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The owner/manager of O' Neills in Leicester has not yet added a description.

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O' Neills has an average overall rating of 3.4 stars out of 5 with 5 vote(s) cast.

Contact Details for pub O' Neills:

O' Neills
18-20 Loseby Lane
LE15DR  (see map)
+44(0)1162 429911

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Pub reviews for O' Neills:

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On 29-10-2011 oc-73 said : "a pretend irish pub with no history and the kind of clientele that you might find in that bar in 'Star Wars.' Generic, characterless and very, very boring: welcome to pub culture in the city of Leicester!"

On 17-11-2005 kingfisher said : "temporarily shut for yet another make over. "

On 10-9-2005 adrinker said : "good pub, doorstaff area bit over zealous but that may be due to the large amount of tossers intown at the moment, foods good, not a fan of themed bars though or chains, but almost manages to break them if it wasnt for the bloody hanging posters EVERYWHERE all the time :)"

On 01-9-2005 ilovebeerlots said : "O'Neils is a fantastic pub. The staff are great and the beer is always top notch. What more do you need?!"

On 26-7-2005 jimmyb said : "does benhudson actually go into the pubs or does he just sit at home saying what he thinks it might be like, I have never seen any of the staff being rude and there are not many place left in town where you can go on weekends and feel safe (unlike the whetherspoons!)"

On 07-6-2005 benhudson said : "Irish? putting shamrocks everywhere does not stop it from being a glorified wetherspoons. rude staff and some of the worst weekends i've had since moving to leicester, appar getting better but i think i'm turned off for life"

On 14-2-2005 jimmyb said : "A large Irish bar with some great staff that are always up for a laugh, great place to just hang out and do some great quality beer. The best thing is though you can just be yourself and not have any trouble like you get in style bars"

On 11-12-2004 mauler said : "Large typical irish themed pub."

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