmoor Beast, guest ales include Pedigree six, plum beer, amongst many others. Spirits:- You name it they have it. Clientele:- A mixture o all types of poeple, just as you would come to expect from a city centre pub. "

On 01-3-2008 angel2008 said : "Well what can be said for a bar that has so many double standards, Lloyds Advertises as a Families Welcome bar BUT if your 18 or over be ready to be I.D'ed for a soft drink/hot drink and or Food and if you can't prove your age even if you've been there time and time again over the past 5 years or more be ready to be kicked out! it's not just me Being shoved out the door in the middle of the day, over not having I.D for a non-alochlic drink or food no end of my friends have been treated the same way. We all understand the law but how can you kick out over 18's for no i.d when you clearly have under 18s with and without parents, and if there Checking everyone then they must relise that most of these have got to be fake i.d's that there letting drink in there bar. BEWARE IF YOU WANT COFFEE AT Lloyds in Leicester you'll need I.D at all times!"

On 27-1-2006 greatwetlettuce said : "Full of chavs"

On 08-12-2005 realdeal said : "Very busy at weekends. Cheap drinks, jug of vodka n redbull is one of my faves. It is a fave place for the townies of leicester."

On 01-12-2005 jar1985 said : "The service is picking up, they are also iding lots of 20ish year olds as "they dont look 21" be this can only be good as it keeps undersage(chavs) out and raises the profile of the pub, the ale served rotates as its a wetherspoons but its ok for a wetherspoons the ale seems to be shifted and the continental Lager is exerlent and will get you bladdered"

On 25-11-2005 radarmedic said : "This place has improved! Had a refit, and the bar staff are friendly, aslong as you dont mess with them! Standard Wetherspoons, but gets lively at night (ok so the DJ turns it up way to loud) Still the odd chav, but getting better"

On 10-9-2005 lady_k said : "Grim....very grim"

On 01-9-2005 ilovebeerlots said : "If you are near this pub, just run, run far away. The beer and the service are appauling but if you fancy having your face smashed in by Chavs or the doostaff its the place for you!"

On 27-8-2005 eugene said : "Might be best to ask for a police escort before entering. If the army ever need target practice they should look no further than here. There's plenty of chav SCUM that need exterminating. Also, the place is part of the wetherspoons chain, need i say more."

On 11-7-2005 topaz said : "Ok if you go for one drink but dont stay there too long or your life force will drain away...."

On 07-6-2005 benhudson said : "fear for your life"

On 06-6-2005 jimmyb said : "stay clear if you value your life! Door staff here should not have badges"

On 27-5-2004 pigman1971 said : "Used to be a good pub/bar to go to on a night out in Leicester. Shame that it has gone down hill due to the Doormen having bad attitude problems and I have been told of a girl being beaten up by the doormen because she put a head band on before she left the place (head gear is banned!!)"

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