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The Ale Wagon has an average overall rating of 3 stars out of 5 with 12 vote(s) cast.

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The Ale Wagon
27 Rutland Street
LE1 1RE  (see map)
+44(0)1162 623330

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Pub reviews for The Ale Wagon:

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On 17-10-2013 mauler said : "Nothing ever seams to change here, stuck in a time warp."

On 07-11-2012 nick_renshaw said : "Popped in a few days ago on my way to Sainsburys. I was hoping that the bar staff may have cheered up a tad - no chance - same old farts stinking of farts all with fart faces on. Had a cracking pint of Stella and went on my way. Such a shame."

On 13-2-2010 kingfisher said : "Ale is getting to a better quality, if not the bar staff. I am surprised Farr-ticus hasn't mentioned the toilets as he normally does on other reviews..."

On 30-12-2009 bigchristoph said : "If you like real beer and ill mannered bar staff then this is the place to go.The pub is owned by the 2 Hoskins brothers and their sister Daphne,she in particular is surly at best and can be hostile and aggressive,the brothers are just plain odd and antisocial.When I complained about her rudeness,I was barred,not that I would have returned anyway.This is the first and only time I have ever been barred from a pub,or anywhere else for that matter.GOOD BEER,AWFUL SERVICE,YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.Big Christoph "

On 10-12-2009 farr_ticulus said : "All ways has a good selection of real ale. I understand the Hoskins family do not brew at the moment. Members of staff, however, have informed that the family will brew again. This excellent 1930's public house is currently undergoing restoration, which seems to be progressing nicely."

On 03-7-2008 nick_renshaw said : "This pub could be great. However the misserable people who run it make it feel like a funeral! We never feel welcome in this place as the people who run it never say thanks, hi or bye - EVER! Honest advice - could be a great boozer - wasted by the staff! "

On 02-2-2008 kingfisher said : "Thought this pub's plan was to install a micro brewery in the cellar....still you can have a good drink in here."

On 23-8-2006 haslet_cob said : "The first Ale Wagon Festival of 2006 was worth a visit with around 3 dozen ales on offer. The best pint for me was the Hoskins Brother's, Tom Kelly's Chocolate Stout - it was worth the trip to Leicester for that alone. The stout was hidden with others on the "Upstairs Bar" - a large room where the pub now holds regular Comedy evenings. (It would make an ideal venue for society AGMs etc). Another cracking effort from a bostin' pub!"

On 12-12-2005 haslet_cob said : "Dropped into the Ale Wagon during another visit to Leicester and found it coincided with one of their Beer Festivals. Some 30 beers were on offer including three from the excellent Holdens of the Black Country. In addition the Hoskins Brothers' Christmas Pudding Porter has returned and very nice it is too!. It was pleasing to see that during the festival, a Tombola was being run to raise funds for a local hospice. The pub's support for this worthy cause is evidenced by the numerous certificates in the bar. The only downside to my visit was that Haslet did not feature amongst the assorted cobs available. There was a rumour that another festival was being held in an old wine bar in the city but as the Ale Wagon is was comfortable it wasn't worth seeking it out. In summary; still a cracking pub - you wouldn't think they took it seriously! "

On 06-11-2005 drewish said : "This would be a good pub, with decent, reasonably priced beer. However the bar staff let the place down badly. A friend of mine was barred for swearing. We all left in sympathy and have hardly ever ventured back in since. I have never seen the landlady smile. Ever."

On 05-10-2005 rodders said : "Very handy for railway station, good selection of well kept beers. Friendly clientele. Not so good when barmaid props open side door in the cold weather."

On 02-10-2005 haslet_cob said : "One of the few remaining "proper" pubs in the city centre. A pub where the quality of the beer is more important than the number of beers to be "ticked"! Plenty of room to sit and read a paper or to have a chat. Not suprisingly the local Camra Pub of the Year 2004. "

On 07-8-2005 thequaffer said : "Obviously I seem to like this place better than others, who are more regular users. But on my infrequent returns to my home city, this is just a handy few minutes walk down the road into the centre. I find the beers generally good and while others may find the place depressing, I like its down to earth clientele and basic features in the side bar and 1930s-style front lounge area. I wouldn't rate it over the likes of the Globe, Swan and Rushes, Criterion or the OotVaults, but still, for me, worth popping into."

On 10-4-2005 filsor said : "Nice on the outside but a lot needs to be done to the inside. The staff a bit lazy, but very good real ales."

On 26-11-2004 kingfisher2 said : "still could do with alot of improving. Dont be fooled by The Hoskins Brothers beers, they do not brew them, themselves, they are brewed by other breweries, but the Hoskins family do serve behind the bar. "

On 22-11-2004 mauler said : "Quality of beer varies greatly,from what is supposed to be Leicester CAMRA pub of the year?"

On 28-9-2004 orson said : "Sometimes the beer is good but even if lucky with the beer everything about the decor and staff are depressing. Tends to have a regular crowd propping up the bar but never speaking."

On 16-3-2004 kingfisher said : "Nice looking pub on the outside, on the inside it is dreary and everyone looks miserable, especially the bar staff. The only thing going for it is Real Ale."

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