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The Marquis Wellington is back! Under new management we now have 6 very well conditioned cask ales on at all times, a wide range of continental lagers, wholesome pub food and heated beach huts outside too! Quiz nights, open mic, Sunday roasts and much more

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Marquis Wellington has an average overall rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 with 5 vote(s) cast.

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Marquis Wellington
139 London Road
LE21EF  (see map)
+44(0)1162 540542

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On 22-5-2008 nick_renshaw said : "This joint is one of Leicesters little gems! The building speaks for itself - BEAutiful! Yes they have had a refurb of the bar area and yes i have read the other comments made of it. Look, its a lovely place to go and drink ale, the bar does look a bit modern in comparison to the rest of the building but hey, this is going to happen. The new bar area is good for this place. As for the two suspicious characters always sitting by the big screen, well i know them personally and they own a local Italian Restaurant - decent fellas!"

On 02-10-2007 lu3ke said : "The pub has recently come under new management, and contrary to the last comment, this new management has done much to rob this pub of what made it special. It had previously been decorated in a style true to its Edwardian past, but the new management has painted over the decor and removed much of the decoration. Clearly they appear to be aiming for more of the student market, unfortunately, in the process they have managed to alienate their previously loyal base."

On 01-10-2007 marquiswellington said : "This pub has recently come under new management. The pub has tidied this pub up so it is brighter but still keeping its character. The pub has seven hand pulls, having 3-4 Everards beers + 3-4 guest ales. There is a wide selection of continental beer on draught, including Pilsner Urquell, Fruli, Erdinger, Leffe Blonde and Paulaner Munchen. The pub has big screen sports on two high quality screens. A beer garden exists to the rear of the pub. Quiz nights on Monday. The people who come to this pub are those that want to drink quality beer kept to a high standard. If clean lines, clean glassware and beer tasting as it is supposed to isn't your thing, you probably won't like it here. However, if you enjoy your beer, you'll absolutely love it here! MarquisWellington. "

On 11-10-2006 drewish said : "I wouldn't describe the pub as being very studenty - the Varsity and Loaded Dog on the opposite side of the road fit that description much better. It is mostly frequented by locals, although quite a few students go there too, especially on quiz nights. It certainly isn't too loud or brash, except when the awful karaoke night is on."

On 03-10-2006 euryalus said : "It used to be a students pub, and presumably still is."

On 28-4-2006 kingfisher said : "Quite a pleasant traditional pub to drink in. not been too spoilt by modernisation. Be aware of two very suspicious looking characters who always seem to be sitting by the big screen. Everard's beers "

On 04-11-2005 drewish said : "This pub has recently been taken over by new management. Unfortunately, this has meant the demise of the famous Marquis Quiz Night, which raised money for Guide Dogs for the Blind, the place has been done out in the same tacky "theme-pub" atmosphere of the Old Horse down the road and the service isn't as good as it used to be. Still a friendly atmosphere is guaranteed and it is a reasonable drinking experience, with Everards on tap."

On 10-9-2005 lady_k said : "Good pub with good food. Atmosphere is non exhistant as most of the patrons are about as old as the building. "

More details provided by the pub owner:

Draught ales available :

Peroni, Amstel, Fosters, Hoegarden, Frulli, Symonds, Guiness and Heineken export

Real ales available :

Everards - Tiger, Original, Sunchaser, Beacon and 2 guest ales,

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